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An implementation method of HA and load-balanced cluster lb for high availability cluster

Cluster is a hot topic, in the enterprise more and more application of Linux operating system to provide mail, Web, file storage, database and other services, with the growing application of Linux, high availability and http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/ 13996.html "> Load balanced Linux cluster is also developing gradually in the enterprise. The low cost, high performance and high scalability of the Linux platform enable the Linux cluster to meet at a low price ...

The framework and characteristics of IBM SPSS analytical Decision Management cluster environment

This article describes in detail how to deploy and configure ibm®spss®collaboration and deployment Services in a clustered environment. Ibm®spss®collaboration and Deployment Services Repository can be deployed not only on a stand-alone environment, but also on the cluster's application server, where the same is deployed on each application server in a clustered environment.

FortiOS 6.0 Expert Recipe: Adding a third FortiGate to an FGCP cluster

This recipe describes how to add a third FortiGate to an already established FGCP cluster (the cluster from High Availability with FGCP) and configure active-active HA.

Choose the right hardware configuration for your Hadoop cluster

With the start of Apache Hadoop, the primary issue facing the growth of cloud customers is how to choose the right hardware for their new Hadoop cluster. Although Hadoop is designed to run on industry-standard hardware, it is as easy to come up with an ideal cluster configuration that does not want to provide a list of hardware specifications. Choosing the hardware to provide the best balance of performance and economy for a given load is the need to test and verify its effectiveness. (For example, IO dense ...

The concept of a server cluster misunderstanding

What is Cluster? There are two common Cluster (clusters) architectures, one is Web/internet Cluster system, which is to place data on different hosts, that is, multiple hosts are simultaneously responsible for one service, and the other is the so-called parallel operation! Parallel operation is actually the work of the same operation, to the entire Cluster inside the CPU to perform a synchronous operation of a function ...

Application analysis of dynamic Network Load Balancing cluster practice

Network Load Balancing allows you to propagate incoming requests to up to 32 servers that can use up to 32 servers to share external network request services. Network Load Balancing technology ensures that they can respond quickly even in heavy loads. Network Load Balancing must provide only one IP address (or domain name) externally.   If one or more servers in Network Load Balancing are unavailable, the service is not interrupted. Network Load Balancing is automatically detected when the server is unavailable, and can be quickly in the remaining ...

Hadoop Cluster Build

Objective This article describes how to install, configure, and manage a meaningful Hadoop cluster, which can scale from small clusters of nodes to thousands of-node large clusters. If you want to install Hadoop on a single machine, you can find the details here. Prerequisites ensure that all required software is installed on each node in your cluster. Get the Hadoop package. Installing the Hadoop cluster typically extracts the installation software onto all the machines in the cluster. Usually, one machine in the cluster is designated as Namenode, and the other is different ...

The most complete and detailed ha high reliable and simple configuration of Hadoop2.2.0 cluster in China

Introduction to Namenode in Hadoop is like the heart of a human being, and it's important not to stop working. In the HADOOP1 era, there was only one namenode. If the Namenode data is missing or does not work, the entire cluster cannot be recovered. This is a single point in the Hadoop1 and a hadoop1 unreliable performance, as shown in Figure 1.   HADOOP2 solved the problem. The high reliability of HDFs in hadoop2.2.0 means that you can start 2 name ...

MapReduce: Simple data processing on Super large cluster

MapReduce: Simple data processing on large cluster

How enterprises should choose their own blade server cluster

Computing the number of cluster projects in Linux is like counting the number of startups in Silicon Valley. Unlike Windows NT, which is already hampered by its own closed environment, Linux has a large number of cluster systems to choose from, suitable for different purposes and needs.   But it is not easy to determine which cluster should be used. Part of the problem is that terminology clusters are used on different occasions. IT managers may be concerned with how to make the server run longer or to make the application run faster, while mathematicians may be more concerned with large numbers on the server ...

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