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VoIP protocol security-can't ignore the pain

Currently, VoIP faces security issues of four main: blocking service (DoS) attacks, illegal access, charges fraud or eavesdropping threats. VoIP protocol security is not negligible pain. Information security experts will warn you that if you do not deploy VoIP properly, Internet telephony will be attacked by hackers and malicious code. VoIP can disrupt the security of the network, especially for corporate networks, because companies are eager to deploy this technology and ignore security. Careful analysis can be seen, VoIP first to face the security problem is the lowest ...

SSH protocol combined with Java code to achieve client login authentication

Before we begin, let's have a broad overview of the SSH protocol, which is more conducive to our understanding of this article. The first thing to mention is http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/11991.html "> Computer network protocol, the so-called Computer network protocol, simply defined a set of standards and rules, So that the normal network communication between different computers, does not appear on one machine issued instructions to another machine is not recognized ...

Discussion on the protocol log server of cloud-nest technology

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby Wikipedia gives cloud computing the definition of cloud computing as a way of delivering it-related capabilities to users, Allows users to get the services they need over the Internet without understanding the technology that provides the services, the knowledge they have, and the capabilities of the device to operate. Cloud computing contains the internet ...

Talking about the use of Robots.txt robot protocol

Intermediary transaction http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/6858.html ">seo diagnose Taobao guest cloud host technology Hall just wrote a article recalled the new Webmaster optimization process easy to make small mistakes, The robots.txt robot protocol is mentioned in the middle, and I want to discuss the use of Robots.txt robot protocol. Website optimization is a long-term work, but also an interactive work, behind closed doors ...

DMARC security protocol escorts e-mail

Recently, Sohu Wuhan R & D Center, said its research and development of Sohu SendCloud triggered mail sending system, is about to use the DMARC security protocol to further ensure the safety of its mail. As a third-party mail sending service platform developed by Sohu Wuhan Center, it provides multiple interfaces to help developers and entrepreneurs complete the sending and tracking of mail. Sohu SendCloud is committed to providing users with a convenient trigger mail sending service to meet the needs of individual users and provide real-time data analysis, from the technical to effectively prevent ...

Application and improvement of key agreement protocol in cloud computing environment

Application and improvement of key agreement protocol in cloud computing environment Nimmin in order to solve the problem of the adaptability of the existing key agreement protocol in the cloud computing environment, the paper deeply analyzes the security requirements of the cloud computing scene to the key agreement protocol, and combines the security performance defects of the existing IKEV2 protocol, adopts the puzzle mechanism, The key material and the delayed transmission of identity information are used to improve the IKEV2, and a key agreement protocol ike-c adapted to the cloud computing network environment is proposed, which effectively improves the responder's anti Denial-of-service (DoS) attack capability, and resolves the man-in-the-middle attack which leads to the identity leakage of the initiator.

A Resource Integrity metrics protocol for IAAS tenants

A resource Integrity metric protocol for IAAS tenants Hu Haiseng Anyan presented an IAAS (infrastructure as a service) Integrity metric protocol to the 騻, which allows tenants to initiate measurement and validation of IaaS resources. Enables tenants to detect the integrity of their own resources and enhance the visibility of the IaaS resource state. The security and completeness of the protocol are analyzed by using SVO logic, and the experimental platform is used to verify the attack capability and time performance of the Protocol. Analysis and experiment prove ...

A hybrid bidirectional Anonymous authentication protocol for the environment of IoT

A hybrid bidirectional Anonymous authentication protocol suitable for the environment of IoT Wang Lei Zhanglongjun in order to secure data transmission and information in the environment of IoT, a new hybrid bidirectional Anonymous authentication protocol is proposed based on the analysis of the existing classical IoT authentication protocol. The new protocol uses trusted computing technology to combine a one-time public key and a hash function based on bilinear pairs. Through the analysis of security and efficiency, the new protocol can meet the requirements of the storage and operation cost of the environment of IoT, effectively guarantee the privacy and data security of the communication between the terminal and server, and realize the double ...

A cloud-oriented large data integrity detection protocol

A cloud-oriented large data integrity detection protocol Zhang Zhou Wenzin Shi Yunhua The advent of cloud computing has put forward a new direction for the development of computer, but many of the security problems have limited the development of cloud computing, in which the integrity detection of cloud storage is the most prominent. Due to the characteristics of large data, existing protocols on data integrity detection are not suitable for large data detection. Through the improvement of Juels protocol, this paper proposes a new data integrity detection protocol which is more suitable for large data storage, and improves the original protocol can only be limited ...

Samba v3.5.8 releases free software to implement SMB protocol

Samba is a freeware software that implements the SMB protocol on Linux and UNIX systems, consisting of servers and client programs. Samba is a tool suite that implements the SMB (Server message Block) protocol, or the Netbios/lanmanager protocol, on UNIX. The SMB protocol is typically used by the Windows family to implement disk and printer sharing. It should be noted that NetBIOS is based on Ethernet broadcast mechanism, no transparent network bridge can not cross the network segment, and ...

See protocol control Mo "suspicious"

See the agreement to control Mo "suspicious" pay treasure equity dispute opened the "agreement control" tip of the iceberg. Jingdong Mall Mister CEO Liu is pointed out that if the agreement to control the road, then all the Internet companies have problems. Because "I know all the domestic Internet companies that get financing, including listed and unlisted, are all Vie (agreement control) Structure!" Including Jingdong Mall. "Agreement control" is rooted in China's foreign investment and industry supervision system. While attracting foreign investment, our country is very ...

SSLH 1.12 Publisher Connection Port Protocol tool

SSLH is a port that uses the same ports to connect HTTP, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/29830.html ">https, SSH, OpenVPN, Tinc, XMPP protocol or any other protocol, and the Server Connection Port Protocol tool that uses regular expressions to test. It can connect to any of these 443-port servers, while the service is connected to HTTPS for that port. SSLH 1.12 This version supports a ...

Authenticated key agreement protocol based on hierarchical identity for provable security

Authenticated key agreement protocol based on hierarchical identity Cao Chenlei Liu Mingxi Zhang Ju Yang Yixian The current Identity-based Authentication Key agreement protocol is a trusted third party with a single private key generator (PKG), but it is difficult to meet the requirement of identity layering registration and authentication. This paper reconstructs the constituent elements of the private key based on the hierarchical Identity Encryption (Hibe) system. A authenticated key agreement protocol based on hierarchical identity is proposed by using bilinear mapping on elliptic curve multiplication cyclic group, which provides a secure session key bargaining machine for cloud entities belonging to different levels.

KERBEROS5 Authentication Protocol

&http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/37954.html ">nbsp; The term Kerberos is derived from Greek mythology "three-headed dog-the gate Keeper of Hell" Kerberos is a network authentication protocol designed to provide powerful authentication services for client/server applications through a key system. The certification ...

Research and improvement scheme of desktop virtualization technology based on Spice protocol

Research and improvement of desktop virtualization technology based on Spice protocol Xu Haolan Rain on the basis of discussing the principle of Virtual Desktop transport protocol and the factors that affect the performance of virtual desktops, this paper analyzes the architecture and core technology of Spice protocol, and points out the deficiencies of the present Spice Protocol, The improvement scheme under the condition of QoE is put forward, which will play a guiding role for the development of desktop virtualization technology at present. Research and improvement scheme of desktop virtualization technology based on Spice protocol

Red Flag asianux Server 3 System Management: SSH protocol

Ssh™ (a Secure shell abbreviation) is a communication between two systems based on the client/server approach and http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/18736.html "> Allows a user to log on to a protocol that is remotely controlled on the server host. Unlike other remote communication protocols, such as FTP and Telnet, SSH encrypts a logon session so that intruders cannot collect encrypted passwords. SSH is used to replace the original ...

Multi-forwarding multicast protocol based on distance in vehicle interconnection

Multi-forwarding multicast protocol based on distance in vehicle interconnection Hanjianghong lie satellite Wei Zhenchun to realize the fast and effective transmission of safety information in the vehicle-borne self-organizing network, a multicast protocol based on distance is proposed. The node at the edge of the last hop forwarding node signal is used as the optimal forwarding node to increase the number of new nodes overwritten by the single forwarding. Select the node at the midpoint of the signal coverage and the node at the edge of the secondary proximity signal as an alternative forwarding node to reduce the probability of forwarding failure due to the concealed station or the vehicle's departure signal coverage, and forward the broadcast points by the reverse vehicle storage.

Research on Standardization of Service level protocol in cloud computing mode

Study on Standardization of Service level protocol in cloud computing mode Wang Jieping Lee Haibogaurin studied the definition and category of service level agreement in cloud Computing mode, and analyzed the results of standardization of the cloud Service level agreement of the European Union Network and Information Security Bureau, cloud Standard Customer Committee, National Institute of Standards and Technology and other standardization organizations and associations. And the future work of standardization of Service level protocol in cloud computing mode is prospected. Keywords Cloud computing Service Level Protocol standardization of Service level protocol in standardized cloud computing mode

MLDonkey v3.0.7 release Open source free cross-platform Multi-protocol peer-to-peer sharing software

MLDonkey is an open source, free, cross-platform, multi-protocol peer-to-peer sharing software. was initiated by Fabrice Le Fessant and Simon Patarin from January 2002. Originally a clone of an electric Donkey (eDonkey2000) under UNIX and Linux. Later transplanted to the http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/11691.html ">macosx and wind ...

Key technologies of Cloud Desktop Intelligent Transfer Protocol

Cloud Desktop Intelligent Transfer Protocol key technology Dongzhenjiang, Wang Zhiping, Zhang Hang Seng article through the application of the dynamic network QoS monitoring technology, the real-time object detection transmission technology and the scene caching technology in the desktop transport Protocol, the Intelligent desktop transmission is realized for different network states, multiple object environments and scene migrations, Enhanced desktop Protocol Adaptability to network, desktop objects, and scenarios. Keywords: cloud computing, Desktop Transport Protocol, dynamic Network Service quality monitoring technology, real-time object detection and transmission technology, scene caching technology temp_120824180228 ...

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