The Replication Operation Encountered A Database Error

Learn about the replication operation encountered a database error, we have the largest and most updated the replication operation encountered a database error information on

On several databases used in the work

Several years of work down, also used several kinds of database, accurate point is "database management system", relational database, there are nosql. Relational database: 1.MySQL: Open source, high performance, low cost, high reliability (these features tend to make him the preferred database for many companies and projects), for a large scale Web application, we are familiar with such as Wikipedia, Google, and Facebook are the use of MySQL. But the current Oracle takeover of MySQL may give us the prospect of using MySQL for free ...

Cloud practice and large data outlook

Zhang Fubo: The following part of the forum is mainly four guests, talk about cloud practice. Beijing First Letter Group is the Beijing government's integration company, mainly responsible for the capital window of the construction, they are also in the domestic, in the government industry earlier in a company, as the first letter Group Technical Support Center General Manager Zhang Ninglai for us to do the report. Zhang: Good afternoon, we have just introduced, I am from Beijing First Letter Development Co., Ltd., I bring today is the result of our practice in cloud computing technology these years. Today is mainly divided into three parts, we mainly do is the field of e-government applications, we are mainly ...

Z-blog Perfect transfer to WordPress tutorial

Intermediary trading ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Many friends have just built a blog is the use of domestic excellent blog system: Z-blog, After a period of time many people want to transfer to WordPress, a variety of reasons for the transfer. The main reason for learning a friend is that Z-blog officials do not maintain upgrades to blogs for a long time. Everyone knows a free ...

Internet Entrepreneurship Success (IV): Prevent Web site content from being plagiarized

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall operation is the key to the continuous growth of the site, only the content of the site for detailed and unique planning and implementation, coupled with the essential operations, the site can be in an invincible position in the competition.   First, quickly enrich the content of the new Web site second, to avoid duplication of practical content anti-theft law three, Content integration production site Map The above details can go to "Internet entrepreneurship Success (four): Site content Management and operations" read. Four, forum moving software quickly transfer data ...

Migrating from MySQL to Mariadb (CentOS)

Here's an excerpt of the background, followed by a record of the operations I migrated from MySQL 5.5.31 to mariadb 5.5.31 on CentOS 6.4.   Finally, I found a better way to migrate. 1. Background introduction MySQL is the world's most popular open source relational database. 2008, Sun acquired MySQL. Then, in 2010, Oracle bought Sun, and MySQL fell into Oracle's hands. Oracl ...

It's a rainy day. Data backup is important

We often hear that "there are accidents in the sky", some things happen without warning, suddenly let you unprepared. For example, I wrote an article yesterday, ready to release today, only on the computer, did not save to the U disk. As a result, the computer went on a temporary strike today, unable to start. I wait for the article, can only continue to stay in the Open "> Computer hard drive, I have to write articles again, helpless ..."

Ali cloud ODPS vision, technology and difficulties

In January 2014, Aliyun opened up its ODPS service to open beta. In April 2014, all contestants of the Alibaba big data contest will commission and test the algorithm on the ODPS platform. In the same month, ODPS will also open more advanced functions into the open beta. InfoQ Chinese Station recently conducted an interview with Xu Changliang, the technical leader of the ODPS platform, and exchanged such topics as the vision, technology implementation and implementation difficulties of ODPS. InfoQ: Let's talk about the current situation of ODPS. What can this product do? Xu Changliang: ODPS is officially in 2011 ...

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