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Some designs on Android

When it comes to application programming, Android is like an elephant in a room for a designer. Many designers would prefer this to be iOS, where all anyone cares about is the iphone, the ipad and the app Store. And no one can ignore Android, which now has the biggest market share in smartphones and has been widely used in a variety of products ranging from tablets to e-readers. In short, Google's Android platform is rapidly growing everywhere, brand manufacturers are hard to not notice. Let's face it together. Android ...

World renowned Android custom team CM or will work with Oppo to launch Android smartphone

Absrtact: November 13 News, global well-known Android custom team CM or will jointly launch Android smartphone with Oppo, currently CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik and Oppo deputy general manager Liu has confirmed the relevant news on Weibo. It is reported that, known as Android Custom's father of the November 13 news, the world-renowned Android custom team CM or will be jointly launched with Oppo Android smartphone, the current CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik and Oppo deputy General manager Liu ...

2014 years of the best 10 smartphone inventory, watch the shot ~

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > 2014 is the last two months, with the advent of Christmas in the West, the major mobile phone manufacturers between the new machine war also come to an end, the flagship has been all debut. Looking back over 2014 years, what kind of smartphone do you think is the most surprising and suitable for you, the most worth buying? Perhaps each of their own radish greens, the following small series on the first inventory of the mind of the small series of 2014 ...

IOS, Android, WP three mobile operating systems horizontal contrast

class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" > If you're looking to buy a new smartphone (perhaps your first smartphone), it's important to spend your money to satisfy yourself. The choice of smart phones is actually a large part of the choice of operating system ... If you're struggling with IOS, Android, or Windows Phone, you don't know which one to buy, so lately ...

Android Developer Ecology: Difficult to develop users are unwilling to pay

The Android platform has finally created its first million wealth story, sadly the protagonist is still the aesthetic fatigue of the "Angry Bird" (Angry Birds). At the end of October 2010, Rovio, the Finnish company that developed the game, expanded to Android with a hugely successful Apple iOS platform (including the iphone, ipod Touch, IPad), which earned 1 million dollars in the first month. It's been two years since the first Android phone was released. The first month of iOS on the million-dollar application is not ...

Microsoft will push the Lumia smartphone for the Android operating system

SAN FRANCISCO, July 8 morning news, according to "Times of India" website reports that Microsoft will launch Lumia smartphone based on Google Android operating system. Twitter user Evleaks, known as the "Big Bang", has always had a good track record of compromising hardware information. Evleaks revealed that Microsoft is currently developing Lumia smartphones based on the Android system, which will use the "Nokia by Microsoft" brand name. So far, Evleak ...

12 tips for extending Android smartphone battery life

12 tips for extending Android smartphone battery life What is the biggest problem facing all the Android phones all over the world now? Not the processor, not the memory, not the screen, the answer is battery life. If you take out a SIM card and turn off the WiFi, then put it over again and it will last for one weeks. If once you start using it, then the problem is, one day, it's a normal thing. In fact, this is a very sad thing, previously in the evaluation of cell phone batteries, are said to be able to persist how many days, and now, this unit has become ...

Android Tablet PC Design

There is no longer a need for designers to create experiences for a variety of mobile devices than they do now. As tablets are being accepted, we are in the post-PC era, and the company will take advantage of the quality of the tablet's user experience to capture the user's attention.   Successful Android tablet applications require a great idea to encourage users to download, use, and retain, as well as a user experience that makes it intuitive for Android users to find and adapt to the use of the environment. Next, learn about the ipad iOS user interface with Android ...

You may not remember Android in seven years.

Absrtact: 2014 is the seventh year of human entering the smartphone age, the mobile industry has profoundly influenced the process of human development in the past seven years with an unprecedented speed. When Steve Jobs stood at the WWDC conference in 2010 to release the Trans-era iphone 2014 is the seventh year of human access to the smartphone age, the mobile industry has profoundly impacted the human development process in the past seven years at an unprecedented rate. When Steve Jobs stood at the WWDC conference in 2010 to announce the iPhone4 of the era, he must not ...

HTC to disrupt prospects for domestic smartphone shuffle

"It Times" reporter/Lan Xiaoxi (from Beijing) as the world's fourth-largest expert machine manufacturer, HTC has been in the Chinese market before the door wandering. Now, whether it can enter in the domestic smart phone market waves, will give the fierce competition in the market to bring what kind of response to the competitive domestic smartphone market, and a fresh force.  After 8 years of anticipation, Taiwan's HTC has finally entered the mainland market. A few days ago, HTC CEO Peter Chou announced his foray into the mainland market in Beijing, and launched four smart hands jointly with China Mobile and unicom.

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