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What is the big data? An article to make you understand and read Big data

Before writing this article, I found that many of the IT people around me for these hot new technologies, new trends tend to be very hard to find out, if you ask him the big data and you have any relationship? It is estimated that few Sanlai can be uttered.   The reason, one is because everyone has the same original thirst for new technology, at least know that it will not appear very "turtle" in the chat; the second is that in the work and living environment really can participate in the practice of large data cases is too little, so we do not need to spend time to know why. I hope something is different, so how to get to know the big data ...

Big Data Dry Goods: how data assets reconstruct financial ecology

2014 Zhongguancun Large Data day on December 11, 2014 in Zhongguancun, the General Assembly to "aggregate data assets, promote industrial innovation" as the theme, to explore data asset management and transformation, large data depth technology and industry data application innovation and ecological system construction and so on key issues. The Conference also carries on the question of the demand and practice of the departments in charge of the government, the finance, the operators and so on to realize the path of transformation and industry innovation through the management and operation of data assets. In the afternoon Financial @big Data Forum Roundtable ...

Netflix betting Big data: dream of becoming a streaming home theater

Beijing time, November 30, Wired Magazine Network edition recently published article said, streaming video service provider Netflix is betting on big data, dream of becoming the next generation of HBO television network, without having their subscribers subscribe to cable TV services. The article points out that Netflix is using data mining and algorithms to provide an advantage because it has a huge dataset of 29 million subscribers ' viewing habits and preferences. The following is the full text of this article: Ride Hastings (Reed hasti ...)

Talking about Alibaba Big Data: Data technology

Big data technology, personally think that can be divided into two large levels, big data platform technology and big data application technology.

The core technology, application status and development trend of education big data

The big data field has boomed in recent years. As a segment of big data, education big data has great potential to promote educational change. Big data technology is rapidly evolving, which opens up new possibilities for big data applications.

Eleme big data computing engine: Grace is implemented by Spark Streaming

As the big data ecosystem becomes more and more perfect, more and more users with different backgrounds will join the ecosystem. How to reduce the user's entry threshold and facilitate users to use big data resources quickly and conveniently is also a problem to be considered.

Streaming media music model debate: free to attract users or fees to make money first?

Rap king Jay Z previously spent 56.2 million of dollars on the acquisition of the tidal music platform officially restarted the line, the conference site gathered numerous big-name stars, including Wukesong, Madonna, Rihanna, Kanye West, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, Daft punk, etc. Jay Z Strong connections and the influence of many singers make tidal get very high attention, tidal only 24 hours online has attracted 6.5 million users, spotif ...

Xinhua Sanzhong releases big data products to create big data industry and ecosystem

Big data is an important part of the Xinhua 3 strategic system. Yu Yingtao, president and CEO of Xinhua Group, pointed out that the core of the digital economy is data, and big data is the key means to drive data to create value. As an important part of the new IT strategy of "application-driven, cloud-led future".

A journey of value realization of large data

Large data has opened a new journey in the history of human data management. The desire of mankind to measure, record and analyze the world is the driving force behind the drive of large data technologies.   But like previous e-commerce, cloud computing and other innovative ideas, big data also have to embrace the ideal of change in the real world. How do we define the age of information technology we are in? Is it cloud computing, socializing, moving, or big data? believe that every practitioner and customer will have their own understanding and interpretation. "In the eyes of 1000 people there are 1000 Hamlet", many times is a set of the universal truth, ...

Intelligent insight into IBM's big data strategy in Beijing

"IT168 Information" March 12, 2013, IBM held 2013 large data press conferences in Beijing, fully demonstrating its unparalleled industry advantages in large data areas: from the industry's unique large data platform to the world's top large data analysis technology, from large data strategies to large data landing solutions, From a large data strategy for the enterprise consulting to IBM in the global and Chinese markets in different industries, large data practices, ...

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