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Web 2.0 Myth and reality

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host Technology Hall I have for several months, with different angles, levels and methods, explained the "Small Circle" in the Web 2.0 times, especially the need to be valued interpersonal relationships.     Coincidentally, Huang Yanda recently in the "digital wall", also clearly pointed out (human) "relationship" Tdz is the focus of WEB 2.0. However, in the small circle, in the interpersonal relationship, many people ...

Toward Marketing 2.0 times--Panorama article

Go to Marketing 2.0 Times Editor's note: This is a "sales and market" to write a big article, should have more than 12,000 words. Although writing has been written more comprehensive, but still deeply inadequate, especially in how to find the crowd, how to carry out marketing plans, how to make full use of the wisdom of the masses, and so on, not how to write, please wait for my later articles.   I am not a person who likes too much theory, just marketing 2.0 can't do some work. Marketing 2.0 is not a ready-made tool to provide existing market competition, but a bar to the future market competition ...

WEB 2.0 The spirit of new media is interpersonal communication

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall early network advertisement, the website operator told the advertisement main money buys 1.3 million times advertisement to expose; later, according to the advertisement clicks the billing pattern to be popular, the website operator told the advertisement main money buys 1.3 million times the advertisement clicks. Traditional advertising, look forward to let you see three times after the brand to create an impression, when you go to the shop head will remember to buy this product. This spirit was brought into the early web ...

Thinking about the business of Web 2.0 website

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host Technology Hall this year 2.0 website to venture surging, 2.0 websites springing up generally flourish, walk on this road, I also want to talk about my 2.0 business thinking. 1. Business base. Do anything good, the ultimate goal is to profit, so the business background, business environment, business model, are fully prepared for the profit, if it is blind to do an interest aggregation of 2.0 sites, he will do in the future what? Positioning determines the development, the choice of the business ...

Java Development 2.0: You can also hire ec2--to create efficient, scalable, leased infrastructure in a flexible and low-cost way

In this issue of Java Development 2.0, Andrew Glover describes how to develop and deploy for Amazon elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Learn about the differences between EC2 and Google App Engine, and how to quickly build and run a simple EC2 with the Eclipse plug-in and the concise Groovy language ...

Is it classified information after Web 2.0?

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall from the Web 2.0 tide one wave high waves, all people blog, is the site on the blog, such as the fire, such as Tu, a raging prairie, many are still talking about the Web 2.0 profit model, has not yet been clear. Users can create content, but how to create true gold and silver, for many for the Web 2.0 of the people who are, unavoidably feel flustered and powerless. The vast number of bloggers, in the show themselves, fire ...

Hao123 Encounter bottleneck Web site navigation into the 2.0 era

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall in the web1.0 era, the address bar economy robs, mainly concentrates in the website navigation. Due to the Internet 1.0 times, the Netizen knowledge is not wide, the internet dependence is strong, so Hao123 and 265 and so on the first batch of Web site navigation website emerged. The pursuit of flow is the mainstream of the web1.0 era, Hao123 and 265 set into this demand, so that most of the internet to know very little netizens, can quickly access the information superhighway. It is because of the lack of knowledge of netizens, the formation of ...

Java Development 2.0: Implementing REST through CouchDB and Groovy restclient

In the past few years, the innovative development of the open source world has elevated the productivity of Java™ developers to one level. Free tools, frameworks and solutions make up for once-scarce vacancies. The Apache CouchDB, which some people think is a WEB 2.0 database, is very promising. It's not difficult to master CouchDB, it's as simple as using a Web browser. This issue of Java open ...

From flow to form, 1.0 and 2.0 of the budding period

According to the industry's third party research agencies released 2014 of the Internet advertising industry strength distribution data show that bat three occupy the internet advertising the absolute leading position, no doubt, this is a data-determining era. As humans evolved from farming to the Internet, the evolution of Internet advertising was equally twists. Every era contains too many ups and downs. Before we have a good vision for the future, we need to remember only the key factors that lead to the evolution of things. From the flow to the form of the 1.0 and 2.0 Era 1.0 ERA Internet ...

The network should enhance innovation, not imitation

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys cloud host technology Hall The United States has YouTube, MySpace, Second life, China will soon be able to find hundreds of similar sites, the latest published in the Taiwan "Digital Times" magazine, "there is a lack of imitation of innovation in the Chinese network," the remainder of the king, said   , China's network is "imitative but very lack of innovation", and asked the question: How far can we go by the Chinese concept alone? &nbs ...

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