What Came With The New Android Update

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Android 5.0 gives us what we expect

Every year, always say something to sum up the expectations of the coming years.   Internet analysts too many rounds of the author to sum up, the digital players too attached to the hardware, developers of the slot is too high so often reduced to internal jokes, so I think it is necessary to talk about Android. Android's 2013 years have not been smooth, although it swept the emerging markets, but faced iOS7 and iphone5s confidence in the high-end market. In Japan, the share of Android continues to bleed and the Christmas spending season is completely suppressed. This year, rumors of the big screen I ...

Nexus 5 Depth Evaluation-marks the standard specification for a generation of Android phones

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > and Apple launch a new iPhone every year, Google's introduction of new Nexus devices every year can be said to be the law. As last year, Google launched Nexus 5 o'clock did not hold a grand conference, but quietly let the goods landing play store--and last year, Nex ...

"Silicon Valley Connection" file transfer technology came out: a SD movie three seconds pass

In the daily link to the Silicon Valley, the most fresh information! The "Silicon Valley" here refers to the typical and innovative business representatives abroad. 1. New file transfer technology came out: a SD movie three seconds passed <http://tech.qq.com/a/20150107/008625.htm> Keyssa developed this so-called "kissing-type Connection" (Kiss Connectivity) technology allows a user to tap a device with another device and then transmit the letter back and forth between two devices ...

App Store officially came to the hands of users around the world

Today is a memorable day - and, of course, nothing to do with your downstairs convenience store. Today, 6 years ago, with the release of the iPhone 3G, the App Store officially came to the hands of users all over the world. Since then, iPhone users get rid of the shackles of Web applications and can purchase various localized third-party applications from the App Store . To commemorate this day, Apple official launch some commemorative content each year. Last year, in order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the App Store, Apple released 10 applications / content for users to free ...

"Angry Birds: Star Wars" Update 2 generation will be this week came attack

Rovio a major update on "Angry Birds: Star Wars" in the previous days, with the addition of 30 new checkpoints. It is reported that the update is for the continuation of the "Angry Birds: Star Wars 2" on the shelves on September 19 to preheat, that is, the Mid-Autumn festival in Thursday, "Angry Birds: Star Wars 2" will be on the shelves! "Angry Birds: Star Wars 2" will be landing on September 19 iOS, Android and Windows three mobile platforms, the game price of 0.99 dollars. and Rovio recently on the official page also announced the game ...

Secret American Red Hand Tour: Fast update pay and derivatives

Bolt Creative Two founder: Allen Dai (left) and Dave Castelnovo Popular reasons: 1, maintain the version of the continuous, rapid update; 2, the application of the pay is the trend of the tide, 3, the rapid development of peripheral derivatives. Article | Jason Ankeny (Sand Island) seems to be a tourist destination, but no one wants to live here. This remote tropical community is home to the pygmy people of the Ooga Chaka tribe. You can find it in the Ooga Chaka tribe.

5 Abandoned Android for iphone

Android has always felt that the platform was pretty good. But I have recently abandoned the Android platform and returned to Apple's embrace.     Here's why I came back to Apple. 1. iOS 7 Many technology people see Jony Ive design revolutionary IOS 7 as a superficial update, that there is no substantial change. But for me, I am for flat, bubble ...

Nokia new here Cloud Map service will support Android and iOS

In the morning of Tuesday, Nokia held a press conference in San Francisco to launch its latest cloud-based "here" map service. At the press conference, Nokia CEO Elop (Stephen Elop) first introduced "Here" map services. "Maps and location-based experiences should inspire us to perceive the world," he said. "And Nokia is currently working on" creating more personalized map services to change the way we navigate our lives. "Here," said Elop, "the data used by the map service" ...

Flash Poly Android 1.0 public beta Spring romance debut domestic mobile light social application reload

Two months after the iOS version came online, the Android1.0 beta version of the Flash was finally long-awaited out in the expectation of everyone. In the earnest of the fans, the internet celebrity Liu Xingliang, with the joint efforts of his entrepreneurial team, unveiled the Android 1.0 public beta in today's grand debut! Are you using Android's mobile phone? Come to the first to experience the powerful charm of the Friends of Flash together! Flash gathers is a geographically based mobile social application that has been preempted by the release of the iOS version in November 2011.

Why is iOS a new era of Windows?

Tencent Science and Technology (slides) Beijing time May 5 News, the U.S. Science and Technology news website AppleInsider recently wrote that, for many years, the industry has been looking forward to the mobile industry in the emergence of Windows. Mobile operating systems such as Palm OS, Linux, Windows Mobile, and Symbian have been hailed as a potential new era of Windows, but in the end there is no exception to failure. And after the iphone was born in 2007, with excellent products and a sticky ecosystem, apple io ...

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