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PHP string functions and usage analysis

AddSlashes: String added to the slash. bin2hex: binary into hexadecimal. Chop: Remove continuous blanks. Chr: returns the ordinal value of the character. chunk_split: The string is divided into small pieces. convert_cyr_string: Converts the ancient Slavonic string into another string. crypt: Encrypt the string with DES encoding. echo: output string. explode: cut the string. flush: clear the output buffer. ...

php string lookup strstr preg_match

Finding and matching php strings The functions used to find or match or locate in php are numerous and all have different meanings. Here only about the more strstr, stristr. The latter and the former function, the return value is the same, but not case-sensitive. strstr ("parent string", "substring") is used to find the first occurrence of a substring in the parent string and returns the part of the parent string that begins with the substring and ends with the parent string . Such as ec ...

String function Library: Htmlspecialchars

Htmlspecialchars (PHP3, PHP4) htmlspecialchars---& ">nbsp ; Convert special characters to HTML entity syntax: String Htmlspecialchars (String string) Description: Some characters in html ...

String function Library: addslashes

Addslashes (PHP3, PHP4) addslashes---& ">nbsp; Plus backslash Syntax: string addslashes (String str) Description: You will need to reference the character in the database query and so on preceded by a backslash, and return the string with the backslash ...

String function Library: Similar_text

Similar_text (PHP3 >= 3.0.7, PHP4 >= 4.0b2) similar_text---& HTML >nbsp; Computes the similarity between two strings syntax: int Similar_text (String A, sec ...

2017 Double 11 Technology Secret - TDDL/DRDS Class KV Query Optimization Practice

The core concept of sub-library table is based on MySQL storage. Solving the problem of data storage and access capacity, the product supports the database traffic of previous Tmall double eleven singles day core transaction links, and gradually grew into the standard of Alibaba Group access relational database.

PHP to $_post,$_get filter single and double quotes security functions

PHP Tutorials for $_post,$_get filter single quotes and double quotes security functions function _strips Tutorial Lashes ($string) {if (Is_array ($string)) {foreach ($string as $key = > $val) {$string [$key] = _strips Tutorial Lashes ($val) &n ...

C #. NET Learning Experience Summary

1. Boxing, unpacking or aliases many of the introduction of C #. NET learning experience books on the introduction of the int-> Int32 is a boxing process, the reverse is the process of unpacking. This is true of many other variable types, such as short <-> int16,long <->int64. For the average programmer, it is not necessary to understand this process, because these boxes and unboxing actions can be automatically completed, do not need to write code to intervene. But we need to remember that ...

Order synchronization has skills, double eleven peaks are no longer afraid

As can be seen from the figure, the entire double eleven order processing process mainly involves three systems: platform (Tmall, Taobao), ERP/OMS (used to process orders), WMS (package, delivery within the warehouse).

Seven use cases for Python regular expressions

As a concept, regular expressions are not unique to Python. However, the regular expression in Python still has some minor differences in actual use. This article is part of a series of articles about Python regular expressions. In the first article in this series, we will focus on how to use regular expressions in Python and highlight some of the unique features in Python. We'll cover some of the ways Python searches and locates strings. Then we talk about how to use groupings to handle me ...

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