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The new trend of international bio-health care from the president's health recipes

The hope of longevity, both ancient and modern, no exception. But there is an old saying in China: "The way to do it is to have it; "The right way to pray for longevity is more important than anything. Now on both sides of the Pacific, the presidents of the private recipes, Hollywood Vanity Fair, the Japanese one day meals, the same kind of biological health style precision popular, and in this new wave, the role of the game is the enzyme functional food. Throughout the development of the health function food, with the change of its effect ingredient, experienced from the initial foreign ginseng, Chinese angelica and other herbal Yiyantang, to later to fill calcium, fill ...

Thriller Science-5 nasty weird things that happen to a corpse after death

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "articlebody" > nature of the human body mercilessly. Fortunately, the age of natural degradation has long been replaced by modern methods of burial. We can slow down the body's corrosion by antiseptic treatment, and body fluids will be replaced by embalming fluid. Or we can choose to cremate the body, the remains at 1093 degrees high temperature baking for several hours until the Ashes ... Modern burial methods Sound ...

The nutritional benefits of beer-beer is not only bad, drink right, body and mind are carefree!

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > We all have always thought that beer is bad for the outside, drink too much will have the so-called beer belly, but the beer is really not good? After all, that will be the coming summer if the big mouth of the drink on the cool beer, that is how refreshing thing ah! So today to tell you, in fact, beer is not what we think of all the disadvantages, in fact, beer is a lot of benefits, but also to achieve beauty ...

Chinese brain Health Day, how to eat, the brain healthier?

"The brain is made up of 10 billion neurons, all of which are connected to a length of nearly 170,000 kilometers, the brain is the body's most physiological activities of the highest regulating organs, psychological thinking activities of the Central Organ, the human body play a role in the overall regulation of ..." The brain is a highly sophisticated machine that operates at a high speed every day, With the cumulative use of life, it will also appear aging, failure, "panic" or even completely "scrapped" the crisis, once these situations occur, the normal physiological function of people will be out of control, and even life-threatening. "The brain is the most special and important organ of human body, its health ...

Nine gold bottle is referred to hangover effect is not obvious prescriptions 2000 years ago

Yellow pill to make you big? Just "solve drunken" in said "drunk" female newspaper intern Shunxing flying reporter Chen Jianfeng photography zhu June intern Zhang Yunping recently, the citizen of Jinan, Mr. Wang, reflected to the metropolitan women that he had seen a hangover health care product called "Nine gold Bottles", claiming that most people could increase their alcohol intake by 50% to 100% and protect the liver.  Mr. Wang noticed that the health-care product was all about Chinese medicine, so he was skeptical of the immediate effect. June 11, the reporter unannounced visits Jinan "nine gold Bottle" sales department, sales staff ...

Network purchase regret right guarantee implementation difficult, obstacle twists and turns more bumpy

The new "elimination Law" has been implemented for 10 days, of which "consumer net purchases of goods from 7th can be returned without reason to return" to provide consumers with legal protection, and the reality still exists in the case of illegal infringement of consumer rights.   However, experts say in the new "elimination Law" of the norms, the electric business enterprise will experience a round of new opportunities and challenges, in the "Ebb Tide," after the lack of credibility of the electric business enterprises will be eliminated by the market, standardize the operation of the electric dealers will be better and faster development. Obstacle 1: Online shopping is not satisfied with the choice of return and back freight should be paid by WHO to pay the new "law" provisions, ...

Quantum High: The first two major customers behind the hidden trap

"Investor" analyst Yechichu Quantum Hi-Tech Biological Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangmen, Guangdong, the company mainly produces and sales of oligosaccharides as the representative of the benefit of raw materials.  Public data show that the benefit of the yuan is generally a food in a difficult to digest ingredients, can stimulate the digestive system probiotics growth. "Melamine" after the incident, "Yi Sheng Yuan" in many imported milk powder brand propaganda, the infant milk powder speculation hot spot. Dr Yukei of the Department of Biochemistry, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, told the investor newspaper that the addition of the probiotic in imported milk powder is generally low poly galactose, which can improve the intestinal balance and promote elimination.

Secret! The network is the most fire "demon Lean Body Recipe"

Summer coming, facing the wardrobe of beautiful clothes, you still have the heart to make yourself look meat?  Many girls are slimming weight loss in the first plan, however, excessive dieting is easy to cause hypoglycemia and malnutrition, sports and many career women can not adhere to, weight loss drugs and slimming products increasingly unreliable. A recent Netizen's post in the network set off a healthy diet, the trend of life, let a lot of beauty of women scramble to imitate her "goblin recipe", which has been known as the complement of QI and blood above the Donga donkey-hide gelatin also appeared in it, visible pursuit of health is the most popular beauty. ...

The scenic mountains and rivers will still be no more than two times

Scenic mountains and rivers two times will be in the just concluded the Securities and Futures Commission issued an audit meeting, the successful IPO of the scenic mountains and rivers listed is not.  This audit is the Hunan Scenic mountains and rivers Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. after the start of the review of matters.  Prior to this, the scenic mountains and rivers have been through the meeting, and on November 30, 2010 to publish a letter of intent, the final 34.2 yuan per share issue 17 million shares, raise capital of 581.4 million yuan. Scenic mountains and rivers were scheduled to land in SSE last December 17, but there is a point of view that the disclosure of their prospectus is not true, allegedly inflated sales revenue. In this respect, ...

Mulberry "Black Pearl" group purchase only 16 Yuan/2 boxes

Our News (reporter Yang Wan) in the cargo, Phoenix Island scenic Mulberry Mulberry "Black Pearl" finally come! Today, Yangzhou Evening News network specially launched Mulberry "Black Pearl" http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/1175.html > Group purchase, the market price of 25 yuan/2 boxes, the group of prices for only 16 yuan/2 boxes.   Phoenix Island Scenic Area said that only 150 copies, the regiment ends. Phoenix Island Scenic area of the ecological environment, regardless of climate, soil, are very suitable for the growth of Mulberry ...

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