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Cloud ERA world view: Who can find a place to rob the future of money

Under the Internet sky, everyone is talking about the cloud. Clouds are not in the air, clouds are in the world of data, software, and services. In that world, what we ask for is centered on us, omnipresent and ubiquitous, distant and near, not possessed and everything. According to the Economist, humans are on the eve of the third industrial Revolution. Its core content is cloud computing, 3D printing, industrial robot, network collaboration production service. Mobile Internet and intelligent terminals provide a prerequisite for the advent of the cloud era, software development and application services for the cloud era of maturity ...

Analysis of the development and application of cloud computing technology between China and America

Author: Wu Shifu American Road Nasgrov City CIO This June, I had the honor to attend the "China Excellent CIO Decade Summit" held in Sanya, China. As can be seen from the two-day meeting, cloud computing is a hot topic in the current domestic it field. I work in the United States, obviously not in the ranks of the Chinese CIO. But to see the domestic peers in it and professional level of enthusiasm for the development of China's it happy.   Close-up of an article to join in the fun. The purpose of this article is to provide a practical for our domestic counterparts by comparing the application and implementation of cloud computing in China and America.

Enterprise-oriented cloud computing, part 1th: Understanding some basic concepts of cloud

Looking back on our recent history of technology development, it is clear that since distributed computing and its related technologies (such as grid computing and SOA) have been widely adopted, the cloud computing movement has emerged. Although cloud computing has become a new technology, there are many questions about this new technology. The 1th installment of this series will outline cloud computing, then analyze the various layers of the cloud, introduce different cloud types and their pros and cons, and explain why cloud computing campaigns are for enterprise development ...

World Meteorological Day, meteorological experts online interview also sell Meng

Source: China Weather Network Chongqing station China Weather Network Chongqing Station, "artificial increase rain artillery shells will not hit the plane drops, the pro-assured Kazakhstan." Yesterday (March 23) is the 55th World Meteorological Day, from the Zhongqing Meteorological Bureau four departments of experts through the network interview, online real-time answer netizens questions. The 2 hours of expert interviews, by at least 500,000 people more than the attention of netizens. Experts answer the questions of the punch line, clever use of online vocabulary selling Meng, won the Netizen favorite. This network interview expert team, by Chongqing Meteorological Observatory chief forecaster June, the climate center is the research level ...

How to play Mobile ads

Access to the user is the premise of profitability, so the application after the release, but also need to promote the application, in order to obtain as many users.   Mobile advertising is one of the ways to pay for the promotion, is a new way to promote, a lot of people may only know its table do not know it, how to spread the fog through mobile advertising, for this small series through investigation visits, especially summed up a few tricks, help you to promote, play mobile advertising. One, fishing said-targeted, seize the user if the use of fishing as a metaphor to describe different ways to promote, in the application store release is in the sea nets fishing ...

Mingyuan Dialogue Ted founder: from "Big Data" to "big understanding"

One is one of the youngest executives of China's internet giants, one of the most watched new technology leaders at the moment, and the creator of more than 60 books, the famous TED conference.   What kind of communication and collision are these two brains that span over half a century? A few days ago, under the organization of the Baidu Delta Club, Baidu vice president Mingyuan and Ted founder Richard Woman (Richard Saul Wurman) launched a dialogue on cities, individuals and technology. In the process of communication, Mingyuan and Wurman both agree that we are in ...

How to be a great creative person

When you hear something creative, there are probably many good ideas that come to mind in many people's minds. For example, McDonald's "rocking baby" ads, in which the baby can not see the changes in the identity of McDonald's logo, people will always remember. 2011 Carlsberg cinema marketing case "brawny with you to watch the movie," so many people are surprised. Creative word is often mentioned in advertising design, advertising works directly to customers, if not creative will not be attractive in the digital marketing comes, many companies start to try new elements of promotion, but also make advertising , Spread very good results. ...

From the market situation to see the cloud storage brings us a new surprise

The concept of cloud storage has been proposed for some time, and the market performance is different. It is well known that cloud storage is typically provided by third parties with complete data center facilities. Enterprise users and individuals host data to a third party and perform on-demand access to data through public, private, or mixed cloud forms. In short, it can be understood as an extended, online storage space for you. Most of the cloud storage patterns that are currently in use are file-sharing services. For example, Dropbox is an online storage service that allows users to store and share files and folders. There is another ...

The first cloud program in combat

Copyright Notice: Original works, allow reprint, reprint, please be sure to hyperlink form to indicate the original source of the article, author information and this statement. Otherwise, legal liability will be held. http://knightswarrior.blog.51cto.com/1792698/388907. First of all, the Templars are delighted to receive the attention and support of the cloud Computing series, which has been in preparation for several months, and finally released the first one today (because the article is too long, it is two pieces, and this is an article). In these months through constant making ...

PDF to Word document Sharp weapon: PDF wordsmith

Inadvertently got the software development code, so decided to the software to start a chat. Then I was made to mess up my typography with the software. Maybe you'll need a little time to figure out how this is formatted. So start. PDF Wordsmith is one of the few and easiest PDF turn Word file tools available on the App Store. Not only to help you completely retain the files in the picture, text content, smooth interface and operation, as long as the simple steps in accordance with the smooth completion of the transfer file. You are embedded in the app ...

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