Types Of Flow Diagrams

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I understand Internet applications and enterprise application development

Some time ago, I wrote a blog about the topic, but I finished, I think I still did not talk about nature, this article is a sequel.   Internet Applications (Web sites or apps), and the essential difference between enterprise applications, should be discussed from the user. The internet is a strange user, the website for them is self-service system (similar to ATM machine), do not need, and can not be mandatory training for them, such as user registration.   So they have to be absolutely retarded and try to reduce the cost of learning. Enterprise application is the company's employees, with mandatory, and before, or system before the line, a ...

Big data platform security construction plan sharing

With the country's strategic thinking of promoting big data to promote economic and social transformation and development, the construction of big data platform is now the focus of government informationization construction, and provincial governments rely on a strong information system to take the lead.

10 Excellent tools for designing Web Wireframes

A wireframe is a visual guide that can be used to interpret a site's keel, and it can also be called a schematic or screen blueprint for a page. The wireframe is very easy to create and make the necessary changes.     This helps designers to perform iterative design with low cost and high efficiency. And in order to better design and modify the wireframe, we will choose some excellent tools, of course, there is axure, Mockflow and Balsamiq Mo ...

Full application of behavioral analysis (NBA) tools

The NBA is another security model, not only to meet compliance requirements, but also to be part of an enterprise's deep defense architecture. Brandon Greenwood is the network operation and security manager of Utah State, a Xango company that produces nutritional additives. He thinks the NBA is another security model. For them, adopting the NBA is not just about implementing a compliance program, but also a best practice as part of a defense-in-depth architecture. Xango chose the Sourcefire Company's NBA to help protect the spread of the whole ...

Parametric design of shallow feast chart

Information graphic Design (inforgraphic-design), a branch of information design (information-design), is a new type of visual design that arose at the end of the 20th century when information technology was involved in a variety of graphic design processes. Infographic is a composite system of readable visualization, which combines images, words and numbers to communicate information more efficiently. It helps people to better transform words through the visual element system of specific text content, notably, clearly, simply, directly, coherently and comprehensively.

The architecture design of depth analysis Cloudfoundry

VMware suddenly released its first open source Paas--cloudfoundry this April. In the months since its release, the author has been concerned about its evolution and benefited from its architectural design, and felt the need to write to share it with you. This article will be divided into two parts: the first part mainly introduces the architecture design of Cloudfoundry, from the module that it contains, to the information flow of each part, how the modules coordinate and cooperate; The second part will be based on the first part, how to use Clou in your data center ...

The article written by Heart: Party B's SEO proposal template

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall explosion teacher is I met in the SEO aspect writes the most earnest person, is directed earnestly diligently, also should share the article, whether is the content, or the exquisite PPT production has the massive knowledge in inside. Today, he shared the topic of "SEO template for Party B proposal." This is the teacher who used to talk about the selection of some proposals in the guest.  Whether you are a professional party B company or a person to do the project, some of the ideas and forms of the proposal will have a certain reference role, welcome you can use to your actual combat SEO proposal. ...

Network industry ready to change

"Editor's note" Network after years of development, has come to the "post-Cisco" era, software definition network, network virtualization and other nouns have come to everyone, this article focuses on the traditional network architecture and SDN network of similarities and differences, the development of network virtualization, you can see, SDN manufacturers are gearing up, because of " We usually overestimate the changes in the next two years, and underestimate the changes that will happen in the next decade ", the traditional enterprises need to actively face the future changes in the network operation, the author from the Network Transformation and technology transformation in two aspects of the network industry in-depth discussion of the ...

Beyond batch processing and MapReduce: How to make Hadoop go further

The Apache Tez framework opens the door to a new generation of high-performance, interactive, distributed data-processing applications. Data can be said to be the new monetary resources in the modern world. Enterprises that can fully exploit the value of data will make the right decisions that are more conducive to their own operations and development, and further guide customers to the other side of victory. As an irreplaceable large data platform on the real level, Apache Hadoop allows enterprise users to build a highly ...

Information visualization research scope and case

Recently, "information visualization" is being studied, so first of all, it is necessary to define the research category. Prior to the definition of information visualization, some colleagues have studied this article to simply extract the definition of wiki: Information visualization (Information visualization) is an interdisciplinary field, designed to study the visual presentation of large-scale non-numerical information resources, such as the software system Many documents or in-line program code, as well as the use of graphics and image technology and methods to help people understand and analyze the data. Compared with scientific visualization, information visualization focuses on abstract numbers ...

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