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String function Library: WordWrap

WordWrap (PHP4 CVS only) wordwrap---& ">nbsp; Wraps a string into the specified number of characters by using the string break character syntax: string wordwrap (String str [, int width [, string break]]) ...

String function Library: Substr_count

Substr_count (PHP4 >= 4.0rc2) substr_count---& ">nbsp; The number of occurrences of the computed string syntax: int substr_count (string haystrack, String needle) Description: Subst ...

String function Library: CRC32

CRC32 (PHP4 >= 4.0.1) crc32---& ">nbsp; Compute string CRC32 polynomial syntax: int crc32 (String str) Description: The 32-bit long CRC polynomial that produces the parameter str (cyclic redundancy che ...

Mb_strlen and strlen compute string length differences

Mb_strlen and strlen Compute string length differences//strlen//int strlen (string $string) $str = ' 123456 '; echo strlen ($STR); 6 $str = ' AB CD '/; echo strlen ($STR); $ch = ' China '; Echo Strl ...

JS verifies that the string is a numeric function

Web effects Verify that the string is a numeric function many times we need to verify that the user entered the information is a pure number, now we have defined the number of letters 0-9, so that the user input data to compare, if it is OK.    */function Checkifnumber (str) {var letters = "1234567890"; .

Several to get all the hyperlink address codes in an HTML string

Several get all the hyperlink address codes in the HTML string $ss = "<a href= ' 1.gif ' >d</a>adfxx<a href=" dir.html ">dir</a>";     Print_r (Gethref ($SS)); function Gethref ($temp)

Solutions for playing flash garbled in Ubuntu system

If the flash in the play has a font garbled (shown as a box), then the following method to resolve: 1 in the terminal input sudo gedit/etc/fonts/conf.d/49-sansserif.conf then enter 2 will be the penultimate fourth line <string> sans-serif</string> change to <string> Wen black </string> Save, restart firefox,f ...

Two ways to generate a random number that is not repeated

Let me give you an example of three ways to generate a random number that is not duplicated by using 10 random numbers that generate 1-10:1. Using a while loop to generate random numbers through a while loop until a repeat is generated, this method is easier to think of, but inefficient, with the instance code as follows: static void Main (string] args) {int] result = new INT[10]; int tmp =-1; ...

JS determines whether it is a number, whether it is an integer, or whether it is a floating-point code

function Checkrate (input) {var re =/^[0-9]+.? [0-9]*$/; Determines whether the string is a number//judgment positive integer/^[1-9]+[0-9]*]*$/if (!re.test (Input.rate.value)) {alert ("Please enter a number (for example: 0.02)"); Input.rate.focus (); Retur ...

Shell program running UNIX in GDB

In the GDB environment, you can execute the UNIX shell command and use the GDB shell command to do this: the shell <command string> calls the Unix shell to execute the <command string> The UNIX shell defined in the environment variable shell will be used to execute <command string>, and if the shell is not defined, use the UNIX standard shell:/b ...

JavaScript determines whether the specified string is a valid number

<cfoutput> <script type= "Text/javascript Tutorial" > <!--function baseisnotnum (thenum) {//Judge whether it is a number if (Basetrim (thenum) = = "") return true; for (Var i=0;i<thenum ....)

TXR 049 Publish Text extraction pattern matching tool

TXR 049 This version has been improved in the field of embedded TXR Lisp, such as character processing. The quasiliteral string now works in Lisp. The new annotation syntax. Fixed ABS function errors and other functions. TXR is a text extraction pattern matching tool, also called Query language. The simplest way to query is a text file that matches the same file. TXR The variables embedded in the query are bound to the input corresponding text, it can be from the Http:// ...

Encryption of strings in C # can be implemented by DSA and RSA

Strings in C # can be encrypted with DSA and RSA, the first to convert the string to a byte array, which is related to encoding. Then choose the signature method, there are RSA and dsa,sign is the result of the signature. You can use DSA and RSA, such as: Using system;using system.text;using System.Security.Cryptography; Class Dsacrypto_signdata {public static voi ...

PHP to remove duplicate words from strings and generate index strings

/php the repeating word in the string, generates the index string, and the string parameter is a string//--------------------------------------------------function Getindextext ($ Okstr, $ilen =-1) {if ($okstr = = "") r ...

Strings edit 2,8 Publish a library of I/O devices

Strings Edit is a library that provides I/O devices for integers, floating-point numbers, Roman numerals, and strings. The input and output subroutine supports stream processing of string pointers, output can be aligned to a fixed size field fill, digital input can detect the expected value range is saturated or abnormal, floating-point output can specify relative or absolute output precision. Supports UTF-8 encoded strings, including wildcard pattern matching, set and code point maps, large/lowercase, and other Unicode classifications. Strings Edit Supported i/...

The virus is raging, trying to get some dough. US company sells "Ebola" domain name

The October 14 news that the Ebola virus (Ebola) has so far killed more than 4,000 people, causing panic around the world, but some people hope to make a windfall. A company named Blue String Ventures owns the domain name, which it hopes to sell for 150,000 dollars. " is perfect for vaccines or drugs," said Jon Schultz, president of Blue String Ventures Jon Schulz.

PHP to $_post,$_get filter single and double quotes security functions

PHP Tutorials for $_post,$_get filter single quotes and double quotes security functions function _strips Tutorial Lashes ($string) {if (Is_array ($string)) {foreach ($string as $key = > $val) {$string [$key] = _strips Tutorial Lashes ($val) &n ...

WDDX function Library: wddx_serialize_value

Wddx_serialize_ ">value (PHP3 >= 3.0.7, PHP4 >= 4.0b2) wddx_ Serialize_value---Serial a value becomes WDDX packet syntax: String Wddx_serialize_value (...

Lianglo spokesman responds to 4 billion breakup fee rumors denied comeback year

Leong (map) south of the 22-Year-old Leong and 44-year-old Richard Li The end of a relationship between the recent media focus. In addition to the string of reasons for the breakup speculation, there are many rumors about the future of Leong and his three sons. According to Hong Kong media reports, the film has set a good performance Leong won many filmmakers such as Shi, Huang and other appreciation, invited to return to filming, more outgoing Iraqis will be back at the end of the year, the latest issue of "Oriental new land" Yesterday that the breakup Leong won 4 billion breakup fee. For days to many rumors and reports, South reporters yesterday to call Leong ...

PHP gets a few regular expressions for hyperlink text content

PHP Tutorial Getting hyperlink text content several regular expressions//Methods One Preg_match_all ('/< (a|a) [s]{0,1}[w= ":()]*>[nrn]* (check user) [nrn]*</(A|a) >/i ', $string, $matches);//Method Two Preg_match_all ('/<a[dd]*>check user</a>

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