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Getting Started with CSS: Web page Drop Cap

Getting Started with CSS: Web page Drop Cap: First-letter version: CSS2 Compatibility: ie5.5+ syntax: selector:first-letter {srules} Description: Sets the style of the first character within an object. This pseudo object is used only for block objects. Inline elements to use this attribute, you must first set the object's height or width property, or set the Position property to differs, or set the Displa ...

Coinbase co-founder Fred Enrsam to get you started

Absrtact: Jiehuaxianfo, this is Fred Enrsamcoinbase co-founder of the 10-minute speech on what is Bitcoin, it's good to get started, you need some English listening ability, enjoy~ Jiehuaxianfo, this is Fred Enrsam--coinbase Co-founder's 10-minute speech on what is Bitcoin, it's good to get started, you need some English listening ability, enjoy~

Krypton Space Experience This is where I started

Abstract: Author: Wang Mei, founder of, is the first in the Krypton Space project three months, changed a lot. Three months ago, I became the first entrepreneur to come to Krypton and started the story Entrepreneurship, is a kind of the essence of things, will not be the author: Wang Mei, founder, is the first Krypton space into the project three months, changed a lot. Three months ago, I became the first entrepreneur to come to Krypton and started the Entrepreneurship, is a kind of bone ...

Ministry of Land: 18 cases of supervision of idle land 12 cases started 2 plans to recover

Yesterday (April 27), the Ministry of Land announced last year overseeing Beijing, the disposal progress of 18 cases of land idle in 9 provinces (districts and cities) in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian, Hunan, Guangxi, Jilin and Ningxia, as at April 24, 12 sites had commenced, 4 were required to commence construction works and 2 land projects were resumed.  The "Gongti 4th housing and ancillary projects", which had been the subject of concern, was started in August 2009, but was found to be in breach due to the delay in timely application for completion time. The announcement said that Richard Li Pacific Group's Kai Xia Company was sentenced to 1% of the price, ...

Intel also started a new round of layout early

Intel has also started a new round of layouts, such as the two-in-one computer, after firmly establishing the dominance of the global PC chip, and Intel hopes to use these products to scramble consumers from the tablet market.   Intel Yang that Intel's innovations revolve around experience innovation, not simply hardware upgrades. Yang said ultra-extreme is Intel's star product, but this product is still the essence of the PC, Intel's goal is to give users a better experience, which requires Intel to make innovation, the tablet computer mature touch experience into the PC, this is the oneness ...

Reserve or into an OpenTable competitor

BI Chinese website reported on June 16 Uber and StumbleUpon founder Garrett Camp is developing a number of new projects under the aegis of Expa, an entrepreneurial studio. Not long ago, Camp raised 50 million U.S. dollars for these new projects and invited Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai to help him. Recently, Camp and Selva Dulley started on Twitter and Facebook ...

Analysts say 3DS sales will slide 2015 or up to 700 million

Since Nintendo's 3DS has been on sale, the rush to buy a storm has been/ananas. In Japan, Europe, or the United States, 3DS sales are well ahead of any game consoles sold by Nintendo.  However, at this time, the industry has begun to analyze the future of 3DS analysis, the results show that 3DS will only be in its scheduled and just started selling the period of the hot sales, but later 3DS sales will be a decline in the trend. 3DS is March 27 before the launch in the United States area, ...

After the flood, Snapchat started playing "Come Again"

After reading that Burn is Snapchat brought up, was cool, now already rotten Street. As a first-hair person, nature must think of something innovative in order to keep ahead. Snapchat's latest version of IOS has added some fresh features to tell you what to do after you burn. After reading, although the burning is good, but some pictures or video always let people can not help but see. New Snapchat intimate to join a call replays function, every day you have a chance to see again friends sent over the Snap, only one ...

Russia's natural gas recovery reverses 22 to give way to the largest gas-producing country

Russia's natural gas production in 2009 was only 582.3 billion cubic meters, down 12.4% from 2008, according to figures released by the Russian Department of Energy January 15.  Russia has had to hand over the status of the world's largest gas-mining nation, which it seized from the US seven years ago, as it rose 3.7% to 624 billion cubic meters of gas in 2009. "This is the first time in history that the Russian gas industry has fallen sharply," said Gazprom. "In 2002, Russia started with 539 billion cubic meters of gas ...

Mysterious nature-Scientists find germs at the bottom of the gates of Hell

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > in the middle of Turkmenistan's Kara Deadwood, there is a great fire pit called the Gate of Hell. The blaze, which is about 70 meters in diameter, has never been extinguished since it was ignited in 1971. Recently, the team of scientists led by explorers, storm chaser George Kourounis came to the gates of hell and started surveying ...

TCL Communications Technology Holdings Limited denies buying HTC International rumors

According to the US Wall Street Journal October 13, TCL Communications Technology Holdings Limited said it had not launched any negotiations on the acquisition of Taiwan smartphone maker HTC International Electronics Co.     Tcl Telecom said in a statement that the TCL Communications Technology Holdings Limited had not started any discussions on the acquisition of HTC International Electronics, the Taiwanese smartphone maker, according to the October 13 report of the US Wall Street Journal. Tcl Communications said in a statement that the acquisition of HTC ...

Uber started trial operations in Beijing, the number of global expansion cities Hundred

Absrtact: Today Uber began to operate in Beijing, the initial stage is mainly for CBD and three Li Tun area, other places call the car may need to wait for a relatively long time. In four years, Uber from a city to the 100 cities that now spread across the globe, growing at an alarming rate. In the world today Uber began to operate in Beijing, initially mainly for CBD and three in the area, other places to call the car may take a long time. In four years, Uber from a city to the 100 cities that now spread across the globe, growing at an alarming rate. In the course of the expansion of globalization, the ...

Welcome World Asthma Day, let asthma be controlled

May 6 is the 16th World Asthma Day, and this year's theme is: "Asthma can be controlled." "Lung" as a constant with the outside organs, it is affected by harmful substances outside the opportunity to attack more than other organs, such as SARS, avian flu ... These two new infectious diseases, which have brought us great panic in the last 10 years, have all started with the attack on our lungs. Because of this, there are two lungs in the health festivals associated with all kinds of diseases: one is "world Asthma Day" in the first week of May of Tuesday, and the other is "World COPD", the third week of November each year.

Android smart operating system new machine Moto E

(Moto G on the left, Moto E on the right) (Moto G on the left and Moto E on the right) Moto E getting started (image from engadget) DoNews May 14 (Reporter Xue Fei) Motorola officially faces India , Britain, Brazil, Mexico, Spain ...

Meng Xianming explosion Gujian Tan film adaptation Insider had talks with Tsui Hark

"Gujian Tan" to adapt to film and television works this we have heard before, but there are some unknown behind the secret, not long ago Gamebar Mister Meng Xianming in its micro-Bo burst expected to discuss with the well-known director Tsui Hark adaptation. "When I was talking about the film and TV series of Gujian Tan," Meng Xianming said, I started with the film and TV series on which the director of Tsui Hark talked, and after 3 hours of communication, I finally decided to give up the cooperation with the Director of Tsui Hark, for the simple reason that Gujian could not be photographed as movies, and that the original works must be respected, I'm afraid that if we work with Xu Yi ...

General director responds to the "reunion" of the Four kings of the Rabbit Spring Festival gala

"Four Kings" for a long time did not get together (1/8) the Year of the Rabbit Spring Festival has about 100 days, the CCTV Rabbit Spring Festival Gala has quietly started. CCTV related leadership requirements of the Rabbit 2011 CCTV Spring Festival Gala program group as far as possible "low-key" and "save." Yesterday, there is news that CCTV Spring Festival Gala Director Group intends to plan the Hong Kong pop music "Four Kings" Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Dawn in the Year of the Rabbit Gala "again together."  At the same time, many new programs launched by the CCTV Comprehensive arts channel will be inserted into the Rabbit Spring Festival gala in a novel form. Yesterday, the reporter received the Spring Festival Gala Director Chen Lin Chun reply: ...

Beijing Tongzhou relocated rental price rise not overnight will be able to sign

Into the month of April rent rose 3,500 yuan listing "not overnight" experts predict: Within six months also had to rise one or two cost early in the month, Tongzhou West Haizi shanty towns and the canal core demolition started.  Up to now, about 6,000 households have completed the signing procedures. According to the agreement, they should be signed 7 days after the move, waiting to stay in the resettlement room.  With a lot of belongings, the most soon to the end of the year to live in a new home, these residents a brain poured into the housing market in Tongzhou. Fortunately, the demolition party issued a monthly compensation of 1500 yuan, but they also found that the recent rental prices in Tongzhou began to rise, and even ...

The Battle of the nation's graduation ceremony-the double ponytail maid outfit, this stunning degree must explode the table ~

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > High school Graduation Ceremony is, in a way, a rite of speech for middle school students. Many countries attach great importance to the graduation ceremonies of high school students. "The Last Bell"-a traditional holiday for Russian secondary school graduates, usually at the end of May. At this time, the graduating class is finished, but the exam has not started, Russia will hold a very grand graduation celebration to celebrate their "adulthood" ... Lovely...

Nest Intelligent Thermostat sold in UK, price £ 179

Absrtact: Nest, who was recently acquired by Google and founded by the ipod's father, Tony Fadell, announced today that its smart thermostat was officially launched in the UK for a price of £ 179 (249 pounds with installation service). Google's takeover of Nest, which consumed 3.2 billion of billions of dollars, was announced today by Google, the founder of the ipod's father, Tony Fadell, as the smart thermostat officially started selling in the UK for £ 179 (249 for the installation service).

What is the difference between ID and class usage in div

Just getting started with a friend may ask, when I use the ID when using class, read the following maybe you should understand the difference between ID and class. Class is to set the label's classes ID is to set the label's identity class property to specify what style the element belongs to. .

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