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Fully analyze Ubuntu after entering cloud computing field

This year's Ubuntu is a bit different from the Ubuntu in previous years. In other words, this year's Ubuntu has quietly entered the realm of cloud computing. A group of servers, connected through the network, forms what we call "the Cloud" ("Cloud"). However, the concept of "cloud" is not equal to the physical cluster of traditional servers, but is evolving through virtual technology into a new computing environment composed of many virtual machines. In Ubuntu alone, it is through the Opennebula virtual architecture engine ...

What is Ubuntu's cloud computing?

A group of servers that are connected via a network to form a so-called "cloud". However, this "cloud" is not a traditional physical cluster of servers, but relies on virtual technology to turn it into a new computing environment consisting of many virtual machines.

How to build a cloud environment for Ubuntu 10.10 Server Edition

Ubuntu has always been a Linux desktop operating system striker, despite the top spot, but his popularity and user use is not so optimistic, on October 10 released the new server version of Ubuntu 10.10, the version is trying to from the cloud above, looking for a breakthrough, Using cloud computing at this stage of the trend, so that their version can be the largest range of user experience. In fact, starting with the Ubuntu 10.04 version, canonical started with Ubuntu one ...

About Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC)

The so-called "cloud" refers to the completion of a computing task of the server network, which can automatically expand and shrink according to the real-time requirements of the task, flexible, so as to maximize the savings in computing resources (including energy) and improve the security and reliability of the system. To be exact, the servers here are mostly virtual servers (virtual machines). To tell the truth, the Cloud (mechanism) is very complex, the average person is difficult to deal with.     What do we do? Today, entrepreneurs (or CIOs) value cloud computing. But...

Ubuntu users ' synchronous backup based on Enterprise cloud computing

To understand cloud services, you must first understand the fundamentals of cloud computing. Cloud computing: Enterprise data centers run more like the Internet by making calculations on a large number of distributed computers rather than on local computers or remote servers.   This allows the enterprise to switch resources to the required applications and to access the computer and storage systems as needed. This type of service is to mobilize the various resources in the network to serve the users. (personally think a bit like BT).   Unity is strength!   This service will be the mainstream of the future. According to the Market research institute IDC said, ...

Setup of Ubuntu 10.10 Server version Cloud Environment

In fact, starting with the Ubuntu10.04 version, canonical started to offer cloud services through Ubuntuone, offering 2GB of free online storage and, if you want more space, paying an extra fee to buy. Cloud computing in recent years from a somewhat vague concept, gradually rise to the use of the stage.      This makes every it vendor see infinite Business opportunities, canonical naturally also refused to ignore this sumptuous feast. After Ubuntu10.04 tasted the sweetness of cloud computing, Ubu ...

Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition OS release

The Ubuntu 8.10 Server version includes cloud computing, virtualization, enhanced mail servers, Java development and deployment, and more services to assist system administrators and developers, and rapid hair cycles enable them to quickly integrate new features   This makes the Ubuntu operating system the best choice for innovative enterprises. October 29, 2008 International report, Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition has been released, and on the basis of the original to increase the virtualization, Java development and system management functions, through a number of enhancements to meet users ...

Chrome pushes cloud computing progress Red Hat and Ubuntu new initiatives

Google announced this week that it was developing a chrome operating system that would be a huge boost to cloud computing, with Google posting information on Chrome on its official blog: "People search for information on the Internet, check email, get the latest news, shop and contact friends, Google Chrome Browser is designed for such internet users. But Chrome is not limited to the Internet, we will launch a new product from Chrome, Google Chro ...

Ubuntu clouds drift into China

What is the meaning of Ubuntu's white clouds drifting into China? You need to know the truth: http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/13835.html ">ubuntu 12.04 has a support period of 5 years, very interesting." Not only does this version have a long-term impact on the desktop, but it also has a huge impact on cloud computing (the hardware architecture). However, "compute cloud" is not to buy, install a bunch of servers even if "done", on its ...

Ubuntu is a kind of cloud based on ARM architecture

April 28, 2010, arm company chief executive Warren East of the "EE Times" said: "Servers based on ARM multicore processors should arrive the next Twelve months "means that a server based on an arm multi-core processor will appear within the next 12 months. The fact has proved: in the past year, the development of ARM server has been a tremendous ...

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