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2013 's Hottest 5 jobs: Big Data-mobile talent

Now fast-growing start-ups have begun to scramble for talent, and several jobs are the hardest for practitioners to do. Start-ups in the tech industry cover almost every major city in the United States, especially in San Francisco, Boston and New York.   Although many of these companies are still in a round, even the seed-round financing stage, but in any case they have become entrepreneurs. Why does the number of entrepreneurs become so much now? Because of the development of cloud technology in recent years, the threshold of technological entrepreneurship has been reduced to a greater degree than a few years ago. For the excellent creation ...

Inventory 2012: talent gap is more and more obvious

Recently, Baidu's Web site, which belongs to Baidu's recruitment website, conducted a big inventory of the talent trends in the IT industry in 2011. The results show that the number of cloud computing professionals in the country will reach over one million. In 2012, the job growth in cloud computing Will be more than 150%. Cloud computing set off the fourth revolution in IT industry In 2011, the concept of cloud began to sweeping the globe. Cloud computing was widely acknowledged to be the second most popular cloud computing industry in the world. After a large computer, personal computer, the Internet after another big initiative, ...

Experience and lessons learned to build a cloud solution framework that requires full consideration of business requirements

Because of the dynamic factors of the enterprise and the distrust of it by many enterprises, after weighing the costs and benefits, some may choose to bypass the cloud solution. In this case, Mr. Bobdeutsche discusses the factors that need to be considered when building a workable cloud solution framework, far more than simply it and data centers. In other words, you need to take full account of your business needs, not just technical aspects. Lesson learned from racing cars here's a simple analogy: it's like a 24-hour car at Le Mans in France every June ...

Android platform Research talent gap 300,000 short-term shortfall

The original meaning of Android means "robot". With Android Google mobile phones, tablet computers and other products gradually expand market share, Android platform talent Gap is increasingly emerging.  According to industry statistics, the current domestic 3G research and development talent gap of 3 million or 4 million, of which the Android research and development talent gap of at least 300,000. Professional experts pointed out that want to engage in the development of Android personnel, in addition to the basic knowledge of computer technology to be solid, according to various types of enterprises, different types of job needs, to supplement the position related and ...

The five most popular jobs

Today's start-ups are already growing fast and they are beginning to compete for talent, but there are a few types of jobs that are hardest for practitioners to complete. Start-ups in the technology industry are almost always present in all big cities, especially in San Francisco, Boston and New York. Although many of these companies are still in the A-round, or even the seed round of financing, anyway, they have become entrepreneurs. Why are there so many entrepreneurs right now? Because in recent years, due to the development of cloud technology, the threshold of science and technology has been significantly reduced compared to a few years ago. For excellent

Cloud computing will bring tens of millions of jobs

Dalberg, President of the Asia Cloud Computing Association in November 2013, said that in 2015 cloud computing would bring 14 million jobs, about 10 million of which are in China. Its push for it innovation is expected to generate 1.1 trillion of dollars in new business revenue each year, and in Europe 2% of GDP is expected to come from cloud computing innovation by 2020. Cloud computing becomes the cornerstone of the IT industry why does cloud computing contribute so much to China's information and communications industry? From the industrial structure, the various parts of it have evolved from the 2010 to gradually connect to a whole ...

2014 eight hottest Big data jobs

Large data age, data surplus, talent shortage, more and more IT professionals want to be able to enter the big data fields full of opportunities, but, in the end what is the specific large data professional positions and talent most popular? Human Resources company Kforce recently released a report according to IT professional pay level gives 2014 hottest ten Big data jobs (annual salary): First, ETL developers (11.13 million U.S. dollars) with the increasing of data types, enterprises need more and more strong data integration professionals. ETL developer with different data ...

Mobile Internet Encounter Short Board Taiwan IT industry mainland Rob Talent

Facing the change of traditional PC to mobile Internet, the talent resource of Taiwan IT industry also faces a transition from "hard" to "soft".  Not only is the scramble for heat in the island, but a large number of Taiwanese hardware makers are also eyeing the mainland – where a large number of software development engineers, especially the legitimate Android platform, are more plentiful than Taiwan.  This is a far cry from the time when Taiwan used to treat the mainland as a foundry base and a sales market. "Due to the development of the mainland Shanzhai industry in recent years, it is actually based on the Android platform ...

Keep in mind five words Operation Talent Network is no longer a problem

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall webmaster industry is very hard, but specific problems specific analysis, Many times we pay the sweat can be used more effective way to replace, brute force can not bring us a long-term effective power, and self-motivated is not necessarily the site's continued prospects for good power. In particular, do network recruitment, no road is online or offline, thinking ...

Big Data Hot Professional pay list Hadoop talent top

As more and more companies begin to dive into the torrent of big data technology, market demand for IT professionals is rising.   Today, people with the ability to collect, organize, analyze and build data from different sources are on the rise for their careers. In the current digital age, the volume of data is much richer than any period in history, and many times this richness even becomes a heavy burden. Companies are starting to devote a lot of resources to cloud technology, mobile technology and social media. Combined with these emerging areas, coupled with the enterprise's own operation of the inevitable ...

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