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Sweep 2013 most commonly used NoSQL databases

Within a few years, the NoSQL database has focused attention on performance, scalability, flexible patterns, and analytical capabilities.   Although relational databases are still a good choice for some use cases, like structural data and applications that require acid transactions, NoSQL is more advantageous in the following use cases: The data stored is essentially semi-structured or loosely-structured.   Requires a certain level of performance and scalability.   The application to access the data is consistent with the final consistency. Non-relational databases typically support the following features: Flexible ...

On several databases used in the work

Several years of work down, also used several kinds of database, accurate point is "database management system", relational database, there are nosql. Relational database: 1.MySQL: Open source, high performance, low cost, high reliability (these features tend to make him the preferred database for many companies and projects), for a large scale Web application, we are familiar with such as Wikipedia, Google, and Facebook are the use of MySQL. But the current Oracle takeover of MySQL may give us the prospect of using MySQL for free ...

Top ten SQL and NoSQL databases

This ranking is based on the DB engines list, which analyses 200 different databases on the market, listing top 10. The undisputed top 3 Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server have all along been occupying the first three of the rankings with an absolute advantage, carving out the largest number of users in the market with unique advantages. 1. Oracle 11g First release: 1980 Licensing mechanism: Proprietary SQL: Yes ...

SaaS popularization will no longer exist for relational databases

SaaS is generally considered to be a provider for the enterprise to build the information required for all network infrastructure and software, hardware operating platform, and responsible for all the implementation of the prophase, the maintenance of the latter series of services, enterprises do not need to buy hardware and software, building rooms, recruiting IT staff, can use the Internet Information systems   Just like opening a tap to water, an enterprise leases software services from a SaaS provider, depending on the actual needs. At present, many multinational information technology industry companies in the world are developing SaaS based products and services to provide a technology platform for the future development of the Internet.

Implementing an Android Device Enterprise database synchronization using IBM Mobile databases

This article is an attempt to explain how IBM Mobile database works and to combine examples to show how to use IBM Mobile databases to synchronize the data of an Android device with a back-end enterprise. IBM http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/29908.html ">SOLIDDB is a memory relational database that runs as efficiently as 10 of the disk database ...

How to securely configure and apply MySQL databases?

MySQL has become one of the most widely used databases in the current network, especially in Web applications, which occupy the absolute advantage of small and medium applications. It all stems from its compact, safe, efficient, open licensing and multi-platform, and, more important, the perfect combination of--php with one of the three web languages. Unfortunately, a default installation of MySQL, because the root password is empty and the program vulnerabilities caused by the overflow, so that the installation of MySQL server is a frequent target. What is more serious is that the database is often destroyed after the attack, causing disaster easily ...

Cassandra 2.0: Next-generation big data easy migration from relational databases

2008, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/1560.html ">facebook gave a gift to large data users. Social giants open source Cassandra--nosql large data distributed databases.   Today, with the advent of Cassandra 2.0, this gift is becoming more precious. Since 2008, under the direction of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), Cassandr ...

Some attacks on SQL databases

For a lot of news at home and abroad, BBS and E-commerce sites are used asp+sql design, and write ASP programmers Many (there are a lot of just graduated), so, Asp+sql attack success rate is also relatively high. This kind of attack method has little to do with the NT version and the SQL version. There is no corresponding patch, because the loophole is caused by the programmer, and most of the book on ASP programming, the source code example has this flaw exists, in fact, just some legitimate ASP on the request of SQL, leaving endless trouble! A This attack method originated from ...

Hamsterdb vs. Leveldb: And look at the confessions and attacks of Non-mainstream databases

Although the "editor's note" has been available for 9 years, the popularity of Mongodb,hamsterdb is still lacking, and it has been rated as a Non-mainstream database. Hamsterdb is an open source key value type database. However, unlike other Nosql,hamsterdb, which are single-threaded and not distributed, they are designed to be more like a column store database, while also supporting acid transactions at the Read-committed isolation level. Then compare Leveldb,hamsterdb will have any advantage, here we go ...

Data Management DMS Service Platform Interprets DevOps Best Practices in Enterprise Databases

Shrinking to achieve, in Alibaba's 2017 double 11 singles day, our domestic trading unit used cloud resources to sharpen and expand at the peak, and after the spike, the expansion resources will be returned to the cloud, but in the actual operation, we really want What can we do to get the resources to the cloud when we need it, and go smoothly when we don't need it.

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