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Miss peroxide value exceeded the experts said easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort

Guangdong provincial Trade and Industry Bureau 25th announced the sampling situation, Zhengzhou Miss Food Co., Ltd. production of "Chinese noodle Shop in the West Lake Tangxia Pork Bag" and "pork dumplings" peroxide value project unqualified. Miss Food Co., Ltd. April 25 evening issued a statement, said to the consumer apology, said that so far has not found unqualified batches of products, and the relevant products have been urgently submitted.  Peroxide value for ordinary consumers is a relatively unfamiliar vocabulary, experts said consumers long-term consumption of excessive oxidation value of food, may cause gastrointestinal adverse reactions, such as nausea, vomiting. First, what is the peroxide value ...

Shimao property declines 2.01% Goldman Sachs bid to see HK $16.62

Check the latest quotes April 15 news, Shimao Real Estate (00813-HK) is now down 2.01%, reported 13.64 Hong Kong dollars, a deal of HK $77.1231 million, the unit is currently running a large market, the index rose 0.37%.  Goldman Sachs, which still reiterates its buying rating, has raised its target price from HK $16.35 to HK $16.62, while the World house is forecast at 34% per cent of net asset value for the 10 fiscal year. The bank also refers to the Shimao real estate 09 Core earnings performance is roughly in line with the bank's expectations, up its 10-12 earnings per share 2%/8%/1%, ...

April Cumulative urban fixed assets investment expected to increase 25.2%

Pan Ying May 6, the reporter to 37 institutions launched the "China Macroeconomic data April consensus forecast" survey showed that January-April urban fixed asset investment cumulative year-on-year growth of the survey mean 25.2%, median value of 25.9%, compared to 1-March 26.4% slightly lower.  In addition, the maximum value for the survey is 28.5%, with a minimum value of 16%. "This is the normal fluctuation of the monthly investment data," Beijingers, deputy director of the Institute of Quantitative Economics and technology economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told reporters in a telephone interview, "now need to pay more attention to the inner investment knot ..."

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