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What is a VPN? What is a VPN?

VPN English full name virtual private receptacle, Chinese translation as: Virtual personal network, also known as Virtual Private network. As the name suggests, virtual private network we can understand it as a virtual out of the enterprise internal line. It can establish a proprietary communication line between two or more corporate intranets that are connected to the Internet in different places via a special encrypted communication protocol, like a dedicated line, but it does not need to actually lay out physical wiring such as optical cables. This is like going to the Telecommunications Bureau to apply for a special line ...

FortiOS 5.2 VPN: SSL VPN with certificate authentication(Form-based)

In this recipe, you will configure an SSL VPN tunnel that requires users to authenticate using a certificate.

VPN server Security Configuration Tips

To adapt to the needs of information and mobile office, many enterprises have deployed VPN servers. The VPN (virtual private receptacle), which is built on the Windows Server 2003-based Routing and Remote Access service, is a secure and convenient remote access solution, and is now the preferred choice for most small and midsize enterprises.   Then how to secure the VPN is a problem for the enterprise CIO to face. VPN solution is to virtual ...

VPN-connected virtual servers in cloud environments

If you're already starting to "> Implement cloud Computing, it's possible that you're using one of these three tools to connect to your server." You may be more accustomed to using Windows Remote Desktop or secure Shell (SSH) to remotely administer a physical server. If you've never used the three tools mentioned above, take a quick look at which virtual machine resources are available ...

Wilton VPN Application Beiliu Health Bureau

With the full spread of Beiliu network and the development of applications, affiliated hospitals have deployed e-VPN system, part of the use of e-pass software key client, health bureau using W1500PG and under the jurisdiction of the hospital adopted a VPN implementation of the data transmission, summary, but, As the network bandwidth is not up to the demand of Internet application traffic, the effect of the key application is not guaranteed. Beiliu is a famous industrial city in Guangxi, formerly known as "Yue Gui thoroughfare", "Ancient Copper State", history has been "rich one side", known as "small Foshan" and "gold Beiliu" said ...

Deeply convinced to build university SSL platform

Resource sharing and telecommuting are one of the most important contributions of network to modern society. In colleges and universities with scientific research education as their duty, the important significance of various academic documents, teaching materials and frontier technology sharing is particularly prominent. The network environment of colleges and universities is a more special environment, because of the large capacity of intranet, it often compose the campus network with more complicated structure.  The shared resources are often concentrated in the library of the University electronic database, as well as the use of Off-campus electronic database, the formation of the campus resource sharing pattern. Campus Network barrier as the vanguard of domestic Water Conservancy research, university information Construction ...

Three hybrid cloud computing mode public cloud and private cloud power

However, the hybrid cloud does not simply apply common technology to establish an equal partnership between the public cloud and the private cloud.      These companies want the working application experience to be as straightforward as using an application, which means that either the experience or the application must be integrated into a mixed cloud, rather than how to create a "private" section.      The success of a hybrid cloud begins with choosing the right integration method. Use a front-end application to build a ...

Three hybrid cloud computing mode public cloud and private cloud power

When the term "private cloud" means a custom-tailored cloud computing technology, most people think that their own data centers are already capable of providing private cloud services.   Now that these companies want to apply at least some of the public cloud services, it makes sense to build a hybrid cloud computing next. However, the hybrid cloud does not simply apply common technology to establish an equal partnership between the public cloud and the private cloud. These companies want the experience of working applications to be as straightforward as using applications, which means whatever ...

Three important impacts of cloud computing on the Internet

Currently the hottest topic in the field of information technology is none other than cloud computing. Using cloud computing, outsourced data center functions and resources to third parties through network connections. This is undoubtedly a great help to companies that need to continually change their IT needs by helping them reasonably avoid the problems of overcapacity. The challenge of cloud computing lies in whether the guarantee of network costs will not offset the cost savings of cloud computing. There is no "universal" computer application on Earth. A company needs to use IT for highly distributed activities ...

New network technology in cloud computing

Since 2006, when Google introduced the concept of cloud computing, as a new technology and business model, the concept of divergent views. Various agencies and experts in related fields have defined cloud computing from different perspectives, such as some from the application scenario, and some from the resource angle. Among them, the September 2009 U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) proposed the definition of cloud computing, is very representative, has been widely accepted by the industry: "Cloud computing is a convenient access to a shared pool of resources, on-demand computing resources (these resources include network ...).

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