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Top Ten domain name registrars in China

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall domain name, is the Internet service first step, is also the internet important fictitious asset, the domain name Registrar's service level also manifests the enterprise's overall strength. According to the latest data published by the webhosting.info of the domain name statistic organization, combined with the data of the user voting of the third party evaluation platform, this article sorted out the newest top Ten domain name registrars: 1. China million network www.net.cn main business: Domain name registration, virtual ...

Domain name reorganization chain reaction: Small and medium domain name registrars are fatally affected

Intermediary transaction SEO troubleshooting Taobao guest owners buy cloud host technology Hall December 24, Sohu it learned that with the Ministry of Industry and CNNIC domain name of the new Deal and the implementation of the computer room closed, domain name Registrars business is generally affected, small and medium-sized domain name registrars have been fatally hit. People familiar with the matter said that before the cnnic New deal, the domain name industry's overall voice is to encourage individuals to register domain names, which also caused the domain name market is active and relaxed. After the new deal, no longer allow individuals to register, trading domain names, which caused most of the domain ...

Domain name registration "Open" Chaos: Domain name registrars become the key

A domain master can easily use false information to register a domain name, can also effortlessly steal a "best" domain name for online speculation transactions, and even can be an imposing illegal website in the public eye, but they are invisible behind the foreign domain name.  Since December 2009, the National network of Obscene pornographic information special rectification action began, illegal website was shut down, the crackdown is unprecedented, but some illegal web site is always able to be under such a heavy punch again quickly reborn, become the Internet industry a strange phase. In fact, these illegal websites are always able to ...

July China domain name Registrars report Net increase in total net interconnection

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall according to the IDC comment Net "early July 2013 China domain name Registrar Report" data shows that as of July 15, 2013, the new network interconnection to become the only one to achieve total gross growth and domain name net growth double growth of the domestic domain registrar. "Early July 2013 China's Domain name Registrar report" consists of two major data, respectively, the total number of domain name registrars in the country rankings and domestic domain name registrars net growth rankings. In the national list of total domain names, new network interconnection ...

Domain name resolution services for general domain names using registrars

GoDaddy: Not in GoDaddy registered domain name, can also use GoDaddy domain name resolution services, using the method is very simple, login godaddy site, click "Add Off-site DNS" to add the user's domain name, After the DNS settings for the user domain name godaddy specified address, domain name DNS entry into force, you can click the added domain name for DNS resolution settings. Namecheap: Well-known domain name Registrar namecheap also like GoDaddy, providing free DNS domain name ...

Domain name Registration Shady investigation: The pain of domain name

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest stationmaster buys the Cloud host Technology Hall This article for "The Computer newspaper" 2007 37th section Manuscripts if need to reprint please indicate the source www.endto.com if you bought a car, parked in the parking lot, and wanted to drive away,  Would it be absurd for you to ask for complicated formalities to prove that the car was yours, and to ask you to pay a parking fee for a year or more, or even to leave the car for a variety of reasons? However, in the domestic domain name market, this phenomenon is not uncommon ...

The whole process of domain name registrar transferred from the new network to the United States GoDaddy

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall from January 16, 2010 to the new network agent request domain name transfer password, to January 27, 2010 13:55 cent whois information domain name registrar changes for GoDaddy, lasted 11 days, my domain name s135.com   Successfully transferred abroad. First, why the domain name registrars from the domestic transfer to foreign countries: 1, Full control of the domain name: most of the top-level domain registrars in the country holding the domain name owner of the "Domain name transfer password", set ...

Domain name registration has become "No main gold mine" and the Birth of "Gold Rush Clan"

Domain name has become the focus of the current network of people focused on one of the topics, as an indispensable site construction is also the most important step of the domain name registration, for people is to pay attention to, according to the World Small series, registered domain name operation is actually very simple, through the network to pay, a few minutes to complete the domain name registration And there are data shows that the current domain name if there is no renewal or for other reasons to be deleted, the average 4 minutes will be someone else, which makes many domain names users. Linkage World Domain name Director said, registered domain name has become "the gold mine without the Lord", therefore, farmers ...

Million network release domain name security lock main security free

Fast road network March 15, as the leading domain name registration service provider, million network announced the start of free domain name Security lock Services for users in the promotion of domain name security to provide more reliable protection. Domain Name information Security Lock Service is a certain technical means to protect the user's domain name registration information can not be incorrectly modified or malicious modification. Through this service, you can lock the domain name, protect the domain name information is not modified. Only through the specific verification process to unlock the domain name, the domain name information can be modified to ensure the security of the domain name. At the end of last year, China Internet Network Information Center (C ...)

How to earn money and the form of registering

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall Internet World Some people use domain name management loophole, through malicious preemption domain name to seek illegitimate benefit. Compared with the real world, the cost of these improper activities is very low, benefits are very rich, with the development of the network, the domain name registrars use various means to obtain well-known enterprises or better domain name for their own profit, then we know ...

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