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Five big, you know, office gold law.

It seems that the office is a fine version of the society, so the workplace people rarely feel relaxed and leisurely. Of course, the workplace will be full of fame and fortune reputation of the glamorous and promotion of temptation, but also full of interpersonal the treacherous, climbing hardships and competition traps. Because of this, many white-collar workers were full of cavity enthusiasm into the company, after a fight, finally had to abandon the city and fled. And the reason, the key is because you do not understand the office of the Golden Law. Looking at those who are decent and quick to rise in the workplace, which one is not sophisticated, and the sense of propriety of people?

TAT: Thanks to the young bastards who went through the trough, thanks to brother.

TAT Evening News reporter Xuan Strong report in the audience's impression, "gold supporting" tat always play a variety of comedy little people. However, at present, CCTV set of a hit of Anhui satellite TV business drama "Xinan Family", Tat finally turned into a generation of business Beikewen, played a profound cultural heritage of the Hui merchants Xugu family head Xu Shanyu. Yesterday in an interview with reporters, the first starred in drama's Tat feeling a lot: "I was young when those bastards all know, love to play, love to drink, love gambling, but also broken production." But I appreciate the experience ...

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