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Piecewise relational database in cloud computing

Social media, E-commerce, mobile communications, and machine-machine data exchange make terabytes or even petabytes of data that the enterprise IT department must store and process.   Mastering fragmentation best practices is a very important step in the cloud planning process when users process data for cloud computing databases. Fragmentation is the process of splitting a table into a manageable size disk file. Some highly resilient key-value data stores, such as Amazon simple DB, Google App engine ...

Discard relational database PHP programmers should know five things about MongoDB

"51CTO exclusive feature" 2010 should be remembered, because the SQL will die in the year. This year's relational database is on the go, and this year developers find that they don't need long, laborious construction columns or tables to store data. 2010 will be the starting year for a document database. Although the momentum has been going on for years, now is the age when more and more extensive document databases appear. From cloud-based Amazon to Google, a number of open-source tools, along with the birth of Couchdb and MongoDB. So what ...

Ventana:hadoop and traditional relational database can coexist

The rapidly growing structure and of enterprises "> The management requirements of unstructured data is an important factor in driving enterprises to use Apache Hadoop software. But Hadoop does not replace all existing technologies, according to a study published late last month by Ventana that Hadoop is now working with traditional relational databases (RDBMS). ...

Wang Tao: How traditional IT people use database thinking to understand blockchain

The concept of blockchain to technology has been around for a long time, but with the heat of the past two years, it has gradually become known by the market and many technicians.

Discussion on NoSQL database

With the rise of internet web2.0 websites, the relational database has become a very hot new field, the development of the non relational database products is very rapid.   But the traditional relational database in dealing with web2.0 website, especially the super large-scale and high concurrent SNS type web2.0 pure dynamic website already appeared to be powerless, has exposed many insurmountable problems, for example: 1, high configured--to the database higher concurrent reads and writes the demand WEB2.0 website to be based on user personalized information to generate real-time dynamic ...

Analysis of the challenge of big data in traditional relational database

Big data appears in all areas of daily life and scientific research, and the continued growth of data has forced people to reconsider the storage and management of data.

Non-relational distributed database: HBase

HBase is a distributed, column-oriented, open source database based on Google's article "Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data" by Fay Chang. Just as Bigtable takes advantage of the distributed data storage provided by Google's File System, HBase provides Bigtable-like capabilities over Hadoop. HBase Implements Bigtable Papers on Columns ...

Big Data hits traditional database Hadoop dream

The big data age has come and has quietly influenced our lives. According to a recent study by IDC, 1 million new links are shared every 20 minutes on Facebook and 10 million user reviews are released.   Facebook and all other Internet sites, Internet applications, have gradually become the entire data collection, analysis, processing and value-added architecture. In China, social networks are also in full swing. Sina Vice President Wang Gaofei has said that Sina Weibo has registered more than 300 million users, users on average daily release more than 100 million micro bonnet ...

Database research in cloud computing era

Introduction with the advent of the cloud computing era, various types of Internet applications are emerging, the relevant data model, distributed architecture, data storage and other database related technical indicators also put forward new requirements. Although the traditional relational database has occupied the unshakable position in the data storage, but because of its inherent limitation, has been unable to satisfy the cloud computing age to the data expansion, reads and writes the speed, the support capacity as well as the construction and the operation cost request. The era of cloud computing has put forward a new demand for database technology, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects. Mass data processing: to ...

Database server Security

The database server is actually the foundation of every electronic transaction, financial and enterprise resource Planning (ERP) system, and it often includes sensitive information from business partners and customers. Although the data integrity and security of these systems are important, the level of security checks taken against the database is not as high as the security measures of the operating system and the network. Many factors can disrupt data integrity and lead to illegal access, including complexity, poor password security, misconfigured, undetected system backdoor, and mandatory routine use of adaptive database security methods ...

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