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Where will the traditional servers go in the era of cloud computing?

The advent of the cloud is changing our perception of traditional it. The cloud is not as illusory as its concept, but it appears in various forms in front of us, and the most familiar one is cloud storage and cloud computing. The advent of cloud storage has changed the way some people store and habits, and what does cloud computing bring to us? Where does the server go in this cloud era? What is cloud computing? The traditional server plays a vital role in the operation of the enterprise, especially the Internet company. Therefore, whether it is to establish a private room or a hosting server, ...

Hyper Cloud Dong Xin: Cloud servers are for specific cloud applications

As the word cloud gradually became popular, many of the nouns associated with it began to flood users ' eyes and ears, and "cloud Server" was one of them. However, what is the "cloud server"? What is the difference between it and a traditional server? I believe many users still have doubts. Recently, a chance to let reporters interview China's first "cloud Server" supplier World Super Cloud company vice President Dong Xin, will be "cloud server" a probe. ▲ World Super Cloud Vice President Dong Xin is different from the traditional server! Two characteristics of cloud server what is Cloud server?...

Cloud computing versus Servers The future is confusing

Thanks to the strong demand for information construction, although the current China and even the global market for server sales are still rising steadily, but in some regional markets such as the United Kingdom, as the enterprise system replacement cycle near the end and more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to turn to cloud computing rather than buy hardware, The UK server market is expected to shrink next year.   This also leads to our topic today--with the development of cloud computing services and popularization, the enterprise for the server procurement and even develop what kind of situation? A similar topic was actually proposed in 2009 when there were predictions that "give up ...

High density servers are needed in the cloud computing Age data Center

At present, the famous interactive website http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/1560.html ">facebook already has 500 million registered members,   And the company is working on how to improve server computing efficiency in a limited space to cope with exploding business growth. The ultimate solution, however, is to deploy a high-density data center, with Facebook's improved data center in Silicon Valley, which is only 14560 square feet in size. But don't ...

Next IT revolution: micro-servers

"Editor's note" If you are a careful person, you will notice that devices in your home or office, such as televisions and routers, have rarely been upgraded since the factory, and they usually have a proprietary hardware platform and embedded Linux operating systems, but now the next generation of it change has begun, These proprietary devices will make way for multi-core processors such as arm and Intel, and the presence of micro-servers will change many industries today, and if you are a VC, this could be your next investment goal. The following is the full text: Have you ever calculated your home or work ...

Will cloud computing age become the Terminator of fault-tolerant servers?

It has been farewell to the era of blossoming, steam. Once upon a time, Wang, DEC, Compaq, SUN, SGI and other such big business has faded out of sight. But strangely enough, Stratus, the representative of this fault-tolerant machine, is still alive and well.   Since the birth of the 1980 Stratus, decades have passed, no more, but fault-tolerant server is always active. Stratus didn't have a very, very, very stylish company style. Stratus is a typical technology company and is not good at marketing. In foreign countries, S ...

Several effective ways to protect DNS servers

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby DNS software is the target of hackers keen to attack, it may bring security problems, in the network security protection, DNS security is particularly important. This paper lists four effective methods to protect DNS servers with relevant data and experience over the years.   For the reader's reference. 1. Use DNS forwarder ...

IBM leverages cloud computing resources to automate configuration of servers

The latest series of campaigns suggests that the blue giant is taking big strides on the road to perfecting the cloud computing technology platform. While recently releasing a system-level software--VM control that can help users manage cross-platform virtual servers more efficiently and reduce data center costs, IBM revealed that a more high-performance Power7 processor is also scheduled to be launched early next year. In addition, the annual IBM Rational Software Development Forum is based on the "Software Economics" ...

Shut down ghost servers, save energy.

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Oracle releases new SPARC servers world's fastest CPU

"Tenkine Server channel March 27 News" Oracle today announced the launch of a new SPARC T5 and M5 server running Oracle Solaris as a comprehensive upgrade to the high-end SPARC server product line. The newly launched Oracle SPARC T5 Server is based on the world's fastest microprocessor SPARC T5. The world's fastest microprocessor SPARC T5 today's business needs strong computing power to fully tap large data to maximize competitive advantage, using analytical tools to explore ...

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