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Hammer cell phone price is actually only 1,000 yuan?

Tencent Technology News May 24 news, hammer cell phone recently released, priced from 3,000 yuan, for such a price, some foreign media claim that the hammer cell phone price actually only worth 1,000 yuan, but not so expensive. Steve Jobs first used iPhone to earn money from Chinese consumers' wallets. After that, Lei Jun, an entrepreneur in the Chinese local market, followed the example of using low-cost millet phones to make money from consumers. With the increasingly popular smart phone market in China, today, with a hammer ...

Hammer cell phone can go far?

Tencent Technology reported on May 21 before the New Oriental English teacher, hammer technology founder Luo Yonghao last night's conference is still eloquent stage, and the last hammer ROM release is different, this time he finally came up with the first hammer smart The Smartisan T1, a mobile phone, has been the talk-of-the-head product for millions of times since its founding in 2000, at a price of 3,000 yuan. Luo Yonghao alert speech provocative fans on-site enthusiasm, but the conference site demo feature loss of control for the first time people feel the old Luo ...

Cloud cell phone, let mobile phone not so "fat"

With the advent of the iphone-represented smartphone era, the mobile phone has become one of the things that people must have in their daily lives. Now, it is not only used to pick up the phone, send and receive text messages of the simple communication tools: boring? and online friends to chat, see beautiful food, take a photo show, RSS also replaces the TV news, and more know what you like content; MP3 has been replaced by the player in the mobile phone, car, etc, mobile games can help you pass the time, last night did not read the TV series, today mobile phone to see ...

Hammer cell phone conference quite successful? Or in the emotional marketing

On May 20, the old man convened a hammer cell phone conference, in 2 years after the hammer finally came out. The first "hammer" mobile phone is scheduled to be officially released today, named "Hammer T1", has two versions, 16G edition price 3000 yuan, 32G version price of 3150 Yuan.   At present, Hammer T1 does not support 4G function, but will launch 4G version before the end of the year, at the same time pricing 3500 yuan. Unfortunately, the author can not personally to the Hammer conference experience scene, but the author also in micro-blog and some network news also learned about the hammer before and after the press conference. In the first half of the conference ...

Android phone three bad design is always inferior to the iphone

The main reason why Android phones are always better than the iphone is that the Android phone has three bad designs, namely the complex first splash screen, a bunch of unused apps, and the basic functionality that has been "modified", according to the August 6 news.   The following is Techorange related articles, hereby published to treat users. .

As Android moves from adolescence to maturity

In a recent study published by Nielsen, the Android device has already surpassed the iOS system in numbers, So we can also say that the boom in the Android Market is now in its heyday: 480 million of users are using Android devices, and 1 million new devices are activated every day.   This means that every three weeks, the number of newly activated Android devices can be equal to the population of Australia as a whole. and in order to adapt to the rapid growth of the Android Market, the well-known a ...

Wingman: Maybe we need more than one cell phone.

Just took the subway and watched the beautiful girl next to her: I listened to music with the IPhone 5, played two 2048, and took the front camera as a mirror and makeup. After a slight break, something amazing happened ... Beautiful sister from the handbag and take out a pink purse, at a glance can be seen is used to install digital equipment. IPad Mini? The size is obviously wrong. Is it the Kindle? The thickness is also wrong. Finally, what do you guess? Beauty Picture Phone! That's right. Beautiful sister unlock the screen The first thing is to open the album, full of self-portraits. But ...

Who is the most delicate cell phone? The winter strikes.

Editor's note: For a person growing up in the south, it is difficult to understand the feeling of water pouring into ice. Because of the cold weather, the students in the north should be early to pack their own dumplings, but you have not paid attention to the hands of the digital equipment? Will they strike because of the low temperature? NET friend Dream: Last week in the Songhua River play, when the temperature is about zero, along the way with mobile phone to take pictures, mobile phone home no sound, put on the heating, a night to return to normal, this situation is not too low temperature caused? According to the information provided by the user inferred that most likely because of the temperature ...

Lei Micro interview declassified Millet mobile phone: No design is the best design

Lei Weibo screenshot of Sina Science and technology August 17 Evening News, Millet Science and technology CEO Lei today to Sina "Micro interview o micro-Technology", just released the Millet mobile phone and users to carry out in-depth exchanges. Interview Essence:-I want to do high-performance cost-effective mobile phone, the first consideration is high-performance, telephone function is good, followed by industrial design, my request, is not the appearance of how many people like, but the appearance can not people do not like. Finally, the design team's plan is that no design is the best design, simple and introverted. We can change the colorful back cover, also can choose ultra-thin ...

Lei: Millet cell phone shipments reached 11 million units in the first quarter of this year

2014 China (Shenzhen) It leaders Summit yesterday morning in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel opened, today officially entered the Summit Forum link. Yesterday, Millet founder Lei at the 2014 IT leaders Summit disclosed. Millet cell phone shipments reached 11 million units in the first quarter of this year, the annual shipments are expected to reach 500.06 billion units.   Millet 2013 tax-included sales of 31.6 billion yuan, an increase of 150%, according to the same way of growth, next year, hundreds of billions should be visible. Lei said that the Internet is a new methodology, if we use this set of things ...

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