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Qiang: Encourage the public to use housing for old age

(reporter Wang Jifang) Yesterday, the National Political Consultative Committee member, the Central University of Finance and Futures Institute director Qiang in an interview with the Morning News reporter, said, the population aging trend further intensified, should encourage commercial banks to develop "old-age housing Reverse mortgage business", that is, "housing for the elderly." Qiang members explained that this kind of business is actually to encourage the public to "housing for the elderly", the public can mortgage the house to the bank, by the bank to return the monthly pension, until the elderly hundred.

Public platform Indiegogo is in the beta, "the public to raise risks"

Absrtact: The users who participate in the public raising are most afraid of the project jump ticket, whenever encounter such events, always silently depressed people and the basic trust between human beings? In order to solve this problem, the two public platform to make the layout, such as Kickstarter update User section to participate in the users of the most afraid of the project jump ticket, whenever encountered such events, always silently. Basic trust between people. In order to solve this problem, the two public platform to make the layout, such as Kickstarter update user terms, to jump the ticket to make rules ...

Mr. Gou has revealed that 90% of the property will be donated to the public good in the future

Mr Gou, chairman of Taiwan's Hon Hai, said recently that 90% of the property will be donated to the public good and notarized. According to Forbes ' list of billionaires released in March this year, Mr. Gou ranked third in Taiwan's rich list of 5.1 billion dollars, so he will donate 90% of its property to the public service and have completed notarization, the chairman of the Taiwanese Hon Hai Gou said. According to Forbes ' list of billionaires released in March this year, Mr Gou ranked third in Taiwan's rich list of 5.1 billion dollars, so he will donate more than 4.5 billion dollars (about 135 billion new units) to charity.

World Forest Day Volunteers: protecting trees and forests, the public needs more common sense

China Youth Network Beijing, March 21 (reporter Li Zheng chu) "The public wants to contribute to environmental protection, but often will ' do bad things ', to protect the forest, the need to build on the sound basis of relevant knowledge." Today is the 41st World Forest Day. A volunteer who has been devoted to the protection of trees for many years, Yang, director of the Institute of Natural Science and Plant of the University of Nature, said in an interview with China Youth Network, "planting trees is not as good as protecting trees." To protect trees and forests, the public needs more common sense. "According to the FAO World Forest Situation 2012," 2000.

20th National School Safety Education Day, traffic safety problem is the public's biggest concern

Today is the 20th National School safety Education Day. 0 points of data published in primary and secondary school safety Survey, for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Chengdu, Wuhan and Xi ' an 735 of the seven cities of 18 years old and above the public, the results show: nearly the public think that the way home is the most vulnerable to the safety of primary and secondary school places,     The problem of traffic safety is the biggest concern of the public. 80% respondents: ...

From the Battle of the Magic Sword to the national War of the Imperial Dragon in the sky

Every heart has a hero dream, drunk lying beauty knee, wake up the world right, vertical and horizontal battlefield, the Army gallop battle for the Supreme honor, from the "Magic Sword" of the public battle to "Imperial Dragon in the days" of the national War, a sea of scenes so that countless players blood boiling, although these years to the RPG end of the market has been facing a variety of shocks, but to " "For the core Play RPG end tour, but still maintain a very high market heat, in the Post-Warcraft era RPG million tour limbo five years of Time," Imperial Dragon in Heaven "but unexpectedly hand over a beautiful report card.   years ago, Linlang days ...

Mung bean price no longer "amuse you play" year has dropped 40%

The weather was getting hotter and the mung bean was served on the Citizen's table. 2nd, the reporter visited the market found that the current provincial green bean retail price of 7.5 yuan per catty, compared to the same period last year, more than 10 yuan low 40% or so, mung bean no longer "beans you play."  Industry insiders expect, as demand increases, mung bean prices will stabilize in the rise. "The price of mung bean last year outrageous, all said is ' beans you play ', this year is lowered." "2nd, in Shizhong District, a market of grain and oil sales area, a person who is buying mung bean, muttered the public." Grain and oil shop owner Yan introduced, last year, "beans you play" period, mung bean sold to 13 yuan per catty, ...

Quan first exposure "Jane Eyre" postcard display texture

From the public view for two years, has been the mother of Quan officially announced to join the stage "Jane Eyre", on March 31 return to the stage.  Recently, Quan version of "Jane Eyre" postcard debut, long hair fluttering, refined temperament.  [Page]  [Page]  [Page]  [Page] [Page]

Shangtian Today wedding reception wireless ATV Heavyweight Star Congratulations

Shangtian today's Wedding (1/7) Now 48-Year-old Shangtian finally find Mr.right, today she married to open lighting company Li Weixing, evening will open in the Wanzhai feast dozens of banquet relatives. But the wedding was a bit of gold, tonight is the wireless drama "The Princess married to" the big finale, "the public" drama in the Dapu Super City held two-hour reunion event, although many and Shangtian are friends of the play in the actor hope to personally to congratulate, but Wan Chai and Dapu far away, difficult to be part of the party. Has promised to serve as the wedding banquet emcee Nanchao, Laugh said to wear ancient costume and "three princess" Charmaine together to dinner ...

Kickstarter made the year-end inventory

Summary: Another year of inventory. Recently, the public chip platform Kickstarter also can not immune do the year-end inventory. Of course, the 2014-year performance is super gratifying OH. 3.3 million people participate in the public. 2.2 million people support the project for the first time. 770,000 people support multiple projects. 70,000 people supported another year's inventory. Recently, the public chip platform Kickstarter also can not immune do the year-end inventory. Of course, the 2014-year performance is super gratifying OH. 3.3 million people participate in the public. 2.2 million people support the project for the first time. 770,000.

Easy Car Network announces 2.75 million shares follow-up public offering price

Absrtact: Check the latest quotes Beijing time, December 6 evening news, Yi Che network (nyse:bita) announced today that the company and a sales shareholder will be 30.00 U.S. dollars per share of the price of the public sale of 2749200 shares in the United States Depository Shares (ADS). Among them, the easy car network will sell 126 to see the latest quotes Beijing time December 6 Evening News, Easy Car Network (Nyse:bita) announced today, the company and a sales shareholders will be 30.00 U.S. dollars per share of the price follow-up public sale ...

World Clean Earth Day, promise not difficult to move

September 14, World Clean Earth Day.     In response to the West Sea city newspaper not littering initiative of the public, not only gave a commitment, but also action. September 13, the city newspaper issued no littering initiative, the 450 employees, the provincial capital of 40,000 university teachers and students, bus company 4,287 employees and 700 city-pass taxi person response.     They promised to respect the sanitation workers, do not throw rubbish outside the window, do not stop, do not affect the sanitation workers sweeping. ...

Changsha 3 Pharmacy High selling limit medicine suspected price illegal each penalty 1000 yuan

A limit of 13.7 yuan of medicine, pharmacies but openly to the price of 16.8 yuan sales.  This morning, Changsha three pharmacies for allegedly "price illegal" was checked, the spot was fined 1000 yuan.  The public Jiangwei (sound) in Kaifu District Fuk City Road, Tai Tai Pharmacy to buy medicine, found that the state-limit drugs, head of the 250mg*6 film, the retail price should be 13.7 yuan/box, but the pharmacy is sold 16.8 yuan/box.  Aggrieved Jiangwei reported the pharmacy to 12358, while 2 pharmacies were also complained about price violations. Today coincides with the 12358 Price report ...

Riobire secretly admitted to the big surgery boyfriend care to wipe love fire

Riobire secretly hospital operation, boyfriend Linzhonghao always accompany around.  Secret admission, Riobire big operation has Linzhonghao accompany, will wipe out love fire! Riobire last year ruthless dumped Chenhao, Love Li's cousin Linzhonghao, was accused of "gold-digger Woman", the image hit the bottom.  In order to save the star, Liaobi son only and Linzhonghao play break up, attempt to deceive the public; but the week before, two people in Tseung Kwan O, Hang Hau Village Italian restaurant to eat pizza caught, underground feeling exposure. According to Hong Kong "Suddenly 1 weeks," reported that the original two people, Riobire has been pathogens troubled, during the Lunar New Year, more by family and ...

Tianjin Jin-Gong supermarket collection fees for fines collection charges controversy experts: no basis

Experts say there is no legal basis for a sum of 3 yuan "Tianjin Jin-work supermarket collection traffic illegal fines, but also to pay 3 yuan handling fees, I handed 3, they divided 3 times, received 9 yuan." Recently, Tianjin residents to pay traffic fines, the supermarket received a "handling fee", many people complained that the convenience of the Tianjin supermarket has become a taste. "Is it not an arbitrary charge?" "The public has questioned the legality of the charging of fees by supermarkets. The supermarket points may deduct the fine handling fee January 9, the reporter walks into several Tianjin works supermarket store, has not an exception at the doorway sees the supermarket to post "the warm Prompt": since 2012 ...

Commentary: The Shing of the balance between the merits and demerits

Xujiang CCTV play, the public is generally concerned about a little bit of face. "Cares" is no exception. I like these two years gradually relegated to the "second line" of the Wei, relaxed, natural, began a bit old artists to go to basics. Newly and Zhang Although still have in the first line dozen fight, pour also can. Lin Jiachang Performance "Zhou Weimin" also counted as a small bright spot.  But these, cannot let me go to like "cares about". One is because the story of this episode is a bit bitter. I know some people like to see bitter play, after watching the bitter play for Dramatis Chi Yu, tears, and then began to feel ...

The central part of the budget is intended to be open in Shanghai for 3 years.

For the first time, the State Council outlined a timetable for a blatant part of the budget, seeking to achieve a total public budget within 3 years.  The previous year, the State Council to the second National People's Congress of the 12th meeting of the implementation of the review of the report showed that the Audit Commission proposed will continue to promote the central part of the budget openly, and strive for another two or three years of efforts, so that all the central part of the budget to the community openly. Shanghai has a secret refusal to openly with the implementation of the Government information blatant regulations, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other areas of the specific part of the budget to the public practice of public attention, but Shanghai and other areas have been to involve the national secret ...

World Alzheimer's Day, hospitals hold clinics to focus on old age health

The healthy South All news reporter Li Zucheng every year September 21 is "the World senile Dementia Day", the South all reporter from the district first People's Hospital learned that at present the public generally has limited understanding to the senile dementia, the Shunde patient has the low rate of treatment, the cure rate is inferior problem. To promote the treatment and knowledge of the disease, the hospital opened a "Memory barrier clinic" This year, and this year's World Dementia Day will also hold a free clinic on September 23. Doctor: Shunde patients at least two thousand or three thousand people according to the district first People's Hospital neurology physician Ouyangki Peng introduced, according to the literature, 2010 ...

51 Long holiday travel peak is coming, with the city launched hundreds of ex-gratia peripheral tour lines

In order to meet the upcoming 51 small long holiday travel peak, tourism businesses have launched preferential products to attract the public. It is reported that the same travel April 17 on-line hundreds of 51 tours, the minimum to 20 percent of the original price, giving visitors more diverse, affordable choice. According to the same travel statistics, 51 small long vacation, the surrounding tour is the most popular tourist way, the choice of travel around the crowd more than 60%. But every holiday and other travel peak, general air tickets, hotels and other tourism products will have a certain range of price increases. In response to this pain point for tourists, the same travel tourism ...

Three realms of Product manager have you built it?

Remember a scholar once said: Life has three kinds of state.   The first state is "last night, the West Wind, the Green tree, alone on the West floor, look at the end of the world road," The second realm is "my eventually do not regret, for the Iraqi people Haggard, the third realm is" the public find it 1100 degrees, suddenly looking back, the person is in the dim lights. "   And I think, product Manager, also have these three kinds of realm. "Last night, the West wind tree, alone on the western floor, look at the end of the world road," the first product manager is generally just entered this career soon, perhaps the professional curiosity, or is forced by some kind of recessive ...

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