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Two modes of IPSec: Tunneling mode and transport mode

The Ip_security Protocol (IPSEC) is a protocol recommended by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for IP security. VPN can be realized by the corresponding tunneling technology. There are two modes of IPSec: Tunnel mode and transport mode.    &http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; The IPSec protocol group also includes support for the network layer ...

Advanced Routing and Traffic Control for Linux: GRE and other tunnels

Linux has 3 kinds of tunnels. They are: IP-in-IP tunnels, GRE tunnels, and non-kernel tunnels (such as PPTP). 1. Some comments about the tunnel tunnel can be used to implement many very unusual and interesting features. But if you have a problem with your configuration, there will be terrible mistakes. Do not point the default route to a tunneling device unless you know exactly what you are doing. Furthermore, the tunneling increases the protocol overhead because it requires an additional IP header. Generally it should be 20 bytes per packet, so if the MTU of a network is 1 ...

Technical explanation of IP virtual private network

IP Virtual Private network is a very complex technology, involving all aspects, the most critical of which is the tunnel technology. Simply put, the virtual private network is actually the data encapsulation of the enterprise network in the tunnel for transmission. Because the tunneling protocol is relatively complex, the virtual private network technology is complicated. The most typical of tunneling protocols are IPSec, L2TP, GRE, PPTP, L2F, and so on. Where GRE, IPSec belongs to the third-tier tunneling protocol, L2TP, PPTP and L2F belong to the second-tier tunneling protocol. The essential difference between the second and third-tier tunnels is that ...

FortiOS 5.2 VPN: Remote Internet browsing using a VPN

This article shows how to use remote IPsec and SSL VPN tunnels to bypass Internet access restrictions.

Everyone is "data animal" large data analysis activates industry chain

In an internal email to Alibaba employees, Mr Ma said the IT era, with its control as the starting point, was moving toward the data age of Marvell, the purpose of activating productivity. With the development of computer technology, large data computing becomes more and more realistic, and companies based on large data application services are emerging.   The application of large data in the field of marketing has turned advertising into a "narrow"-precision marketing, and in the context of Internet finance, large data in the financial industry, the application of credit is gradually rising. Everyone is "data animal" different from ...

FortiOS 6.0 VPN: IPsec VPN with FortiClient

This recipe allows access for members of the Employee user group, created in the previous recipe, Creating security policies for different users.

Data for the corporate network dark attack and defense war

Data for the corporate network dark attack and defense war. Data caching, also known as data extrusion, refers to the transfer of data from a computer without authorization. For the corporate network, these types of attacks can be done manually, such as using a USB drive; in addition, this attack can also be automated, when the need to use the network to transfer data. In this article, we will highlight the web-based data caching techniques used during penetration testing, along with the corresponding security hardening measures. As tunneling technology, we assume that we do not have valid domain credentials. This means that I ...

Network industry ready to change

"Editor's note" Network after years of development, has come to the "post-Cisco" era, software definition network, network virtualization and other nouns have come to everyone, this article focuses on the traditional network architecture and SDN network of similarities and differences, the development of network virtualization, you can see, SDN manufacturers are gearing up, because of " We usually overestimate the changes in the next two years, and underestimate the changes that will happen in the next decade ", the traditional enterprises need to actively face the future changes in the network operation, the author from the Network Transformation and technology transformation in two aspects of the network industry in-depth discussion of the ...

Advanced Linux Routing and Traffic Control: implementing IPV6 with Cisco and 6bone

1. http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/9485.html ">ipv6 tunnel" This is another application of the Linux tunneling capability. This is very popular in the early implementations of IPV6. The following hands-on example is certainly not the only way to implement a IPv6 tunnel. However, it is a common method of building tunnels between Linux and Cisco routers that support IPV6, as has been proven by most people. It's probably right for you to ☺. Jane ...

Double 11 Singles Day Network Products & Technology Overview

Everyone knows that 2017 double 11 has set a new record, with a total trading volume of 168.2 billion, a peak transaction of 325,000 pens per second, and a peak payment of 25.6 W pens per second.

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