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The level of the domain name

The domain name is divided into top layer (top-level), second (second-level) subdomain (sub-domain) and so on. The top layer is divided into several types:. COM commercial Organizations or companies. ORG nonprofit organizations, groups, gov Government department &nb ...

Phoenix intentionally enable as a new domain?

"The" > Domain name is expensive and long, and Phoenix is a little relationship, we can not buy.   "In response to recent rumors Phoenix intentionally enable as a new domain name, Phoenix related personnel to deny." According to the insider, Phoenix will indeed be able to enable the new domain name at the end of this month, but not, Phoenix has never contacted the domain holder ...

The virus is raging, trying to get some dough. US company sells "Ebola" domain name

The October 14 news that the Ebola virus (Ebola) has so far killed more than 4,000 people, causing panic around the world, but some people hope to make a windfall. A company named Blue String Ventures owns the domain name, which it hopes to sell for 150,000 dollars. " is perfect for vaccines or drugs," said Jon Schultz, president of Blue String Ventures Jon Schulz.

What is a real hacker?

The hacker (Hacker) definition here says that hackers are not the same hacker as people often understand. First of all, the hacker is not specifically a hacker in the domain of computer software, but rather refers to those who have the attitude of hackers (they may be mathematicians, musicians, artists) who have the attitudes of the hacker and the specific skills (they might be mathematician, musician, artist), and the attitude of the hacker is independent of Also, what needs to be mentioned here is that hackers--those who invade computer systems--are often understood as cracker. Hacker attitude the hacker attit ...

Single-spell domain name trading Master

March 31 News, recently, a single spell domain name transactions, the transaction price reached seven digits. According to WHOIS information, was registered in 2002, the latest information changes in this year March 19, has been renewed to 2022.     The domain name has "the attire, the makeup, the 庒" and so on the meaning, is suitable constructs the decoration class, the clothing category, the cosmetics class as well as agriculture class website. .

Beats sued China's fake headphone factory, claiming USD billions of?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > Earlier this year, Apple announced a 3 billion dollar takeover of the Beats headset department and Beats Music VOD service, which will be completed later this year. Now Beats headphones are suing many Chinese Shanzhai headphones, claiming that many Chinese shanzhai headphones violate the Beats trademark and claim billions of dollars ... In the prosecution of ...

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