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The world's largest video game collection

Michael Thomason is the Guinness World Record holder who holds the largest collection of"> video games in the world. If you're as envious and jealous as we are, now your chance is here. By the end of last year, Guinness World Records showed that Tomasson had 10,607 games. Since then, his collection has begun to expand to more than 11,000 games. More than 2,600 tours ...

Video interactive games can cause damage

As early as 1990, medical scientists had called the pain of the thumb tendon after 5 hours of video games known as "Nintendo Inflammation", and a study published in October 2009 showed that 12% of young video gamers had pain in their fingers and 10% had pain in their wrists. Video-interactive games are now popular, allowing players to participate in games and sporting events, not just by pointing fingers but by swinging the hands and arms of a player like a tennis racket. But February 4, 2010, the famous "New England Journal of Medicine" published a letter to the editorial department of the British Radcliffe Hospital, Dr. Evans said, ...

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