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Shanghai self-Trade zone announces full liberalisation of foreign ownership ratio of business-type e-business

Absrtact: At the end of last year, the domestic fashion net buys the consumer also immersed in the cross boundary Sea Amoy excitement, in a short two months past, a heavy bomb will again set off the domestic fashion net buys the change. Recently, the Shanghai free Trade Zone announced that it will open up business-class e-commerce at the end of last year, the domestic fashion network to buy consumers also immersed in the excitement of Cross-border Sea Amoy, just two months in the past, a heavy bomb will again set off the domestic fashion online shopping changes. Recently, the Shanghai free Trade Zone announced that it will fully open up the operating E-commerce business category of foreign ownership ratio, up to 100%. The move, which means a lot of pure ...

Why Jiading Industrial zone becomes "the City of Electric business"

This reporter Xu Mongjia set industrial zone, backed by plant, facing the rich field of an open space, the recent hundreds of workers lying on the huge building steel structure, for Jingdong Mall's Future logistics Center, "Asia number" construction sprint. NET buyers may not know, a lot of virtual transactions happen here, Beijing East, new eggs, Van, gome ... Electric business bosses of the goods every minute from start, sent to thousands of households. Last year, jiading industrial zone, more than 200 electric dealers to create 15 billion yuan sales; just over the first quarter of this year, the number of industrial areas has broken through 250. Near the center of Shanghai ...

Sichuan Province releases Tianfu new zone construction progress billion cloud computing project has been settled

On the afternoon of March 8, the Sichuan Provincial People's government held a meeting on the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone in Sichuan province and the planning and construction of Tianfu new area, according to the introduction, at present, the total investment of more than 200 billion yuan of 84 major projects concentrated in the start of the beginning of February this year, The total investment of about 10 billion yuan China Telecom West Cloud computing base project contracted to settle in Chengdu. Last April and this February, the State Council successively approved the regional planning of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone and the Twelve-Five Plan of West Development, and the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone has become the important part of the country's deep implementation of the Western development strategy.

CentOS VPS Modified Time zone The final solution of different steps

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall due to the initial use of the domestic Hyper-V architecture VPS and buy before to specify install Windows Also is the CentOS system, because the wood has a reload panel, for the use of Debian I really torture, the operation encountered a variety of small problems. Ask customer Service directly a sentence only understand winows environment, ...

Jining High-tech Zone strives to cultivate strategic emerging industries

This year, the Jining high-tech zone to develop strategic emerging industries as a means to accelerate industrial adjustment, change the way of economic development, aiming at new energy, new information, new medicine, modern equipment manufacturing and other strategic emerging industries, focus on the strength and advantage of resources to promote high-end industrial projects, high speed and high efficiency, Promote the strong rise of strategic emerging industries.  In January-July this year, the growth of the major economic indicators in the park was maintained at more than 30%, of which the output of High-tech industry increased 38.8%, accounting for the proportion of industrial output value of 56%. A whole industrial chain project into the park is jining high ...

Hong Kong to take advantage of Shanghai secretly rivalry

Creative innovation at the end of May, "to build a global creative innovation center" hat on the Hong Kong-Shenzhen head, the mood of the Shanghai industry is not good, the Hong Kong and Shenzhen in the national level has been recognized, determined to create "international creative Industry Center" Shanghai has no birthright "development of the space will be the Shenzhen-Hong Kong squeeze."  Last November, Shanghai has been a bad one, Shenzhen was awarded the "Design Capital" by UNESCO, the name of Shanghai after four years, the industry recognized the cultural heritage, foreign exchange, talent gathering, industrial base stronger than Shenzhen, and blame the failure of the Government to attach importance to the lack of responsibility. But Hong Kong and Shenzhen are not ...

The Supreme Court retrial 306 acres of land fake auction in Shanghai

A 7-year old land big case that people see finally because the Supreme Court of a paper began to enter the law of the "Sunshine Zone" November 25, the People's Republic of China issued the "(2009) People re-word 6th Civil adjudication," 306 acres of land in Shanghai, "false auction" case retrial, Confirmed that the incident lead Shanghai Terry Company as the plaintiff's main qualification, Terry to five auction companies in the construction of the project to enjoy property rights and interests. The history of the ruling is a rare revocation of the Shanghai High People's Court 2005 Shanghai High by the first word of the 1th civil ruling, and the People's Republic of China ...

Shanghai convenience chain "grab chairs" game begins

Shanghai convenience Store competition seems to have entered the white-hot stage. has been more than 1500 can be with good Germany, more than 600 friend, each two hundred or three hundred Rosen, the family, Xisto and so on more than 4,000 of the total number of Shanghai convenience store market, is basically Shanghai local and Taiwan-funded two camps.  Local convenience store speed expansion, while Taiwan's capital is to strive for commercial real estate agglomeration area, the two-phase competition to profit thinning, and the world's largest chain convenience store 7-eleven in Shanghai at this time, posing to a piece of posture. According to the foreign convenience store industry development experience, the convenience store industry development basic condition ...

Shanghai License plate Auction legal basis case questioned

This reporter Sun Xiaolin Shanghai December 29, 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the trial is over, the representative of the Shanghai Municipal Government Law Office forcibly and act against anti-hooliganism shook hands, hurriedly left the court. In the previous two hours, gunpowder has been pervasive in Shanghai's second Intermediate People's Court C302 room.  "Shanghai license plate Auction legal basis case" just ended here.  The Prosecution for Shanghai Citizens Act against Anti-hooliganism, the prosecution of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, prosecutors believe that Shanghai through the implementation of license plate auction system lacks basis. Prior to that, he has applied for information disclosure, asking Shanghai to follow the law ...

Building the Beijing-Harbin high-speed information corridor-Cloud base signing contract with Harbin Economic and technological Development zone

In order to promote the construction of "Beijing-Harbin High-speed information corridor", promote the development of China's cloud computing industry and regional cooperation, improve the energy level and overall competitiveness of the cloud Computing data center, software and Information service industry in Harbin Economic and technological Development Zone, March 8 morning, the broadband capital, cloud base and Harbin Economic Harbin Cloud Computing Industry Development Strategic Cooperation Agreement. Chairman of the broadband capital, Cloud base founder Tian, Harbin party committee secretary Lin Duo, Harbin Municipal Committee of the Committee, Harbin Bungalow district secretary, Harbin Economic and Technological Development zone, Secretary Xin and other members attended the signing ...

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