Three Types Of Css

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Reasonable architecture CSS

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall in the current browser general support, under the premise of the CSS we have given an unprecedented mission. However, the more CSS you rely on, the bigger and more complex your stylesheet files become.   At the same time, the test of document maintenance and organization will follow. As long as a CSS file is enough-all the rules (Ru ...)

Phpchina stage 3rd: CSS Basic Technology Tutorial notes

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall Phpchina 3rd: CSS Basic technology explanation document download: CSS Basic Technology explanation article CSS syntax: Right center left P left H1 two, CSS Font property font ar ...

Novice to CSS: Common specification for CSS page layouts

CSS naming specification one. File naming conventions Global styles: GLOBAL.CSS; frame layout: layout.css; font style: font.css; link style: link.css; print style: Print.css; Common class ID naming specification Header: Header contents: Content Container: Container footer: Footer Copyright: Copyrights Navigation: Menu leading navigation: MainMenu ...

Novice basic learning: background image CSS in different locations of the wording

Intermediary transaction"> SEO Diagnostic Taobao Guest Hosting Technology Hall This article is for novices, experts do not read. We are making web pages, sometimes in order to Landscaping page, will add a background image for the page Now we make the page are generally used CSS to control the layout and page effects (css.css files are generally placed in the same folder with the image file ...

A UI specification file

This is a UI template specification, B / S version of the application is more applicable, in fact, such a thing is not what the formal norms, just to adapt to the development environment we are now facing and organizational processes to make some expeditious efforts , And to solve some problems with the program communication and interface, try to avoid misunderstanding and friction. First, the applicable environment and object Second, the necessity Third, the technical principles Fourth, the code writing norms Fifth, the page template specification First, the applicable environment and objects This specification applies to browser-based B / S version of the software project development. Template development process template page writing and template files apply ...

11 Gadgets to help you build your page

Today, a lot of small software can be used to build the page, and play a little bit of effort, the following share some of the common page building tools, most of which are based on Firefox plug-ins.    , allowing you to be more handy when building your pages. One, the page constructs the essential tool-firebug believes each page constructs the schoolmate to have this tool? If not, you quickly install (click here to install), Firebug like its name, help you find bugs, ...

Website Reconstruction of SEO

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Div design site is according to the standard of the consortium, if a site is completely css+ Div made, then your site seo (SEO) Work has been completed 30%! Why would you say that? SEO other aspects where? OK, please follow my way of looking down: div+ ...

Android platform three mobile browser comparison evaluation

Thanks to the scalability of Android phones and strong Internet performance, more and more people are starting to use Android smartphones. A good mobile browser can make Android Internet performance. Today, we are on the market three of the most popular Android mobile phone browser (opera-mini5.1/ucweb7.2/mobile phone QQ Browser 1.0) To do a detailed comparison test, the test platform for android2.1. The specific test results are as follows: (note: Four stars for excellent, Samsung for Good, two stars for ...)

Types of hidden links and some of the impact on SEO

At ordinary times we do website SEO, may often talk about a topic is "> External links, we will focus on the work of the construction of external links, But hidden links for everyone may be the first heard, it refers to the unusual URL link, but the Web page is missing such a link, because the need to call pictures, CSS style, JS script, etc. need to be implemented through hidden links, ...

Three major search engine Optimization Authority course

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall three search engine SEO: This is the last part of the optimization series on the three search engines. The first three sections explain how to get your site to high rankings on Msn,yahoo and Google. This article, namely this series part four will summarize the preceding three big search engine optimization strategy, teaches you as ...

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