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45 of the coolest new ventures in New York

America's economic recovery remains fraught with difficulties, but entrepreneurs think 2011 is a good time to start a dream. In order to get to know the coolest and most innovative new business in New York this year, we have launched friends and colleagues, we have been to all the commercial areas to investigate, but also looked at a lot of network information and reader advice. From French manufacturers that operate delicate biscuits to start-ups that find market segments, they are the big winners this year. New York is a big city today. It is possible that one or two new businesses will slip through the cracks. If you have any supplementary, please indicate it directly in the comment column. Thank you for your busy schedule to nominate business readers ...

The New York Times's third-quarter revenue fell 3.1% year-on-year.

Sina Science and technology news Beijing time of October 20 night, The New York Times Company announced in Thursday the third quarter of this year's earnings.  Earnings showed that the New York Times Company's third-quarter total revenue fell 3.1% to 537 million U.S. dollars. In the third quarter, the New York Times Company's advertising revenue fell 9% Year-on-year, and digital advertising revenue also fell. The New York Times Company's biggest highlight of the quarter was newspaper revenues.  Newspaper distribution revenues rose 3% from a year earlier, thanks to the New York Times website's charges. Because of Google recently adjusted search engine algorithm, website number ...

This online registration platform has become the most valuable start-up company in New York.

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall [summary]zocdoc for 5 million people a month to find doctors and online booking services.   Tencent Science and technology news June 18, online doctor appointment platform ZocDoc has now become New York's start-up circle in the "New king." Founded in 2007, ZocDoc is designed to help patients find and book doctors online via mobile devices. According to the documents disclosed at the end of May, the company recently raised a new 1. 500 million USD, market estimate ...

A company called i/p engine in the United States has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in Manhattan federal Court in New York

Absrtact: A company called i/p engine in the United States has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in the Manhattan federal Court in New York, saying that Microsoft violated the company's patent for effective advertising on internet search engines. i/p engine says Microsoft's search technology is based on a U.S. i/p Engine company has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in a Manhattan federal court in New York, claiming that Microsoft has violated a patent on its Internet search engine that effectively puts ads on it. i/p engine says the search technology used by Microsoft is based on i/...

New York has its own top-level domain

& ">nbsp;      Silicon Valley News Beijing time July 3, according to foreign media reports, New York Mayor Bloomberg (Michaelbloomberg) announced in Tuesday, New York has obtained its own top-level domain name. NYC became the first city in the United States to get top-level domain names. Bloomberg said the new domain name will greatly help ...

. XXX Gold Nuggets hot New York "Envy" application. NYC New domain Name

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall April 21 News: According to foreign media reports,   After ICANN approved the opening of the. xxx domain name, the move has led many organizations and organizations to see a desire to apply to ICANN for a new top-level domain, and recently New York also said it would apply for a new suffix. NYC. The new suffix domain name. NYC application Organizer is Conne ...

The New York Times reporter reported on China's Internet financial phenomenon

Lead: The New York Times journalist, Pulitzer laureate David Babosa David Barbosa, wrote this week about the Internet financial phenomenon in China. China's many internet giants are targeting Internet financial markets, including Alibaba, the article said. By providing yields higher than bank deposits, these internet financial services have amassed huge users.     On the other hand, it exposes the problems of the traditional financial system. The following is the full text of the article: Last June, China's electric business giant Alibaba's affiliated companies Alipay, the number of ...

China keen team aboard New York Times Square big screen

[body] local time March 23, China Super-class Security research team Keen, boarded New York Times Square big screen.    Among them, "the World Top Information security tournament five Crown king" words, particularly eye-catching. At just the end of the world's top hacker competition Pwn2Own 2015, Keen team by continuously breaking IE browser plugin flash and IE browser PDF reader, get two ...

The New York Times's description of Alibaba does not agree

Through "shareholder analysis", Alibaba will soon be listed in the United States as a politically motivated gold-digger. Alibaba issued a statement on the same day, expressing "strong opposition" to the New York Times article and the repeated "repeated episodes" of the media about it. Alibaba pointed out that the New York Times made a "false description and a clear inference of personal tendencies." The statement stressed that Alibaba's only background is only the market. Alibaba said that it has "never had, no now, no future needs" for the various "backgrounds" imposed on the company by the outside world. The statement added: "We understand individual international media ...

What does a smartphone change? A complaint from a famous New York restaurant

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > New York has a restaurant where business is booming, but there are always guest ratings for the slow pace of service. So the owner of the restaurant decided to hire a company to investigate for them and see what the reason was. They compared the 2004 and 2014 of the two years of the business scene surveillance video, a stunning discovery! Here's the restaurant at Craigslist.

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