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Fully analyze Ubuntu after entering cloud computing field

This year's Ubuntu is a bit different from the Ubuntu in previous years. In other words, this year's Ubuntu has quietly entered the realm of cloud computing. A group of servers, connected through the network, forms what we call "the Cloud" ("Cloud"). However, the concept of "cloud" is not equal to the physical cluster of traditional servers, but is evolving through virtual technology into a new computing environment composed of many virtual machines. In Ubuntu alone, it is through the Opennebula virtual architecture engine ...

Chrome pushes cloud computing progress Red Hat and Ubuntu new initiatives

Google announced this week that it was developing a chrome operating system that would be a huge boost to cloud computing, with Google posting information on Chrome on its official blog: "People search for information on the Internet, check email, get the latest news, shop and contact friends, Google Chrome Browser is designed for such internet users. But Chrome is not limited to the Internet, we will launch a new product from Chrome, Google Chro ...

Ubuntu 9.04 officially releases the first integrated enterprise cloud

Canonical officially released the 9.04 official version of Ubuntu, after several beta, Ubuntu finally caught Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6, Fedora 11 before the top. Unlike Mac OS, which names the next-generation system as a noble, aloof "Snow Leopard", Ubuntu has a "jaunty Jackalope" code in its usual way, meaning: hostile arms ...

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS RC candidate released as scheduled

&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; Although there was a serious memory leak at the end of the day, the RC candidate for Ubuntu 10.04 Lts is on schedule today. The release of the RC candidate includes desktop version, server version, Internet version and the Enterprise cloud Computing and Amazon EC2 Server version, has been basically complete, stable, suitable for a wide range of experience, at the same time ...

Canonical announces Ubuntu9.04 version (desktop, server and notebook)

I'm sure you'll remember the Web countdown to the official release time of Ubuntu 8.10 before it was released! Maybe then you put the countdown to the 8.10 official release of Ubuntu in your website or blog to promote Ubuntu. Now Ubuntu officially releases the Web countdown to the 9.04 official release time of Ubuntu. If you have a website or blog, add this countdown to the world to spread ubuntu! It's very simple to add, you just need ...

What is Ubuntu's cloud computing?

A group of servers that are connected via a network to form a so-called "cloud". However, this "cloud" is not a traditional physical cluster of servers, but relies on virtual technology to turn it into a new computing environment consisting of many virtual machines.

Open source Project Unlimited potential OpenStack full burst

If all goes according to plan, Red Hat will be the first Open-source software vendor to make more than 1 billion dollars a yearly income. This will be a turning point for the open source software community. The open source community has always believed that their community-based approach to development is feasible, even superior, and alternative to traditional software development methods. ' I think we're going to see a fundamental shift in where technological innovation will take place, from the labs of several software companies to the huge open source soft ..., ' said Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehest Jim Whitehurst.

Five major private cloud management products

If you want to create a private cloud, you need to use management software to create a virtual pool of computing resources, provide access to end users, and deal with security, resource allocation, tracking and billing issues. We tested five mainstream private cloud management products: Novell's Cloud Manager,eucalyptus Enterprise Edition, Opennebula,citrix Lab Manager and cloud.com cloudstack ...

The new opportunity and challenge of open source in the era of large data

Open source Hotspot Inventory 1984, Richard Stallman launched GNU and Free Softwarefoundation, which has been open source for more than 28 years. From the bottom of the operating system to advanced desktop applications, there are open source footprint. Linux, which is especially open source operating system, is a controversial issue and is subject to many commercial attacks.   Many people like to put open source and business together, to accuse Open source is how "irregular", "energy consumption", "instability" and so on, especially Microsoft. Talk about ...

Bazaar V2.3B5 Release distributed version control system

Bazaar is a distributed http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/9591.html "> Version control System, published under the GPL License Agreement and available for Windows, GNU, UNIX and Mac OS systems. Sponsored by the Canonical Company, Bazaar is currently serving well-known Open-source projects such as Samba and Drupal. Bazaar ...

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