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Seven cows Lu Guihua: current situation and future development trend of cloud Platform industry

December 12, the world's first large-scale conference to explore the industry Internet, 2014 CVW. The industry Internet conference was held in Beijing and was synchronized through the big screen of New York Times Square. The conference was made by the Asia Letter Group, the cloud base and the Chuang-Zhuang economic and Technological Development zone jointly hosted more than 5,000 global it and traditional industry leaders and elites who are concerned about the development of Internet and traditional industries, and explored the evolution of "Internet access to traditional industries", "traditional industry internet" and the technological model and business innovation of industrial Internet. In the afternoon cloud Platform @ Internet forum, seven cattle storage c ...

Cloud services: Gaofu game? Does a small company have a chance?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall in China, the pioneering company does the cloud service is like a group of "death squads".        What do they challenge giants? Article |   Liu April 2013, the Aliyun official Weibo launched the "I and Aliyun story" theme activities have been "unexpected" effect, the original micro-blog promotional activities in the developer's "saliva" in the dim exit. Play Crab Technology CEO Yeke (has developed "big Masters" and other game products) without taboo, will be the spear straight ...

The mainstream trend of global data Center product transformation and development

March 29, 2014, Shenzhen Cloud base and China's first prefabricated modular data center officially opened.   The first phase of the data center project from September 2013 to January 2014 the entire project completed smoothly, less than 4 months, one of the most talked about is a "fast" word, and this "fast" word just highly summarizes the advantages of prefabricated modular data center. Factory prefabrication feasible prefabricated modular data centers follow modular data center design and construction ideas, while modular deployments are no doubt the mainstream way of data center building today;

Cloud analysis will be everywhere

2014 years, Dr. Vonna Wigger, Global vice president and CTO of the Amazon, we have seen how cloud computing can drive great innovation in consumer products and enterprise-class products, and become a new norm for organizations of different sizes. Today, cloud computing has become an engine of innovation for many companies, including not only emerging companies such as Dropbox, Airbnb, Pinterest, Hailo, WeTransfer and SoundCloud, but also the hundred-time Us (bristol-myers Squibb), Shell, joint ...

So many voices: wave of new products perfect strategy VMware confident that the road ahead is a good

This issue will be discussed in the following two topics: 1. Wave released 5 Smartrack new products, pointing to the integration of the architecture market, 2.VMware upgrade NSX expansion users, the latest vsphere 6 also full of confidence! So many sound column links: guests point of view refining: "00:00" Wave released 5 Smartrack new products, pointing to the integration of the architecture market this wave released in fact, the main ...

Pass provides a more comprehensive service

Today, more and more PAAs (platform service) providers, in the field of cloud computing has launched a fierce competition. Cloud computing works well with the development mechanism for deploying applications.     IAAS providers provide basic computing resources, SaaS providers provide online applications such as online CRM, and PAAs offerings provide developers with a one-stop service that allows our applications to start and run quickly without paying attention to some infrastructure issues. As a service provided on the PAAs platform ...

So many voices: HP successful acquisition ARUBA;IBM strategic change prospects are optimistic

This issue will discuss two major topics: 1. HP buys wireless networks with $3 billion trillion ARUBA;2.IBM investment is bullish, strategic adjustment for development. So many sound column links: guests point of view refining: "0:00" Hewlett-Packard to purchase 3 billion U.S. dollars wireless network monopoly Aruba from Aruba to HP's value to analyze, The combination of HP and Aruba is reasonable, HP pays more attention to a ...

Differences between China and the United States in cloud computing

To analyze the situation, the first thing that needs to be figured out is exactly what stage the whole cloud computing is now going to and where it will go? The ecosystem of cloud computing in the United States Last March, I went to the United States to visit a number of cloud computing companies After the biggest feeling is that IaaS Amazon services such as AWS and RackSpace has been very popular, which supports Engine Yard, Heroku and many other PaaS platform together for more XaaS service companies and other social, mobile Internet entrepreneurs in the field The company continues to rise provided ...

Interview multiple backup CTO Chen Yuanqiang: Full Open Enterprise Data Cloud eternal life Road

The advent of the 4G era, enterprise data faced with explosive growth, mobile TB; At the same time, human factors, software defects, uncontrollable natural disasters and other security problems occur frequently, how to make the enterprise data security and reliable, low-cost and efficient long-term preservation, has become an urgent concern for any enterprise. Fortunately, the cloud era accompanied by the 4G era, the core advantages of cloud computing: cost-effective, resource allocation, infrastructure flexibility, business smooth switching, bandwidth and storage unlimited expansion features. Multi-backup cloud backup, cloud recovery, cloud archiving and other special ...

Developers should focus on technology hotspots

"Editor's note" predicts the future is a very crazy thing, and now the development of enterprise technology is always beyond our imagination. Eric Knorr, InfoWorld's editor-in-chief, predicts that 9 of the big technologies will be in place in 2015 or in the coming years. He believes that open source is the first choice for enterprises to obtain competitive advantage, as a developer should pay attention to technical hotspots, and around the core technology to build a similar docker, Hadoop and other ecosystems. The following is: 1. The public cloud will be successful this year, IaaS and PAAs of the melt ...

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