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Suspected Microsoft chestnuts SCO shook Linux camp

"SCO has become increasingly aggressive in speech and refuses to show any evidence of the lawsuit, and everything seems to indicate that SCO is simply talking and speaking in the tiger's skin." But Microsoft will never give up such a good opportunity to use these raving words. "In 2003," to Linux to launch a "fear War"?  Bruce Perens, author of Brousse Perence, evaluates SCO. In March 2003, SCO, the owner of a self-proclaimed UNIX operating system, filed a lawsuit against IBM for $1 billion in compensation.

PHP operation MySQL 3rd pass the first day

This paper introduces how to build a network database application method by MySQL of the golden combination of Web database, PHP is a server-side embedded hypertext Processing language similar to Microsoft ASP, it is a powerful tool to build dynamic website. While MySQL is a lightweight SQL database server that runs on a variety of platforms, including Windows NT and Linux, and has a GPL version, MySQL is considered the best product for building a database-driven dynamic Web site. PHP, MySQL, and Apache are Linux ...

Novice webmaster: buy before the virtual host ten questions

(A) how to buy a virtual host, is to build a website novice one of the most frequently asked questions The following analysis will allow you to fully understand the current host market! The so-called virtual host (Virtual Host / Virtual Server), also known as virtual server or shared server, refers to the use of special hardware and software technology ,, in a server, the host can be virtual into 10, the same can be virtual into 100, and virtual host Each doubling of the number of placed ...

Who is the real invisible comrade-in-arms--the real story of open source software and OpenSSL

"Editor's note" a few days ago in the circle of Friends Crazy biography of an article about OpenSSL, the story is very touching, although there is a soft text suspicion, but still let everyone see can not help to give OpenSSL donations. Moving stories are like beauties, and it's easy to ignore their authenticity, and most people seem to believe the article's author about open source software, the description of privacy security technology. This article is a rumor + popular Science article, not for the author of the article, but open source and security are IT technology hotspots, we should have a correct understanding of them. Of course the author of the end of the article on the media ...

Comparison and analysis of three mainstream server cluster software

Simply put, a cluster (cluster) is a group of computers that provide users with a set of network resources as a whole. These individual computer systems are the nodes (node) of the cluster. An ideal cluster is that the user never realizes the nodes at the bottom of the cluster system, in their view, the cluster is a system, not multiple computer systems.     And the administrators of the cluster system can add and revise the nodes of the cluster system at will. Below on the server commonly used three cluster software to do a comparative analysis of the introduction: 1 ...

Security issues for PGP keys and Passwords

The simplest way to compromise is to have your password written somewhere, and there is no guarantee that no one else can see it except you. If someone gets your password and your private key file, the entire encryption system will be silent. Another old topic is the password not too simple, note that PGP is "password" passphase, rather than "password" password that is, you can include multiple words and spaces in the password. A wily attacker may use a famous book to find your password. So in order to get a good and difficult to guess password, you can sporogenous some sentences or find ...

HP Kinetic energy server loses Oracle despair

March 23, 2011, Oracle announces the end of all software development for the Intel Itanium (Itanium) processor platform, which means HP's Kinetic server (Integrity) will not be available to Oracle's new products in the future. From the commonsense perspective, Hewlett-Packard, the main supporter of Itanium, is a major competitor to the acquisition of Oracle after Sun, but not its main competitor, because it does not have its own enterprise-class applications (Oracle's biggest competitor is IBM, the product line is equal, so no ...

Two command lines that the IT elite must master

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall One, ping it is to check the network is unobstructed or network connection Speed command. As a network administrator or hacker, the ping command is the first DOS command that must be mastered, and it uses the principle that: the machine on the network has a unique IP address, we give ...

The key to success or failure of the preferred virtual space personal website

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall in recent years, with the development of the Internet and the popularization of network marketing, the establishment of personal websites, Promotion of network Marketing has been deep into people's lives and work, personal construction station has gradually become popular throughout the IT industry. Personal site by virtue of its construction at random, the management of freedom and other characteristics and quickly by many webmaster favorite. But after the construction of the website idea ...

MapReduce: Simple data processing on Super large cluster

MapReduce: Simple data processing on large cluster

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