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Reason analysis and countermeasure of slow opening speed of website

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall reason one, you use many JavaScript special effects. For example, the mouse effect Ah, the column on the page special effects ah, the status bar special effects Ah, and so on. The principle of these effects is to download the server to your local machine, then run it on your local machine and then you can see it. Special effects do more, on your local machine will run for a long time to complete, and if your machine configuration in general, it is even more slow, even if all the special effects are running complete, your page ...

EA leader Game movie Wave 6 games will be adapted for movies

Gaming companies have also dabbled in the film market after Marvel Inc. and Marvel Hasbro their own signature cartoons and toys on the big screen.  And in the major game companies, especially the United States Electronic Arts, referred to as EA, the film industry is the most positive. EA has many classic game works, such as "Sims" (The Sims) series, the racing game "Need For Speed" (Need for Speed) series, and the annual edition of the football game "crazy Rugby" (Madd ...

An "annual Best Test and Measurement Award"

--Global growth partners to Anritsu's growth strategy, LTE development and field testing performance as the main factors for the best testing company global communications testing and measurement solutions leader, Anritsu, Inc., Frost & Sullivan has selected Anritsu as the "annual Best Test and Measurement Award" (Year Award for Test & Measure ...).

Digital Development Accelerates Internet Process

Wing from 517- Shandong Telecom: Broadband Internet messaging wonderful wonderful type: Original Author: Zhanheng bright Time: 2014-05-16 16:10:00 International Telecommunication Union believes that digital is a way to accelerate the development of sustainable development Innovative tools. In order to give full play to his potential, we must vigorously promote high-speed broadband networks. With the theme of "Broadband Promoting Sustainable Development", the world's telecommunications and informationization day are approaching, and China's industry will come at a suitable time. Since 2012, our country has been promoting the special operation of broadband China annually from the national level. China...

The "strongest brain" of the big Data age

Have you ever thought about this scenario: one day, when you turn on the TV to watch the weather forecast, you find that it can accurately predict the weather at your doorstep 8 o'clock in the morning tomorrow.   Or one day you want to buy a house, you no longer have to suffer from the suffering of the house, just open the computer, in a digital map typing a few keywords, you can see the surrounding scenery of the house, the internal structure of the House, and even can experience their own exposure to the balcony can see the scenery. Even when you walk into a movie theater and see the Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster "Inception", you can also imagine the movie, in the dream, easily simulate ...

Cloud-triggered IP data Network architecture innovation extends from IDC Network to backbone/metropolitan area Network

The era of information explosion has pushed the communication industry to the eve of the new technology change, and the ubiquitous network has become an important link when the rich resources are presented to people in various ways and terminals. "Can be clearly realized that the demand for family bandwidth is growing, from the traditional 1M gradually to 10M, 20M speed; In the enterprise customers, electronic office is becoming more and more popular, enterprise-specific network is carrying more and more business, the original Enterprise 10M line has been unable to load, Many enterprise customer requirements tend to be 100M or even 1000M. "China Unicom Enterprise Customer Department ...

Video site encounters a collective Waterloo

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall 2006 at the beginning, each color video website springing general, quickly swept across the internet domain, kills the video field the website to surpass 300, "2006" is entitled to be called the video year. Probably unbelievable, just a year later, the video site has almost become the investor's "poison."    What caused the video site collective encounter Waterloo? .

Internet TV "Winter" hardware innovation can curve self-help?

Internet TV industry suddenly winter. From June onwards, the state press and publication of SARFT ("Sarft") on the television side without cooperation with the license of the video app issued a ban. This policy, to a certain extent, has deprived internet television of "Internet content". Ten years ago, the first "grand box" to internet television was halted, and now the Millet box, the video TV is also uncertain. However, even so, the large living room market will attract a large number of internet TV manufacturers, more features terminals will shoulder the "curve Save the Nation" task. There are already companies planning to launch the 55-UK ...

American TV Twitter viral marketing to subvert the concept of information dissemination

"Walking Dead" wins the lottery. "Twitter, the greatest invention of the past few years, has subverted public opinion about the spread of information."  has always been creative to win the American drama also can't restrain to in this wave trend in multi-directional play the latest tricks. On the one hand, Twitter owners, who have a strong "desire to spread", are their targets. The first series, based on the Twitter version of the same name, "My dad said ..." ($# *!) M YD ad Says has become the highest-rated comedy show in the TV network since it was aired in the C-BS autumn. Although ...

Chinese entrepreneur: ut Kangda ups and downs

Author: "Chinese entrepreneur" reporter Qin Yu "Editor's note" from 1985 to 2010, "Chinese entrepreneur" magazine 25 years old. Struggling to dig into the depths of history, to see the silhouette of history, the back of the moon, to touch the invisible hand, this is the 25 anniversary of the magazine "China Entrepreneur".  In the upcoming 25 anniversary issue, we will look for "unseen histories" in five major areas: disappearing entrepreneurs, unseen innovations, "evaporating towns", 2035 stealth machines, unpublished histories. The words of the King defeated, ...

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