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is security or privacy the biggest problem with cloud computing?

In recent years, cloud computing, as one of the most popular words in the IT industry, has received attention from various industries. It not only provides great support for enterprise development, but also becomes one of the signs of information technology progress. However, the obstacles behind cloud computing cannot be overlooked, especially as security and privacy are the biggest obstacles to cloud computing. The rapid development of cloud computing has brought more and more questions about its security and privacy to the surface. The author found that many people always confuse the security of cloud computing with privacy issues, in fact, there are certain differences between security and privacy, I think, you can understand ...

The biggest question of cloud computing is security or privacy?

In recent years, cloud computing, as one of the most promising vocabulary in the IT industry, has received attention from various industries.

Cloud security has become the biggest hotspot in the security field

While cloud computing may now be a hype, the advent of the cloud is inevitable as a trend. As cloud computing is increasingly being understood by more and more enterprise users, the security problems brought by "cloud" are gradually heating up.       At the world Security (RSA) conference just convened this year, the security issue of cloud computing has become the absolute mainstream topic, "cloud security" has undoubtedly become one of the biggest hotspots in the security field in the 2010. Cisco's President Chambers has made an astonishing claim that the cloud gauges ...

The biggest challenge in developing "cloud computing" is the idea

Make full use of cloud computing to promote economic development. The current development of cloud computing is not the biggest challenge is not technology but the concept, both to avoid blindly rush to the horse, but also to prevent the delay of the aircraft "cloud computing is currently out of the international financial crisis is an important support point, all over the road to stabilize the sea of clouds, change the concept, balance the SMEs should make full use of cloud computing to reduce costs and improve competitiveness. "National informatization Advisory Committee member Ningjia and wave group chief information Officer talk about Shaoxing 4th in Jinan," Shandong Cloud computing Technology and application Training "said, to make full use of ...

Xincai: The biggest impact of cloud GIS is architecture

In recent years, the voice of the cloud is increasingly strong, everywhere in the discussion cloud, from the IT industry to the information field, there is nowhere to talk about the cloud, can be described as "cloud". As the cloud has become the most advanced technology, from cloud to cloud computing, and even extended to a more professional field-The Geographical information field, resulting in cloud GIS. What are the requirements for implementing cloud GIS? What changes does cloud GIS bring to the geographic information field? A range of issues are being explored, as cloud computing itself is not yet mature in China, and most people are still waiting or watching. Chinese software Network reporter had the honor to interview Geosciences Xincai teach ...

The biggest aspect of this RSA conference: Cloud Security

At the RSA conference in 2009, the security of cloud computing was the subject of anxiety and discussion among many manufacturers and academics, with a stark contrast between optimism in cloud computing and pessimism about cloud security. "Swamp Computing"-----RSA founder Ronald Rivest A word that profoundly reflects this sentiment. It should be said that the information security community has not yet been prepared to recognize, participate in and help cloud computing, even the basic framework for security protection under cloud computing. However, at the RSA convention in 2010, cloud Security became a well-deserved star. Whether RSA total ...

The open platform may be the biggest problem facing the medical cloud

Medical cloud is not to build a cloud platform so simple, the particularity and complexity of hospital business, cause at present only medical information construction and no medical cloud status quo. At this stage, the biggest problem facing the medical cloud is the lack of top-level design. If this problem is not solved, the medical cloud can only be a utopia in contemporary people's mind. Discussion of the medical cloud, the meaning of which should be more prominent industry attributes, medical cloud refers to the use of "cloud computing" concept to build a health care service system. We can interpret it as a service for the public community. Of course, the industry also has the concept of "private medical Cloud", which is essentially a hospital ...

IEEE: Interoperability Rather than security is the biggest obstacle to cloud computing development

Absrtact: Cloud Computing's interoperability and data mobility, rather than security, are the biggest concerns for organizations such as companies that are using cloud computing services for a long time, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) said.  At the same time, IEEE experts point out that cloud computing providers can reassure customers by improving the tools they provide to their business customers, while further controlling their data and applications. Cloud computing interoperability and data mobility, the cloud computing expert of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), said recently.

What is the biggest challenge in implementing disaster preparedness in a cloud environment?

What is the biggest challenge for companies to implement disaster preparedness in a cloud environment? The biggest challenge of disaster preparedness deployment in a cloud environment is the security of data stored in a cloud environment, especially in storage solutions provided by third parties. Since many customers and their data are usually kept in the cloud, a system that provides cloud services can be compromised, potentially impacting many customers. In this way, cloud service providers should ensure the security of the cloud environment they provide, for example, they should encrypt all customer data, and should deploy sophisticated profiling tools to identify potential threats (such as distributed denial of service attacks) ...

IEEE: The biggest challenge of cloud computing is interoperability rather than security

The biggest challenge for the long-term adoption of cloud computing services is not security, but the interoperability and data mobility of cloud computing, said a cloud computing expert at IEEE, the world's largest technology expert. At the same time, IEEE experts point out that cloud-computing providers can reassure customers by improving the tools they provide to their enterprise customers to secure security while further controlling their data and applications. Today, many public cloud networks are configured as closed systems and are not designed to interact with each other. The lack of integration between these networks makes it difficult for institutions to ...

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