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Internet medical ≠ telemedicine, advisory services not prohibited

August 29, the National Health and Family Planning Commission in its official website issued "on the promotion of medical institutions telemedicine services," (hereinafter referred to as the "opinion"), which clearly stated: non-medical institutions may not carry out telemedicine services, to prohibit doctors from private telemedicine. But not long ago, mobile medical representative "Spring Rain Doctor" has just received 50 million dollars of financing, clove Garden on September 2 to get Tencent 70 million U.S. dollars in the C-round investment, this regulation is issued, whether the current telemedicine "brake"? A number of relevant agencies in the Beijing News interview that the current services are limited to medical consultation ...

Cloud computing, data centers and various internet sources are rapidly gathering in the Midwest

Absrtact: Since ancient times, Zhengzhou has been called the hinterland of China, countless heroes China, and now many internet companies have Zhuluzhongyuan. May 27, 2014, small series was invited to participate in the national network of basic services in the field of leading brand new Net (, in Zheng since ancient times, Zhengzhou is called the hinterland of China, countless heroes China, and now many internet companies have Zhuluzhongyuan. May 27, 2014, small knitting was invited to participate in the national Internet basic services in the field of Leadership brand new Network (, at the Sofitel Zhengzhou Hotel ...

The best of all are the various layouts and infighting between BAT's three giants.

Send a guide: 2013 is the internet industry surging year, especially wonderful is the bat big three among the various layout and infighting. This year, Ali's balance treasure turned out, Tencent's micro-letter payment of the strong launch, Baidu "Wolf" culture of the construction as a strategic goal, these landmark events behind, is the three major market layout and the huge impact on the industry. In this article, we look back and see what the bat trio did in the coming year. Ma said: In the internet age, especially in the mobile internet era, an enterprise ...

New services for internet finance

The hot Internet finance has greatly accelerated the fall of Pu-hui finance in China, since 2014, after Peer-to-peer, the public has become the hottest financial vocabulary in China's economic sector. As a result of the basic launch module of the low technology threshold, various types of public financing size platform swarming, for a time quite the situation of the Thousand-Regiment war. Both to aid the pursuit of the dreamer's donation class platform, but also focus on road marketing, such as the kind of electronic business platform, more network under a group of like-minded people on the direct "public chip." The concept of public financing is flourishing, and the development prospect of the industry is gratifying. Into the 2015, the public raised in ...

Analyzing the operating profit model of various sites in the late period from the economic crisis spreading

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall 2008 we ushered in many unfavorable things, early on, Ma Yun put forward the "winter theory" at that time believed that many people will think is a joke, and because the horse boss long and small and medium-sized enterprises have already known in advance of the outbreak of the financial crisis swept the world, No one would think his words were a joke now. 2008 Winter is doomed to be sad, everyone from the internet to know that the current economic crisis has affected all aspects, even in our webmaster related to the Internet as a new ...

Stay away from garbage intrusion comprehensive understanding of various anti-spam solutions

Since 2000, the rapid development of Internet technology, mail technology has gradually become one of the most important communication tools in modern society. However, the innate intrusion of spam on mail users has become one of the most widely recognized threats to internet use by the end of 2006. There are many numbers that are shocking: the world produces 1000 spam messages a day, and 94% of the messages that users receive are spam; the United States and China are the world's largest two spam-producing countries and consumers; the average number of spam messages received by Chinese netizens is 19 per week.

China's digital transformation: The influence of internet on productivity and growth

The McKinsey Global Research Institute today released the digital transformation of China: The impact of the Internet on Productivity and growth (click to download the full report of PDF), the report points out that in 2013, China's Internet users continued to grow, the Internet is fundamentally restructuring the Chinese way of life. The following is a summary of the report: A digital revolution is surging in China. In 2013, the total number of active smart devices in China increased from 380 million to 700 million units. The same year November 11, "Singles Day" day, online shopping platform Taobao and the cat's sales of more than 36.2 billion yuan ...

The first experience of virtual operators: the way to handle various network coverage well

Perhaps in another two weeks, you will suddenly receive a pile of 170 cell phone calls or text messages, do not be surprised, it is probably like a taste of new friends just changed the virtual operator's mobile phone number, to update your contact, spread the use of experience it. At the moment, the Beijing News reporter robbed a fresh, in the virtual operator inside the number of the period has a 170 of the number, experienced a communication from the sharing of communications services provided. Apart from the services that have not yet started operations, there is no difference between the basic communication services of virtual operators and the three operators. Experience background April for the development of domestic mobile communications resale industry, is a non ...

Game promotion becomes the first choice for internet cafes to develop value-added services

See friends in ChinaJoy interview Shi Yuzhu's record, which talked about the game to push. Suddenly feel very interesting. When the media and the outside is also keen to talk about the so-called push, in fact, Shanda, Giant, NetEase and other large enterprises to promote the model has been upgraded. That day and a grand friend night together, chatting about this problem. He says the new promotion model: How to get new players to start quickly? How to let the player come in to stay? How to let the player who has no money to buy some cards can continue to play the game? How to make them not even go out, the traditional paper money can be transformed into a point ...

How to improve the personality of big data services

In today's era of big data, businesses can learn more about consumers through a number of channels and can even understand what they need than consumers themselves. But in fact, very few companies really understand the depths of consumers, to give attentive personalized service, the enterprise is not enough intentions or the customer is too picky? In the data age, how companies should be better and faster to meet consumer spending Personal needs, to reach their psychological expectations? In the big data support, the company's personalized service will become more reliable, more popular? The rapid growth of big data and related technologies ...

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