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A few years ago, UC will stay focused, only to do mobile browser

I broke my promise. A few years ago, UC will stay focused, only as a mobile browser, but recently launched a PC browser and TV browser. The industry attribute of the Internet is "forever invariable only change quickly"; Your company will lose without change. So my previous commitment was brutally defeated by reality, like a friend's classic remark: What I said was wrong. I remember a few years ago when the mobile internet just had its embryonic form, everyone was thinking about a question, what is the relationship between mobile Internet and PC Internet? Some people say that the mobile Internet is the expansion of the Internet and extension;

Analysis of the father of Android retirement reason: creator non-performer

Android's father Rubin lead: American Science and Technology blog The Verge published an article in Tuesday that, given Rubin's industry profile and position in Google's management team, his departure from the Android business chief surprised everyone. The reason, industry insiders say, Rubin is an extraordinary creator, but in the Android management performance is not satisfactory. Android has grown beyond Rubin's reach, and he doesn't know if the next step should be to Android ...

An analysis of the Android 4.0 notification system (with Android 4.0 design Guide full text translation)

Through the mobile phone notification system, you can inform the user of some important information about the application. Fluent, comfortable, and friendly applications cannot be separated from well-designed message alerting mechanisms. But not all of the notices are users want to see, otherwise it will only cause harassment to users, so be cautious to use the notice. In translation of the Android design, I found that the Android system has put forward some suggestions about the notification message, so we share it here. When to use the notice? Notifications are used primarily for time-sensitive (Time sensit ...).

Looking at the Android App Store operation strategy from the music store

The last two messages about Android are noteworthy: the first is an associate professor of computer science at North Carolina State University (NC), Xuxian Jiang, an experimental study of the Android 4.2 new security Service-the application of validation capabilities, Results 1260 Android Malicious code samples detected only 193, and the recognition rate was only 15.32%. The second is the Ministry of information related to the media, mobile applications, such as the service, if not licensed or failed to fulfill the record ...

How the Android store should choose

The fragmentation of the Android store is the biggest manifestation of the Android system's fragmentation. Prior to the fragmentation of the Android system, author Lariver a clear picture of the domestic application store's several forces, 1, from the Internet airborne Strong entrance. Tencent, 360, Sogou, Thunderbolt and other tools-type entrance, Baidu, Sohu, Sina and other strong content entrance.   Are exerting force to do the application store. 2. The original eco-products of mobile internet. UC Browser, security butler, 3G Portal, Sky and other large users of the platform and products, each of their own products into the store tag. ...

Mobile apps will lead Chinese companies to victory

In the Kangzhi mobile "New World", Chinese entrepreneurs and developers are trying to play a game with international Masters.   Some of them will be given the opportunity to become a great enterprise in the new World of mobile interconnection, thus accomplishing the task of enterprise's rise. Although the industry's expected judgments vary, whether the successful developers of the old World in transition or the black horses born in the New world, it is almost unanimous that in the pan-software sector, mobile application development is the only one that Chinese practitioners can walk ...

Broad Bean Network Boutique app 95th: creating new services for Life

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] HTC Sensation applicable CM9 Source announcement If you have an HTC sensation phone in your hand, congratulations on the good news. Foreign famous third party Android ROM development team CyanogenMod announced the application of the HTC Pyramid and MSM8260 series Chip Group of the general CM9 source. But because of the kernel ...

Millions of applications to develop mind

In the current Internet market, the most popular is undoubtedly the mobile Internet, so to speak, APP Store appeared that year is the first year of mobile Internet. Since Qiao Bangzhu launched the APP Store to build a recycleable ecosystem, the mobile Internet industry began to fiery, and then spread to China, and even affect the development trend of the entire Internet. In the past two years, the mobile Internet has become the hottest term in the Internet industry. Whether you are an individual developer, a start-up or an Internet giant, you have all developed mobile Internet products in various ways to find a new blue ocean. Combination of industry ...

Millet TV, Big fall

Wen/Jinguo DAO millet this year's product launch of the theme is called the Day of the Dragon Slaughter, later was interpreted as representing two star products: Millet 3 and Millet TV, in fact, in the previous scenario, relying on the days of the Dragon does not contain millet TV, but millet TV by the ultimate performance to become another scream class products. Millet TV almost died, why? Just enough screaming, this is the key factor in the success of Millet TV: 1, the biggest pain point of intelligent TV is the computer. What is smart TV? Many people have many answers. Chuan's answer is straightforward: computer ...

Security Butler CEO: Live in the Shadow of the Giants, need to see farther

Abstract: Saipan era, and the Giants have to go hand in hand, because of the future market judgment mistakes, step by step behind, this is the security housekeeper CEO Zhao These years the biggest lesson, the entrepreneur needs to see farther, now live in the giant attack, he more hope, "together to transform the industrial chain." Security Butler founder and CEO Zhao "Titanium Editor/Cao Tianpeng" for Safety Butler founder, CEO Zhao, busy day is the beginning of this: Breakfast finished, rushed to Beijing Xinguang near an office building, the first thing must be a careful look at "cloud killing" mobile phone Trojan display instrument, this equipment hangs in his right ...

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