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Media planning needs to consider site branding

As a media planner, you may be accustomed to planning your advertising activities around the following factors, such as coverage (or arrival rate), composition, content relevance, efficiency, and so on. These can help you choose the right site for media configuration. Eventually these sites will be occupied by ideas that are entirely from the brand's perspective.   Of course, thanks to your ad "> Design team." But the site of your choice itself ...

The mystery man goes it alone social networking site, the market value has once exceeded 6 billion dollars

This sounds like a fairy tale: a social media company called "Cynk", with no income, no products, no assets and only one employee, has risen more than 100 times times since mid-June, with a market capitalisation of $41 a breakthrough of $6 billion this week. This has to start from the beginning. Since July 11, "microblogging originator" Twitter successfully listed, which led to the rise of the Internet enterprise listing boom continues to this day. Investors in general will be particularly concerned about VC Internet companies Business scale, business model and profitability of concern.

Pcpop Use news source advantage to rob Li Chongcong traffic

This May, a good friend accidentally uploaded his photos to the Internet "" > Tianya, but from then on, Sichuan Normal University College of Economics sophomore Li Chongcong life quickly changed: netizens soon he brushed into the "Tianya Reds", "National School Grass" and "folk handsome." Subsequently, he was the powerful "human Flesh search" published the address, QQ number and telephone number ... Face a strong net ...

Recommended Drupal host for the site

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall what is Drupal? Drupal concept has just been put forward, really let the host industry surprised. From the very beginning of the simple concept to the current cheap dedicated virtual host, Drupal is constantly evolving. Druapal is one of the main CMS (Content management systems), is based on PHP language most famous Web application, support MySQL database. Flexible architecture, convenient extension and other features, so that Drupal by the world's tens of thousands of programmers ...

Rui Yang: How to spread the marketing of agricultural products from the website

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall website now became business card, business enterprises in all walks of life in the production, operating their own website, Even entrance sell fruit aunt also prepare to do their own website, in fact, Rui Yang comments on the heart, feeling not all enterprises, businesses must do the site, and some industries can not need the site, such as agricultural products, ...

The internet is becoming more open and transparent, and the need for solitude is growing.

A few months ago, Hollywood burst into a "pornographic" crisis, the scope of a wide range of staggering. While appreciating the sexy photos, it was noted that this information disclosure incident, although derived from the indifference of the celebrities ' privacy protection consciousness, but the real spread of the photos to the extent that people know the fuse, is that hackers in the "dark Net" on the price of selling these photos, which constitute the buyer two times the key prerequisite for transmission. The so-called "dark Net", its English original name as "Deep Web", also known as Deep network, it has a generic meaning and refers to the definition of two levels. First of all, broad sense ...

e-mail network archiving may leak user privacy

The mobile device is portable, it may record your position at all times, the use of the search engine, it may put your purchase intention thoroughly analysis out; e-mail Network archive, it may leak user privacy ... This is the convenience of the internet to the real life, it records the user's digital footprint, but the user network payment password may be stolen, e-mail may receive hundreds of spam every day, or other worse things happen. Because the Internet, users of personal privacy leaked news on the major IT news newspapers or web site headlines, if the network users are still random in ...

Wang Peng: words high quality external chain and high quality inner chain execution

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall everyone in the site to optimize the time, are relatively aware of the chain and the importance of the chain,   About the chain can check my website optimization in the site outside the chain of importance of the article. Of course, here first to say outside the chain, is not the more the more the better it!? Of course, but it is based on the premise of quality, but many people are talking about high quality ...

My top--network Reds top 3G ">         nbsp;   Remember the 2006 we launched the Red network of Big talk G tour? &nb ...

Who do you think is going to be the next video game player?

Absrtact: Yesterday, an Internet video company Archie Art will launch the news of the video game machine this month to be burst, aroused the widespread concern of the public businessman and the enthusiastic discussion of Netizen.   As the national line version of the Xbox's listing date approaches, China's mainland video game market yesterday, the news of the launch of a TV game Archie in the last month of a television gaming machine was burst, causing a wide range of business concerns and enthusiastic discussions with netizens. As the national version of the Xbox's listing date approaches, the Chinese mainland's video game market is on the mend.

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