The Android Market Is Not Working

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Analysis of the father of Android retirement reason: creator non-performer

Android's father Rubin lead: American Science and Technology blog The Verge published an article in Tuesday that, given Rubin's industry profile and position in Google's management team, his departure from the Android business chief surprised everyone. The reason, industry insiders say, Rubin is an extraordinary creator, but in the Android management performance is not satisfactory. Android has grown beyond Rubin's reach, and he doesn't know if the next step should be to Android ...

As Android moves from adolescence to maturity

In a recent study published by Nielsen, the Android device has already surpassed the iOS system in numbers, So we can also say that the boom in the Android Market is now in its heyday: 480 million of users are using Android devices, and 1 million new devices are activated every day.   This means that every three weeks, the number of newly activated Android devices can be equal to the population of Australia as a whole. and in order to adapt to the rapid growth of the Android Market, the well-known a ...

Electronics makers are eagerly chasing Android as the "IPad"

Cheng Jurong The smartphone market share, Android began to "grab" the handheld mobile Internet terminal market.  April 13, the Hong Kong Electronics Show in the spring, Oppo, a enjoy ebook eye-catching-the use of the core micro-RK2808 main chip, is the first electronic book based on the Android operating system. In fact, with the ipad and Kindle market turmoil across the ocean, China's handheld mobile terminal market is also starting to be ready, and as an up-and-comer in the smartphone market andro ...

Who will be the new spokesperson for Android after Rubin and Barra?

"Sohu It News" according to foreign media reports, Google's Android generals have fled. After Android founder Rubin Andy Rubin left the Android team for another 5 months, the Android product manager Hugo Barra (Hugo Barra) switched to millet. Barak's job-hopping may be a win-pull--"lurking" in the explosive growth of China's smartphone market may be extremely beneficial to Google, but his job-hopping to and ...

Microsoft Windows or support Android apps

Lead: American Science and Technology blog The Verge this week titled "Quirky partners: Microsoft or Android Apps in Windows" (Strange Bedfellows:microsoft could bring Android apps to Windows) said there had been recent rumours that Microsoft would consider allowing Windows and Windows Phone platforms to support Android apps. Industry insiders believe that this will help Microsoft to make up for the number of applications ...

Andy Rubin, the father of Android: Steve Jobs's envy of jealous people

Andy Rubinrubin's home has a retinal scanner to give him the door.  "Apple's father" Chobsrubin invented the smartphone sidekick.  A robot made by Rubin.  Rubin's helicopter model is controlled by computers and can take off automatically. This year China set off a "apple fever", the smartphone iphone, tablet computer ipad was a crazy grab, once sold goods. However, to the surprise of many, in the home of Apple, the US market, the most popular smartphone is not the iphone, but and ...

Android Wear is a clarion call to the mass market.

Google today unveiled the Android-based software platform for wearable devices-android Wear, a clarion call for a formal foray into the mass market. While working with a group of hardware manufacturers, Google certainly did not forget to woo Third-party developers for the Android "subsystem". Although the full SDK has not yet been released, we can first glimpse the Android Wear by Developer Preview for developers. Card UI and G ...

Can Android post "Microsoft"

"Sadie's exclusive comment" jobs turned the ipad into another landmark for Apple, and many of the companies that follow suit are increasingly supporting Mr Jobs's advice. Of course, the companies that follow suit are not only tablets, but also more mobile handsets, after all, the rapid development of mobile terminals has started in the era of netbooks.  The launch of the ipad is only accelerating the evolution of this fashion trend. When mobile terminals become a fashion endorsement products, PC manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers are unwilling to lose this opportunity, so we see more and more PC manufacturers and mobile phones manufacturing ...

3 15 Exposure mobile phone problem deadlock in Android system

Summary: Last night's CCTV 315 party, revealed nearly 10 kinds of phenomenon of consumer abuse. 2 of them are related to the mobile phone, is: 1, the mobile phone is pre-installed on the suction software, delete also deleted, but also uncovered the Tang artifact such a aiding behind the company and last night's CCTV 3 15 party, revealing nearly 10 kinds of phenomenon of consumer abuse. 2 of them are related to the mobile phone, is: 1, the mobile phone is pre-installed on the software, "Delete also deleted", but also uncovered datang artifact such a aiding behind the company and products. ...

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