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Invisible appearance of the domain name and intrinsic value

A domain name is a more valuable resource than a trademark, with uniqueness and value. Its invisible appearance contrasts sharply with its intrinsic value. All sites must start with the domain name. A good domain name is a corporate brand. When a domain name is truly utilized and played a huge role, its value goes beyond the traditional value. It is precisely because the domain name is even more valuable than gold, being ridiculed by many criminals trying to illegally gain profits through various illegal means. For stolen domain name, admin5 webmaster reported a lot of cases, such as ...

ResellerClub again to force the introduction of the domain name 49.99 Yuan Limit agent Price

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall ResellerClub the only one to provide Chinese-language panel and Chinese support for overseas domain name registrars, the network services provided by more and more IDC company's recognition.        I learned today from their Chinese Civil Service Network ( that they have launched very competitive prices overseas,. com only needs 49.99 Yuan/year. From their promotional details to understand that only need 600 yuan ...

WordPress Build Station FAQ and solution sharing (i)

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall from the original idea to now the basic framework of the site to complete, about 3 days, such a speed, Can say is not slow, build a website say difficult, say simple also not simple, not much long-winded, simple and everybody share I in build good brand net Onkoo this three days of trouble has solved solution, I ...

Gufang Source: Whole station inside page is k reason and solution

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall This course Gufang to share is the whole station inside page to be k reason and solution, because the search engine algorithm is changeable, the website is after k the remedial is a professional must master the method, from Gufang Source's website optimization experience, the website inside page all is K, or the whole station by K, is the search engine on the site to judge the death penalty, the death penalty is divided into suspended and immediately executed, for the type of immediate execution, the site is not saved, the other are also saved, as for the search engine on the site sentencing type, we can ...

Analyze the technical content behind microblog operation

Today, the development of Weibo can be said to be in a very hot era, the media value of Weibo should avoid going astray, it should not be another new frontier of traffic mode, but should be a social media with better organizational structure and dissemination efficiency, and burst out the value of more technical content than the traditional flow type media. From the domestic first microblogging platform-Sina Weibo online for nearly two years, "onlookers", "live" has changed people's daily lives.   And with the growing number of users, Weibo is also affecting the business world's trajectory. Be ...

Super Cloud provides one-stop cloud storage for the Hadoop optimization server

Chen Jingxi: Hello, I am the world's Super Cloud product manager, "Super Warehouse-help build private storage Cloud", cloud everybody knows, cloud computing is very hot, Cang everybody first thought is what? Warehouses, and granaries, and grain. There are rice, put noodles. What kind of stuff is in the warehouse? Not now. I'm going to cook dinner tonight, I'll take the grain out of the warehouse, but I have a lot of reserves. The time to put in the warehouse, including goods, food, including any kind of reserve material is defined by the warehouse. The Super Warehouse we are going to introduce to you today is also based on this ...

Desert teaches you how to choose a host agent for a virtual host

Intermediary transaction ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall used a lot of virtual host, domestic foreign, also did host agent, I know that some of the purchase of the attention, not comprehensive, the rest of us to supplement.   Today, first talk about the agency's problem: 1, the district separate service providers and agents. Many beginners are not clear about these concepts, think selling the host is ...

Why open a shop on the Internet

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in the rapid development of the internet today, online shop a single show has become the mainstream of e-commerce. According to CNNIC's second quarter Internet report, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 123 million, the survey showed that more than 1/6 of the Internet users have engaged in online trade, the number of Chinese Internet operators has more than 20 million.  Human behavior is motivated by the motivation, 20 million of the net business opened the shop, then why do they have to open shop on the Internet? .

Embrace the cloud computing era pre-product-section overview of NAS storage

Simple and reliable hp StorageWorks X1600 G2 2011 Global Data volume will reach 1.8ZB, indicating that humans will enter the ZB, YB era (1YB=1000ZB=10^24GB). The advent of the cloud computing era has accelerated the explosion of data. How do we deal with the two major challenges to data processing and storage? What are the popular servers and storage products available today that meet the needs of the current and future time? To this end, before the arrival of the 11 Golden Week, before people are ready to work ...

Research on search engine-oriented link optimization technology

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall now, web links have become a search engine to determine the quality of the page one of the key technologies. By analyzing how pages are linked to each other, search engines can determine the theme of the page (if the keywords linked to the page are similar to the keywords in the original page) and whether the page is considered important. Based on the link analysis algorithm, search engines provide a way to measure the quality of Web pages. Therefore, the link optimization in the Search engine optimization technology has a pivotal position, the link optimization technology research has a big theory and now ...

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