What Does It Take To Be A Computer Programmer

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Programmer's third professional channel: to the product

Thousands of programmers have been puzzled by questions such as "What is the future of a programmer," and "How long a programmer can work?" At present, the more common understanding is that there are two advanced routes for the programmer's career channel. A technical route is from programmers, senior programmers, system analysts, to architects. In this line, is based on the business model to the computer software model conversion, and strive to become high-end software technology workers. The other is the management of the route, that is, by the programmer, the development team leader, project manager, and finally to the corporate high-level ...

I'm a garbage programmer.

English Original: I am a bad Software Developer, compiling: Dennis Gao in the past 4 months, I profoundly reflect on myself. Just 7 months ago, I was working on a job that was not very annoying but did not feel happy. I can't exactly describe why I feel this way until a friend of mine finds me again and says that I have a job that I do, but I have the opportunity to participate in open source software project development, and then I quit. All this let me know: I am a garbage ride ...

As a garbage programmer

In the last 4 months, I have profoundly reflected on myself. Just 7 months ago, I was working on a job that was not very annoying but did not feel happy. I can't exactly describe why I feel this way until a friend of mine finds me again and says that I have a job that I do, but I have the opportunity to participate in open source software project development, and then I quit.   It all let me know: I am a garbage programmer. I chose to leave the company 3 months later. I signed a temporary contract at the time.

Ten effective ways to be a good programmer

http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/7026.html "> A great programmer looks at both sides as he crosses a one-way street. As a software programmer in the IT industry, The hard work that drives us day after day comes from our interest and passion for programming, but for programming to always be fun, we must learn to stick to some of the basics of becoming good programmers and I'm not writing Some spells, you can follow the implementation of ...

Programmer, please don't reload 13

As always very good IT jobs, most programmers are a diligent and painstaking work of the model workers, but today's article is not to promote the greatness of the programmer. Despite the development of the Internet, they have contributed countless code, using their own technology to promote the process of the Internet.   We still need to pick up the programmer's loading 13 behavior, there may be many programmers read this article will be very indignant, but considering you are very busy, no time Black Park site, I will not be polite. Programmer you also said that no 13 write code can not be separated from all kinds of programmers ...

A two-year job as a programmer for 66 days

As a contemporary young people, we have painstakingly built in fact nothing more than--is love and career, have a sweet love can become our cause of development to provide a motivation, and a good career is more to provide protection for love, or can become the pursuit of love capital. We are all longing for the cause we want to have, or to be rich, or to work easily, to grow our horizons, or to be able to make friends. But in many cases, the jobs we initially chose were not what we wanted, and they could be the wrong fork or the ladder to the ultimate goal. So...

Programmer Transformation Book business: To do old books business year turnover amounted to tens of millions

Wang Yu, a former programmer who has worked in Huawei, Symantec and Motorola for nearly 10 years, has entered the old book industry, single-handedly, with a turnover of tens of millions of dollars. I like to ask a new friend a question: What would you use to do if you were 200 million? Hearing the problem, everyone, without exception, will be immersed in a long period of meditation. Their responses will directly reflect their respective living conditions and the prospect of life. If he encounters Wang Yu, he will answer succinctly and concisely: I will use the money to do a bigger business. "You see, the World is fair." Why Wang Yu is an entrepreneur, is ...

We should learn a little bit of technical programmer first step to get started

Intermediary trading http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall to do a site for a year, from the beginning of the feeling excited to the present insipid." Recently more and more feel no technology simple to do the site is not much of a future, I hope that the webmaster after reading this article I can see the time of their daily 51.la background statistics and in Baidu site of their own time to learn a language, not ...

How does a novice programmer improve programming skills?

In fact, a lot of people learn programming will encounter difficulties, I think one of the fundamental reason is that they do not understand what to learn programming in the end. Programming is not a knowledge, but a craft. We learn from small to large are learning knowledge, the process is generally reading before class preview, class listening, class to do homework, and then review the exam. But this is not the way to learn crafts. Let's take a swim for example, swimming is not knowledge, but skill, it can also be a craft. Do you need a preview? Need to listen in class? No, because two-year-olds can learn to swim, they can't even talk, how can ...

Web programmer self-venture fast food takeaway website optimization

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall believes many stationmaster friend like me, want to resign business, I have done web design, production, web development, technical manager and so on, but only in 2005 contacted SEO optimization, at that time to a training school to optimize a website, ranking has been very high, Later, due to the nature of the company, all the website development projects are implemented in the manner of delivery, especially our customers are ZF, optimization of this aspect even more do not consider, we all understand, so my site optimization road walk very hard. ...

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