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Windows Azure Real Case: Infosys Technologies--Using SQL Data Services (now SQL Azure) to create a cloud-based solution for car Dealers

Infosys Technologies Infosys Technologies Ltd. is a leading enterprise for it reform. With 64 offices worldwide and employs more than 95,000 employees, the company has been looking for the best technology to help users achieve business goals. As Infosys began designing a scheme that allows car dealers to share inventory and other resource information, it needs to provide a cloud-based solution that simplifies deployment and is easy to expand without user maintenance. To create a "...

Streaming media solution based on cloud computing for regional content fusion

As the foundation of education is still relatively weak, the overall level is not high, the national cities, counties and regions of education resources exist uneven development status. In the final analysis, the imbalance of educational condition (hardware) and teacher level (software) is very different between county, town and school. Because of the unbalanced educational resources, the fever of school choice has intensified, the countryside is choosing the city, the county is choosing the town, and the weak school is choosing the strong school. To guarantee the fair development of education, we should promote the balanced development of educational resources. How to make full use of educational resources, reduce urban and rural ...

IBM Intelligent Healthcare solution based on cloud computing network environment

The National Ministry of Health, the Fourth National Health Service survey results showed that in 2008, the number of emergency visits in China reached 5.01 billion, the secondary treatment fee is 169 yuan. China's 1.33 billion people have a total of 846.69 billion emergency spending in a year, and it is extremely difficult and significant to achieve the goal of "universal access to basic medical and health services". In the face of one of the most complex challenges in the world, the State has demonstrated an unprecedented level of commitment and the innovative wisdom of the parties. April 6, 2009, the new Health reform program officially promulgated, carrying the national welfare of health care reforms on the journey. In this ...

New Intelligent Home solution based on cloud

The word "cloud" for us, has not rare, the Internet, the mailbox has a mailbox cloud, anti-virus has a cloud killing, usually want to store something, also can apply for a free private cloud resources online. Cloud computing, as an internet-based model of public participation, is a new kind of IT service architecture in the context of the rapid growth of Internet demand for low-cost mass data storage and large-scale parallel computing. Cloud computing services include not only services that are applied on the web, but also content that provides hardware or system software for the data center. Now we have the data center soft ...

IBM Power Cloud Box Cloud computing Platform Solution

2011, if the industry is talking about the most, the most attention to a word, not "cloud" mo. Cloud computing after several years of brewing and development is moving from theory to practice.    Cloud computing is rising from perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge, not a fad to hype a concept, arguing about the definition of cloud computing, more focused on how to land the cloud. Security experts from McAfee recently released their network surveys commissioned by Boko and McAfee. There are 100 it majors involved in the survey ...

A distribution estimation algorithm for connection function based on Kendall ' sτ solution to SaaS deployment problem in cloud computing

The algorithm of distribution estimation based on Kendall ' sτ to solve the SaaS deployment problem in cloud computing Gao; the performance of Yau Xiangwei distribution estimation algorithm is highly dependent on how to estimate and sample probability distribution, connection function (Huang) is a powerful tool to build a probabilistic distribution model. In this paper, we give a distribution estimation algorithm of normal connection function based on Kendall ' sτ, and the algorithm estimates the phase of normal join function by estimating the relationship between Kendall ' sτ and the use of Kendall ' sτ and correlation matrix.

Red Flag software launches landmark "Red Flag cloud" solution

(September 5, 2012, Beijing)--September 5, 2012, Asia's largest open source software manufacturer Beijing Red Flag Software Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand product launch event in Beijing Shangri-La, "The Banner of Cloud exhibition Sky" Red Cloud solution assembly, integrated red flag software variety of innovative products, launched a landmark "Red Cloud" solution. From Intel, HP and other red flag software long-term partners also delivered a wonderful speech, red Flag software and from well-known software manufacturers at home and abroad ...

30 days to deploy a private cloud? HP Push Cloudstart Cloud Solution

It takes only 30 days to build an enterprise private cloud, and 30 days to build a cloud service architecture similar to Amazon EC2 within the corporate firewall, does that sound incredible? But not long ago, HP,      VMware and Samsung are working together on the experimental platform offered by Carnegie Mellon University in the United States to deploy a private cloud environment based on HP's converged infrastructure, which takes only less than 30 days to complete ... The cloud platform built by several vendors at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States is mainly used for research experiments in cloud computing, with a single ...

Discussion on the choice of cloud storage solution architecture

For a private cloud or a public cloud, cloud storage is an important part of the cloud computing infrastructure. An excellent cloud storage solution architecture helps users achieve efficient, rational, and automated use of storage resources and is a major indicator of the success of the cloud computing infrastructure. But in today's age of information inflation, the volume and complexity of data is greater than ever before.   Therefore, in the face of increasingly complex data environments, building a highly efficient, scalable and flexible cloud storage solution is essential for the building of a user's IT infrastructure. Data complexity brings architecture change ...

Giscloud: A web-based Geographic Information System Cloud computing solution

Recently found a web-based GIS cloud computing solution--giscloud, interesting and valuable.   But there are still great limitations. Features include: (1) grid and vector data display (2) input and edit vector layer, including shapefiles, MapInfo, KML, tab-delimited and GPX format, (3) built-in data file coordinate projection; prj file can be identified And let you select the output coordinate system (including the coordinates of the current project) ...

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