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The core technology, application status and development trend of education big data

The big data field has boomed in recent years. As a segment of big data, education big data has great potential to promote educational change. Big data technology is rapidly evolving, which opens up new possibilities for big data applications.

Data Technology product TOP100 Inventory, about data marketing future and direction

2014 Interactive marketing circles, "programmed purchase" and "Big Data" become the biggest hot topic. Baidu Ali, Tencent, Google, 360 and other traffic market effect data-oriented advertising marketing in the overall market accounted for nearly 70%. China's Internet advertising marketing market began to "data", "large data". Data marketing will also continue to glow in 2015 interactive marketing areas. January 16, 2015, hosted by DCCI Internet Data Center "iworld Interactive Marketing World * Data Planet", with data marketing nearly hundreds of enterprises, the National Conference Center, ...

How to occupy the traditional newspaper industry in the big data age?

The data again "big" no useful is equal to zero, to collect "slow data" "Live data" on the internet every moment in the production of data, people's lives everywhere in the various devices, such as computers, mobile phones, smart appliances, sensors and so on, can always leave traces of human behavior, real-time data generation, These increased geometric levels of data deposition on the Web, become large data. These large numbers of data again "big" no useful is equal to zero, to collect "slow data" "Live data ...

Big Data 9 Lessons

Innovative report from the dean of top research institutes when all our actions and our lives can be "data", the company that holds the data is like owning a rich gold mountain.   As Victor Maire-Schoenberg says, the big data age is "the future that has happened," and in this already-occurring future, there is no bystander. December 19, 2013, by the boutique media "digital Business Times" sponsored by the "Great data creation of the era of Subversion" 2013 China Summit Forum in Beijing to make a grand Holiday Crowne Plaza Hotel ...

BDTC ppt Collection (v): Challenges and prospects for large data

From the 2008 60-man "Hadoop in China" technology salon, to the current thousands of-person scale of the industry technology feast, the seven-year BDTC (large data technology conference) has fully witnessed the transformation of China's large data technology and applications, faithfully depicting the large data field of technology hotspots, Precipitated countless valuable industry experience. At the same time, from December 2014 12 to 14th, the largest China data technology event will continue to lead the current field of technology hotspots, sharing the industry experience. In order to better understand the trend of industry development, understanding of enterprises ...

Big Data worries

In addition to simple bytes and bits, big data now creates billions of of dollars in business opportunities.   Some business organizations, such as retailers and manufacturers, analyze the customer's postal code and purchase records, and discover the limitless power that large data brings to the business development. According to the research department of the McKinsey Global Cato and McKinsey consulting firm, Big data will yield a 60% profit growth rate for the retail industry. And a recent study by the Boston consulting firm shows that customers ...

Teradata CEO of Greater China: how to cope with the big data age

Teradata, chief executive of the Greater China region, Singlun, said in an interview with Sina Science and technology, with the arrival of large data era, enterprises should be in the internal training of three kinds of ability: first, the ability to integrate enterprise data; second, explore the value behind the data and the ability to develop precise action programmes; The ability to perform accurate and rapid real-time operations. Data rapid growth Teradata Company is an intelligent analysis solutions vendors, mainly for enterprises and government agencies do data integration, analysis, exploration, mining data behind the value, thereby enhancing customer production competitiveness ...

Three major bottlenecks in large data processing: Large capacity, multiple format and speed

Guide: Yahoo CTO raymie Stata is a key figure in leading a massive data analysis engine. IBM and Hadoop are focusing more on massive amounts of data, and massive amounts of data are subtly altering businesses and IT departments. An increasing number of large enterprise datasets and all the technologies needed to create them, including storage, networking, analytics, archiving, and retrieval, are considered massive data. This vast amount of information directly drives the development of storage, servers, and security. It also brings a series of problems to the IT department that must be addressed. Information...

Comparison of the structure and value of "large data cloud picture" between China and America

Into the 2014, big data from the red media concept of speculation gradually landed into a wealth of industry. The large data service providers springing up in the Chinese market have launched a fierce competition. From "China's large data service provider comprehensive services level TOP100 list" (hereinafter referred to as the list), has been able to vaguely see the Chinese "large data cloud" embryonic. China and the United States "large data cloud" structure compared to the U.S. similar list, the highest ranked 10Gen only ranked 43rd, while the Big Data stock star tableau only 45th, and Marketo simply did not list. ...

Big data on Silicon Valley's "top": Excavators and big data companies that changed the world

Silicon Valley in these one months, I in startups demo days and a variety of large companies day-trips, thinking will escape the domestic various kinds of "big data" and the stalk of excavators, but never thought here even more. Hi~ This article is from the center of Silicon Valley, second to five, to share with you the real growth of large data on this land. Next: ...

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