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Seven big predictions of cloud computing technology: the future will be Multi Cloud

As early as 2010 and 2011, the prediction of the glorious future of cloud computing became the headline news. Analysts predict that the arrival of cloud computing is the best technological development since the invention of the computer.

Cloud ERA world view: Who can find a place to rob the future of money

Under the Internet sky, everyone is talking about the cloud. Clouds are not in the air, clouds are in the world of data, software, and services. In that world, what we ask for is centered on us, omnipresent and ubiquitous, distant and near, not possessed and everything. According to the Economist, humans are on the eve of the third industrial Revolution. Its core content is cloud computing, 3D printing, industrial robot, network collaboration production service. Mobile Internet and intelligent terminals provide a prerequisite for the advent of the cloud era, software development and application services for the cloud era of maturity ...

Read the past, present and future of the cloud World in CVW2013

Beijing time December 12, 2013 8 o'clock in the morning, Beijing * Also Zhuang Yun World Congress scene picture, again on time in New York Times Square screen. 12 consecutive hours, 12 sections, 98 speakers, more than 3,000 participants, 150 more than the Chinese and foreign media, has been the third consecutive cloud World Congress has been the focus of attention is still so enthusiastic. Cloud from the concept, landed to the hearts of the popular, Beijing to create dialogue Silicon Valley trend of the cloud World Congress witnessed the cloud in China's entire process. As the conference organizers, the founder of the cloud base ...

Public cloud is the ultimate form, there will be 5-7 giant manufacturers in the future

In the past two years, the overall penetration rate of cloud computing has been continuously improved, and the turning point of the industry has arrived.

Sky Cloud software Guo Hong: The future trend and application of cloud Platform

December 12, the world's first large-scale conference to explore the industry Internet, 2014 CVW. The industry Internet conference was held in Beijing and was synchronized through the big screen of New York Times Square. The conference was made by the Asia Letter Group, the cloud base and the Chuang-Zhuang economic and Technological Development zone jointly hosted more than 5,000 global it and traditional industry leaders and elites who are concerned about the development of Internet and traditional industries, and explored the evolution of "Internet access to traditional industries", "traditional industry internet" and the technological model and business innovation of industrial Internet. In the afternoon cloud Platform @ Internet forum, from the sky cloud soft ...

What's the future of TV? Cloud service Cheng Point

At eight in the morning, the sun climbs over the hillside, and the rooster stands at your bedside and makes the first morning cry. You wave a clap, the rooster disappears. Open eyes, surrounded by the green environment into smooth transparent glass walls. The glass wall appears with a system login hint, and at the same time, your cartoon virtual image appears in the glass walls.   Came to the bathroom, the mirror side appeared a different toothpaste icon options, select one of them, the cost of the account balance immediately out of the mirror below. This is one of the future scenes depicted in the British drama "Black Mirror": The TV is expanded from a small screen to a room walls. e.g.

The city of the cloud

Today, in Chengdu, diners can trace the source of every piece of pork eaten in the "City Cloud", and in Jiangxi, about 500 pilot hospitals have been using cloud services at the Wuxi Cloud Computing Center to maintain patient information.   This is based on the "City Cloud" on the basis of the city of Cloud in the next three years or will be more than 10, and form a network, become a foundation, there are applications, efficient Chinese Xiangyun. "From cloud computing you can see the emancipation of the mind of a city. "For those who do not know the Chengdu Cloud Computing Center and the Wuxi Cloud Computing Center, ...

Analysis of the present situation and future of cloud platform in China from the origin of cloud

The term cloud comes from August 9, 2006, when Google CEO Eric Schmidt first presented the concept of "cloud computing" (Cloud Computing) at a search engine conference. Cloud computing is not yet a recognized definition. National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST's definition of cloud computing: cloud Computing is a pay-as-you-go model that provides available, convenient, on-demand network access, shared pools with configurable computing resources, and shared pool resources including networks, servers, storage, application software 、...

Cloud Computing Integrated service provider: The future of telecom operators

Over the past few years, the rapid development of cloud computing has become the focus of attention in telecommunications, the internet and IT industry, although there are still some disputes and obstacles to overcome, but the future will be a "cloud" era has become the consensus of the industry, which is actively seeking the road to change the telecom operators, It is not only a new opportunity but also a bigger challenge, how to adapt to the change of business model brought by cloud computing, adjust its transformation strategy to conform to the development trend of industry, become the urgent task faced by operators. To this end, this newspaper reporter interviewed the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Management School deputy Dean Professor Pan, he thought cloud computing ...

Haier Cloud community: go into the future

You may have heard of the world's richest man Bill Gates spent more than 100 million dollars over seven years of that super smart mansion, perhaps seen the Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster "Iron Man" super rich in the future smart mansion life, in those fantastic homes, all life is so magical, technology everywhere, you only need to gently say a command,   or touch with your fingers, the work you want to accomplish will be done quickly, and the information and images you want will be quickly presented to you. Like this, when you want to go to the kitchen, but can not put on the hit ...

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