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Record 2014 Google I / O Conference

00:12:42 Sundar Pichai Podium After Playing a Video 00:13:54 Sundar Pichai appears to be hosting today's conference as head of Android and Chrome. 00:14:23 Pichai thanks the live video to developers around the world who watch the live broadcast over the internet. 00:16:22 Android currently has more than one billion users. 00:16:49 Global smartphone shipment reached 3 in the fourth quarter of last year

Android 5.0 gives us what we expect

Every year, always say something to sum up the expectations of the coming years.   Internet analysts too many rounds of the author to sum up, the digital players too attached to the hardware, developers of the slot is too high so often reduced to internal jokes, so I think it is necessary to talk about Android. Android's 2013 years have not been smooth, although it swept the emerging markets, but faced iOS7 and iphone5s confidence in the high-end market. In Japan, the share of Android continues to bleed and the Christmas spending season is completely suppressed. This year, rumors of the big screen I ...

New Android Wear Release

NetEase Science and technology news Beijing Time, June 26, the early hours of the morning, Google in San Francisco I/O Conference, will be on the Android engineering director David Singleton on the stage to introduce wear equipment related development. Singleton the Android Wear system through the LGG Watch smart watch, which vibrates to remind the wearer of a message or call. The user can flip the screen up and down to page the notification content. In the scene singleton shows several application scenarios, such as the smart Watch can say: "Ok,goo ...

Next-generation Android: A big change in vision

NetEase Technology News June 26 foreign"> media reported that today's Google I/O conference on the first display of the next generation of Android redesign. This so-called L Developer Preview version is only a few months away from the launch of the new Android 4.4KitKat system, but this version has a full vision reboot to sustain the entire user experience process. There are about 5,000 new intelligence in this new software.

Bean Network Boutique App recommendation No. 368: Cloud Music

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] cartoon adaptation game "special Police judge: Countdown 106" Before the release of the Android platform has issued a special police judge film as the theme of the game "SWAT Judge vs Zombies", but today's latest release of this "special Police judge:" Judge Dredd: Countdown Sec 106) is more faithful to the original comic book. "SWAT Magistrate: Countdown 106" is ...

Code name for color OPPO Find 5 The latest version of ROM full experience

OPPO Find 5 ROM Experience-small fresh taste recently, OPPO's newest custom ROM has begun a small range of public testing, which can be seen with a more refreshing style based on leaked UI images. Today we've got the public beta ROM, which has a code name for color, but Oppo officially did not respond. OPPO Find 5 has been successfully brushed into the latest custom ROM, also based on Android 4.1.1 depth customization. For the first time, it redesigned most UI interfaces. ADO, ...

Bean Network Boutique App recommended No. 379: Exotic Games

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] Triniti new Tour "Small legend: Dragon Slayer" first exempt from the Triniti Interactive launched the "Little Legend" series of games presumably friends should have played, and we are familiar with the "Mini Hero" series, "War Corps" series are from their home. Last month, Triniti Interactive to friends with the "Little Legend" series of the latest "small ...

The checking of the profit model of the play-screen boiling

"Ask your daughter what young people like now?" She said that you go to the Bilibili to stroll around, three views will be refreshed. "This is a microblog that Cui previously sent. Want to know about the house culture and "two Yuan" world, to Bilibili as the representative of the video site may be a good choice. But the barrage is also going out of the two-dimensional world, absorbed by the mass market. including potatoes, Archie art and other traditional video sites have increased the barrage plate, and a few days ago Hunan Taiwan live Evening also opened the play screen function. South all reporters learned that the current barrage site's profit model is mainly advertising mode ...

Bean Network Boutique App recommendation 170th: Batman rise

Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] can you eat jelly beans on your cell phone? Although the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean system has been released for some time, most Android models are still not a delicacy to upgrade. If you have a GSM Galaxy Nexus and are already enjoying the latest desserts from Google, you should understand why we wait so ...

Light a birthday candle, 91 assistants birthday gifts for you

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall in the past week, 91 assistants birthday theme has been a lot of nine friends of concern and support, we are full of enthusiasm , the activity Bowen focus on the amount of breakthrough 6 million, the number of users have reached an unprecedented peak. To give you full feedback, this week 91 assistants will continue to "my birthday, you receive gifts" Carnival slogan, ...

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