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New online education model: three popular online programming tutorials website comparison

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall in order to be able to effectively learn a variety of technology and programming, master a few very good website is still very necessary.   This article we will recommend 3 very good technical website, codecademy, Codeschool, Teamtreehouse, lets you say good-bye to the programming small white, takes you into the magical programming world. There is a saying: "More than the pressure on the body," If you have the time and interest, you may wish to learn more programming skills. In order to be able to effectively learn a variety of technologies and ...

Programmer must know seven programming tools

Today, a variety of online and offline http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/11773.html "> programming tools emerge in an endless stream, but really easy to use but few, or pile up too much without function, Either the lack of key features. The following Huidu control network for everyone finishing the 7 quality but 7478.html "> little-known programming tools, a look at it! 1) Arabica Arabica is ...

50-Year-old are you still willing to do programming?

"Massive, high-intensity programming?" I must admit, this is a young man's game. "No, it's a fool's game (mostly male, but not 100%)." I am 55 years old and have been involved in programming since 1981, starting in 1973.   One thing I really realize is that programming to death is worthwhile. No, it's a fool's game (mostly male, but not 100%). I am 55 years old this year, since 1981 to engage in programming this industry, if from the school, it is ...

Share 11 mainstream open source programming tools

REVIEW: With open source programming tools, you can easily learn, modify, and improve the quality of your code based on open source licenses. This article collected 11 of the most popular and valuable open source programming tools. May give you a little surprise. Let's see it together NO.1 Rhomobile Rhodes Ruby may be the second most popular language on Github, if you want to use it to develop the iPhone may not be for you ...

The choice of PAAs cloud computing products starts with programming languages

The platform is a service that allows cloud architects to use their own code as their first choice without having to provide virtual machines and manage the operating system, reducing the management of the infrastructure. In a market for emerging cloud computing, no one will question why you are not working with PAAs vendors, and the reasons are subtle. It is important to determine the correct PAAs model, as this is the only way to ensure that you build a flexible, flexible, and portable enterprise cloud. Therefore, which type of PAAs vendors should be aware of a platform for a particular programming language 、...

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the five best programming languages

Just like most software applications, developers are writing artificial intelligence projects in multiple languages, but there isn't a perfect programming language that can be fully equipped with artificial intelligence projects.

Programming is not for everyone

A recent short film called "What Schools Don't teach" has aroused public concern. The central idea of the short film is "Everyone can program," and several prominent billionaires have been promoting the argument. (Incidentally, these rich people earn their money by hiring someone else to program, not by themselves.) A few days ago my brother came, he is a dream to get Rich Lord. He said to me: "I want to be like you, I want to program."   There is no doubt that he has seen the film. What I'm trying to say is that it's not a very reliable thing. Not everyone is fit to program (simple ...)

10 programming languages that could change the way IT industry moves

Do we really need so many new programming languages? There is no doubt that the choices currently being made by developers are quite rich. command-type languages, functional languages, object-oriented languages, dynamic languages, compiled language interpretive languages, and scripting languages and so on seem to have completely covered all the tasks we might face, and few professionals today have been able to understand all the languages. However, new languages are still springing up at an alarming rate. Some are designed by students or enthusiasts in the form of personal projects, others from large it vendors. Not even ...

I miss the software that used to walk me through the path of programming

When I collect the house when suddenly discovered a vc++6.0 CD-ROM, instantly aroused my nostalgia complex. Then I posted an exclamation point on Weibo, later I saw some friends of the response, and some friends mentioned Turbo C 2.0, so more to magnify my nostalgia, so that I recall a lot of n years ago I walked through the path of programming software. And now look down, some sigh, but some ridiculous. Sigh is the technological development of the pace of change, laughable at the time of some ideas. (unix/l ...)

October 2014 Programming Languages list

National Day holiday in the past, Tiobe released the October programming language rankings, together to see the ranking situation: the first three no significant changes, still for C, Java, C.     Last month, I mentioned that Java, C + + fell to the lowest point in history, as can be seen from the chart, the share of these two languages is still falling. This month's most noteworthy is that Google Dart first entered Top 20, ranked 17th, the table so far ...

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