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String function Library: Levenshtein

Levenshtein (PHP3 CVS only, PHP4 >= 4.0.1) Levenshtein---& " >nbsp; Computes the levenshtein-distance syntax between two strings: int Levenshtein (String str1, ...).

A "fantasy" Docker Libcontainer Code reading tour

Editor's note: The last period of time reproduced in the "5 minutes to understand docker! "Very popular, a short 1500 words, let everyone quickly understand the Docker." Today, I saw the author make a new novel, and immediately turned over. The reason to call this code reading as a fantasy trip is because the author Liu Mengxin (@oilbeater) in the process of reading Docker source, found a few interesting things: from the code point of view Docker did not start a new development mechanism, but the existing tested isolation security mechanism to use the full use, Including Cgroups,c ...

SWJ Small Talk: the function and outline of Chinese participle-sermon article!

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Everybody Good still is I Shanghai SEO (SWJ), some time ago there has been a netizen asked me about the content of participle, especially in Chinese word and then Baidu in the use of the front-end time SWJ wrote 2 articles on the technology of participle if you have not seen I recommend you see. These 2 articles are: 1, "What is Chinese participle?" What is the Help to SEO optimization? 2 、...

How to use HTML5 and MongoDB to create a location-aware Web program

In our daily life, we are inseparable from the application of position recognition class. Apps like Foursquare and Facebook help us share our current location (or the sights we're visiting) with our family and friends. Apps like Google Local help us find out what services or businesses we need around our current location. So, if we need to find a café that's closest to us, we can get a quick suggestion via Google Local and start right away. This not only greatly facilitates the daily life, ...

Create a marketing application on Azure to match Facebook

This article takes the form of a Facebook based marketing application on Azure (on) and a Facebook based marketing application (middle) on Azure. When we pass the validation on the contact information, Users can choose a store that suits their own preferences. At the same time, the application gives the user a list of three stores (these three stores are within 50 miles of the user's zip code location, according to the From ...).

Grassroots marketing, from Non-mainstream to mainstream

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall from "the successful marketing" the 07 issue, then has the reader to call on "The Long Tail Time: The Marketing 2.0 ferocious" a article to carry on the exchange with this newspaper. Among these readers are the intellectuals who are studying marketing theory, the leaders who are taking up marketing in the business, experts and academics with different opinions, and executives asking specific strategies. Their affirmation of this article is no longer to repeat, in order to avoid "Wang Po sell melon" suspicion. But we still noticed that someone said: Hey! You put the long tail ...

A man with a sword is not a sword.

The man who possesses the sword is not the sword God--this document is given to those who pursue and defend the light of the Secret master. The article named Weiyang article, that is, take its weiyang meaning to spur themselves. The DAO of the dark, there is no end, only the tireless pursuit of the last, only to qualify to become the ultimate secret mage God. This article is equipped with gorgeous, but all are outside the work farm A1 and AH income, a piece of equipment upgrades, game time 200 hours, temporarily not filled with cash, from the scrape up or to the well-off to the graduation to the god outfit, each upgrade brought me a pole ...

Expand Quality Relocation Site content skills you know how many

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall must be a lot of moving webmaster also worry about moving Site Content Editor Update problem, the education is not how high, Brain no ink How to create high-quality relocation site content, light processing Baidu does not include, deep-processing, too time-consuming and efficient, original brain Shang. Today to share with you the expansion of high-quality moving site content tips ...

How to set up different software proxy server

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host technology Hall believe that for the education Network and 169 of the network users, proxy server is again familiar. Having a good agent not only can access most of the resources on the Internet, but also can sometimes improve the speed of the network, save us a lot of money. So what is a proxy server, what is the benefit of it, how do we use it? Here we will explain: first, what is a proxy server? Agent server (proxy server), from whose name ...

"100,000 Cold Jokes" Hand tour officially online, from the phenomenon of a long distance

Guide: March 18, "100,000 Cold Jokes" Hand Tour (hereinafter referred to as "ten Cold") officially on line, airborne list of the top 20, currently ranked 13.   To a certain extent let us see the quality of cartoon IP brought about by the outbreak of the game, it is no doubt that the boring Chinese hand market brought some fresh blood. March 18, "100,000 Cold Jokes" Hand Tour (hereinafter referred to as "ten Cold") officially online, airborne list of the top 20, the current ranking of 13. To a certain extent let us see the quality of cartoon IP brought about by the outbreak of the game, the emergence of no doubt to the boring Chinese hands ...

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