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Food Menu application will become the two main reasons for the outlet

"Standing in the tuyere, pigs can fly up", this sentence in 2013 very fire, but also to create an unprecedented "find Tuyere" game scene. In the process of finding the outlet of the game, bat, the three big tyrants giants are in the mobile internet entrance of the big bet, can not say that the bat giants that they are the acquisition of the field is their understanding of the good tuyere, but in the future that area will certainly be able to play a strategic role in the bat As an industry observer, XX feel that we can not be the giants of some behavior and wrong direction, some of the tuyere may be in the giant to you set the directions ...

Design for Reading

With a growing number of Web fonts, paid Web font services, and off-the-shelf tools, typography takes back its title as the Queen of Design and is the key to all graphics and web design. Today, many designers in the design of typesetting, the main consideration is essentially aesthetic issues. The problem is that we are used to treating typography and font design as two interchangeable terms, but actually they are different. Take a quick look at the label "typography" on the dribbble and see the trend immediately. The perfect use of the temptation of font design will affect our trial ...

The future computer can simulate the human brain mode of thinking, the rhythm of the robot rule the world?

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > December 20 published in the United States "The New York Times" print edition, titled "Human Brain Computer, learning from experience" (Brainlike Consolidator, Learning from experience said that with the continuous progress of IT technology, the future computer will be to a certain extent to simulate the way of thinking of the human brain ...

Data import HBase Three most commonly used methods and practice analysis

To use Hadoop, data consolidation is critical and hbase is widely used. In general, you need to transfer data from existing types of databases or data files to HBase for different scenario patterns. The common approach is to use the Put method in the HBase API, to use the HBase Bulk Load tool, and to use a custom mapreduce job. The book "HBase Administration Cookbook" has a detailed description of these three ways, by Imp ...

When the food and the Internet are interlocked, what kind of chemical reaction will sublimate?

When food and Internet fingers interlocked, will sublimate what kind of chemical reaction? Will be held May 5 to 6 in Beijing at the 2014 sixth Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), Good Network is doomed to be a human touch The best of the best highlights. More than 300 executives of mobile Internet companies and 15,000 mobile Internet practitioners from around the world gathered in Beijing. While demonstrating the latest and greatest mobile Internet technologies, they will also enjoy the connection between food and internet Dedication of the fantastic flavor. Accurate interpretation of the O2O model, through the "good beans recipes" and "go ...

Robert E.baensch: People need to pay for more information

Absrtact: The independent director of the American Consumer Report group, former director of the publishing Department of New York University, Mr. Robert E.baensch, delivered a speech today at the NetEase Mobile Media Summit Forum. Robert E.baensch said future multi-purpose devices would replace proprietary E-books, with the digital release of the independent director of the American Consumer Report group, former director of the New York University Department of Publishing, Mr. Robert E.baensch, speaking today at the NetEase Mobile Media Summit. Robert E.baensch says future multifunction devices will replace ...

"Naturalistic" interactive era to see how Microsoft "Epiphany"

Like Google, Bing Interactive technology is also involved in three of the human five senses. This paper comes from, author Shel Israel. It presents Microsoft's efforts in contextual search and human-computer interaction. By the Tiger Sniff compile: Whenever I ask Microsoft employees about the company's performance, the answer often sounds like they think the company is still the same as it was in 1999. They can quickly throw out these dazzling data: • Cash reserves of 77 billion dollars • More than 1 billion of Windows users ·

Under the kitchen founder Wang Xu: Recipes website How to community

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall for people who cook, in addition to the content is somewhat different, recipes are the same, and the traditional recipe site, It is simply to move the printed recipes directly to the Internet, users are still doing query recipes, reading recipes and then left, the slightest reflection of the characteristics of the Internet. But under the kitchen founder Wang Xu to himself ...

The social networks and search engines for the next decade

Lead: Ben Elowitz, co-founder and CEO of Wetpaint, a new media company, has published an article in TechCrunch in which he Elowitz that social networking will be fully integrated with search engines over the next 10 years.   Then become a tireless personal assistant, can plan daily life for users, improve decision-making efficiency. The following is the main content of the article: Bing and Google have a new search interface, but to better guess the user's intentions, to provide users with the best answer ...

Two big problems with red "down kitchen": What to eat? Earn what?

The front of the Red Kitchen "has two difficult problems: keep telling users what to eat" and find out what they are earning. The threshold of intracavitary is getting higher. Circle of Friends ", the dinner of the senior restaurant so that people even point praise are hearted, personally cooked and set a chic, filming meticulous food to win applause, under the kitchen is becoming a fashion life and social way. But I have not been to the new Oriental Chef, can only cook instant noodles How to add eggs? In the age of mobile Internet, all the needs are first thought for you. 2011, out of its own love of food, designer Wang Xu left work 2.5 ...

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