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Client Interaction Design Fit--screen size

Almost all Internet applications are migrating to mobile phones as the application platform for each mobile OS is online. But unlike PCs, PCs have evolved over the years, in the design formed a lot of unwritten rules, such as the width of the Web page is around 960px "of course, as the overall computer screen to large size and high resolution development, in addition to the background widescreen adaptive, many pages are also moving towards a wider direction of development." A wide range of mobile phones, the size of the screen, the proportion of different, and the phone's screen itself is small, so it is necessary to consider the application of different screen size ...

Interactive design: A product model in the context of multiple-screen use

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao Cloud host technology Hall has to sigh the power of Tencent, originally not bland QR two-dimensional code through the promotion of micro-letter, it seems that overnight began to become popular in China.    Whether it is the media sites in the recent scramble to open the micro-trust public platform subscriptions, the implementation of micro-credit coupons, or personal identity information, activity check-in, two-dimensional code has been widely used, but in fact, in mobile payment, security verification and other areas, this technology has been in the vigorous development. &nbs ...

180-inch large screen hot pursuit of extreme meters no screen Super TV reservation volume of over 20,000

April 29 News, according to the Polar Rice technology Vice President Wang revealed that as of April 28, the first generation of ultra-meter television Super TV reservation volume has exceeded 20,000, far more than 2000 units of the supply of engineering machines. Extreme meters launched the first screen TV super television reservation for more than 20,004 months 24th, the pole meter technology in Beijing officially announced that 2000 meters of the first generation of no screen Super TV engineering machine in the same day officially accept netizens booking, and will be issued on May 15 official delivery. Pre-sale prices are also locked at 2999 yuan, the price is the market for ordinary 40-inch flat-panel TV prices. According to the extreme meter technology official introduction, the first generation without screen ...

Dazzling screen Laser TV evaluation-100-inch price of 100,000 yuan, the effect is not as good as LCD TV

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > for users with a high budget preference for broad telepresence, the choice of the size of the TV has almost no upper limit, they want 60-inch, 80-inch or even 100-inch TV. and limited by the current large panel cutting cost and technology level, large-scale TV prices into geometric figures climbed, 100-inch LCD TV is likely to reach hundreds of thousands of yuan sky-high ... Because of the original ...

Is it necessary? Those discussions about the 2K screen

Since last year's 2K screen into the Chinese consumer's vision, in 2014 years, 2K screen has been most manufacturers at home and abroad the top flagship machine into the hardware standard. Domestic brands Vivo, OPPO, Iuni, Lenovo, Nubian and foreign Samsung, LG, have been the flagship products to 2K screen level. In particular, Iuni U3 has 2 K-screen mobile phone price into the 2000-yuan range, it can be said that 2014 will become a 2K screen rapid and universal transition period. To be sure, in the next new product cycle, the home flagship is necessarily the exclusively 2K screen. Those who still cling to ...

Splash screen is not easy

Click on the icon to wait for the application to start. In this simple process, the splash screen will appear in front of us. Sometimes it gives us a light, sometimes it makes us confused, sometimes it makes us feel tired ... What is the learning of a small splash screen, and how does it affect the user experience of the product? This article has done some analysis and the summary, hoped will be helpful to you. What is a splash screen when a user starts an operating system, software, or application, a graphical interface that first appears to host product identification and related information. For example, Office software programs ...

Draw a C-based Android-based navigation fragmentation solution on the screen

This is an exciting essay by Greg Nudelman, an Android expert who put forward the idea of ​​"C-Gesture" navigation instead of existing Android navigation in the text, and did not mean offering two designs A detailed explanation of the key code. "C gesture" is the author's solution to solve the Android navigation fragmentation program. Emphasize that "invoking contextual navigation from any area of ​​the screen at any time, when needed, is a functional model that works with any touchscreen device." That is, "Hidden Swiss Army knuckles ..."

"Genesis" 150 yuan box office full of huge screen each seat 56,000

"Genesis" poster today, Beijing East CBD office area without the history of IMAX giant Curtain officially concluded.  0 o'clock today, the DA Wang Road Wanda International Film City CBD shop IMAX exhibition Hall officially external ticketing, and the audience in the early morning to watch the film is the first day of the Hollywood 3D epic "creation of war." IMAX giant curtain partner, "a war Ji" mountain, is it just a coincidence?  Reporter learned that the CBD office area of this huge curtain is simply for the "War Ji" tailored, from one months ago began work, about 23 million yuan cost. Zero Breakthrough IMAX ...

Mobile phone manufacturers next battlefield--surface screen

Surface screen surface screen has become the future of mobile phones, smart TV, a change in the shape of the trend, from last year, Samsung's Galaxy Edge, LG G Flex2 are the representatives of surface screen phones, before the Korean media reported that the shape of millet 5 will be copied Samsung Galaxy Edge mobile phone, will also adopt the surface screen mobile phone technology. In the current patent of the iphone, a surface screen patent has also been applied, inadvertently showing the future trend of the surface screen. Android is becoming more and more serious, mobile phone manufacturers find a differentiated selling point is not easy, can be folded ...

Ultra-polar screen era comes to the ultimate development of mobile screen

1974, the world's first mobile phone was born, but the phone does not have a screen, it is easy to make the wrong phone. 1983, the world's first screen phone was born. After entering the 21st century, mobile phones began to play an important role in our lives.     The size of the phone is getting smaller, but the screen is getting bigger. Display as the most important mobile phone, display output devices, from the original monochrome LCD display screen, to STN, CSTN display technology, and then to TFT display, display technology ...

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