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A few good methods of choosing and naming local portal site domain names

Intermediary Trading SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall has been trying to write a most meticulous, it is best to read about the webmaster who choose the local portal site domain name articles. The establishment of the Yan Jiao Life Circle Local portal site has been 4 years, 4 years, a lot of old webmaster and new webmaster to find me understand, learn and communicate about the local portal site domain name selection and the name of the site, especially those who just want to start the local portal site of the new webmaster, for these new webmaster, the most headache, The most tangled thing is how to find a good domain name for their beloved website, take a ...

Summarize the ways, means, security and related issues of current domain name trading

Domain name trading in the industry at present a lot of transactions, this article is intended to summarize the current domain name trading methods, means, security and related issues. There are probably the following ways to sell a domain name: First, buyers find the door to the cause of this situation may be that the registered domain name of the buyer is absolutely rare, such as sex.com, Business.com and so on, these domain names already have certain popularity, the market value and the commercial value is high, the appreciation potential is big, the buyer is anxious to use this domain name the market popularity to quickly expand own business. Ecompanies, California, USA ...

About the value of domain name to know the standard

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in the last time has talked about the domain name registration some basic attention matters, the next question is registers what domain name, but decides this question the fundamental factor is the domain name value, although according to Marx Economic theory, the price will be the more accurate word.   Because according to the theory of the old horse, the domain name contains the social average productivity of the necessary labor time is the same, so the value should be the same, a dead so many years of people, as he is farting! There are two main models for the valuation of domain names.

From Facebook for domain ownership see domain name Market Collective Carnival

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall recently the domain name market is brilliant.   Many domain names or auctions or are snapped up, showing a collective carnival-type domain name investment scene. below to count the relevant domain name is registered or auction details: With the Qingming Festival will be to, and Qingming related domain name qingming.cn, as well as qingmingjie.cn and so are registered; At the same time, with the depreciation of the dollar, domestic prices rising trend is obvious, There is an urgent need for a value-added product to gain security. Valuable gold became ...

Famous brand Chinese domain name bid million gold Chinese domain name how to

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall recently, the author learned, "Zheng Jie. com", "Fort Lion Dragon. com", "Garden hotel. com", "Hong Kong Wireless. com", "California red. com" and other well-known brands of Chinese domain names are being appraised for sale.   It is understood that these domain names of the owner of the psychological budget is that each domain price should not be less than 5 digits.   Why are these Chinese domain names so expensive? How high is the value of the Chinese domain name? Chinese domain name is a new generation of domain names containing Chinese, with English domain name ...

Ye Xujian: Social age network brand strategy domain name is the cornerstone

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall easy to refer the Chairman and the President: Ye Xujian Domain name City (domain.cn) March 28 News, for a website entrepreneur and the website enterprise, domain name is the Network brand strategic development cornerstone.   Let us first follow the footsteps of successful people, a simple review of Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Tencent, such as the origin of well-known network brands. The domain name is the Network brand Strategy Development Foundation ...

Domain name registration companies sigh, "money is not profitable" to stop hand

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host technology Hall recently, basketball star Lin's domain name was registered, so that "domain name registration" This already commonplace net matter again become hot topic. Surprisingly, just as many people covet the "rush" cake and plan to join the army, the company that has been embroiled in a name-registration case in Shijiazhuang has lost interest.  Chosen, a spokesman for the company, told reporters recently that the company was exhausted by the "rush of registration" and that the company would gradually fade out of the "Rush" business. ...

Internet business success and domain name relationship

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Andrew Frem (Andrew Frame) in the name of their VoIP start-up companies have a number of criteria, it must be easy to pronounce, easy to remember, but also short, preferably not more than four letters and two syllables. Of course, the corresponding Internet domain name must not be registered, or can be bought at a reasonable price. So far, more than 71.1 million registered. com domain names, equivalent to. NET ...

What is a domain name? How to register a domain name? Which domain registration is cheap

What is a domain name? Domain name is the name of a server or network system on an Internet network, and in the world, there is no duplicate domain name and domain name is unique. Technically, the domain name is only one way to solve the problem of address correspondence in the Internet, it is the character address corresponding to the digital IP address on the network. From the commercial speaking, the domain name is known as "Enterprise's on-line trademark", is one of enterprise trademark protection essential products. 1. Domain name structure and level [details] The domain name on the Internet is equivalent to our reality ...

Xu Jinsheng: Webmaster You have a large value of the domain name wood?

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall is fortunate to get the invitation of the famous business network to participate in the famous business network of the National Rice Tea Party in Shenzhen, In fact, a few days ago in the A5 forum to see their official posts, at that time because of the body in Shenzhen so also signed up to participate. To tell the truth, I'm not a professional farmers just want to learn from this meeting of the domain name of the big guys sharing experience, ...

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